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Quantic Dream has unveiled their latest technology for the PlayStation 4. It takes the form of The Dark Sorcerer, and it's fucking hilarious.

An old man was featured in Quantic's tech demo at the PlayStation 4's reveal, and he makes a return as The Dark Sorcerer. What initially seemed like a fantasy title is actually... well nobody really knows. The old man is actually an actor, portraying a sorcerer on a Hollywood set.

The trailer will be up later. Stay tuned as more details roll in.

The story of The Dark Sorcerer will conclude tomorrow at 1 PM PST.

UPDATED: The new trailer is available beyond the jump! It's pretty awesome. Take a look.

Infamous: Second Son saw the release of a new trailer at Sony's E3 Press Conference. The trailer, which focused mainly on the story, showcased the brother of the main character (perhaps the titular Second Son?), as well as several emotional story elements. In addition, there were several clips of action revolving around the protagonist's pyrotechnic abilities.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive will be coming to the system in Q1 2014.

UPDATED: The new footage is now available! Take a look beyond the jump!

Sony's new cartoon-styled beat-'em-up Knack, one of the biggest new PlayStation 4 titles shown off at this year's earlier reveal event, has just received a nice new morsel of footage - this time with a bigger focus on gameplay.

We're starting to get a better idea at just how Knack plays, including references to the titular character melting "down to size" due to the power of the sun. Doubtless this concept will become more clear with future trailers and gameplay demos.

Our Sony conference coverage is continuing; check back for further updates.

UPDATED: The new trailer is now available! Hit the jump to take a look!

Sony announced a close partnership regarding the upcoming title Batman: Arkham Origins, the latest in the Arkham series. The game is currently being developed by Warner Bros. Montreal, and will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. 

It reveals appearances of popular series villains: Bane and the Joker. There is also the Nightfall downloadable content, and classic character skins from the Adam West Batman series coming exclusively to PlayStation 3.

The game is arriving worldwide, October 25th, to all current-gen systems and Wii U.

UPDATE: The trailer is now after the jump!

A short trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall was revealed today at E3. Apart from standard shooting expected in a shooter series, a new feature shown was a small deployable robot that can act at least as a shield you can shoot through or a sentry that hovers ahead to take care of enemies for you. The game is set to release day one on PlayStation 4. Head inside for the trailer.

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LeBron James showed up at Sony's E3 2013 conference to showoff just how high-powered the PlayStation 4's graphics are with an in-engine demo of NBA2K14. The short new trailer displayed LeBron James talking to a digitized version of himself; LeBron noted how accurate the facial movements and structures were to the real life person.

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For Sony's first PlayStation 4 game unveiling, they showed off a brand new IP from Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn called The Order: 1886. It is a steampunk shooter that has to do with the barrier between life and death. The entire trailer is shown off in their in-game engine, and it looks really good!

Any thoughts? Ready to try something from the developers of God of War? Want to pick up a steam punk rifle more so than a sword?

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Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls has a new trailer, showing the female lead Jodie getting official training, running through a boot camp obstacle course, and "infiltrating" a building filled with armed soldiers. This is a staged event, all part of her training, of course. The second half of the trailer shows Jodie attacking a stereotypical Middle-Eastern area with high-powered weapons, with the goal of eliminating a man named Jamal. If you watched the reveal for Beyond at E3 2012, you'll be confused at how far a cry it is from that trailer, where she was seemingly psychic and the game had an entirely different tone. If you're interested in Beyond: Two Souls, head past the jump to see the trailer!

UPDATE: Check out the trailer after the jump!

At their E3 briefing today, Sony showed off some new footage for Driveclub, a new racing title from Evolution Studios. The title differs from the studio's previous work, Motorstorm, because it focuses on road racing instead of off-road competitions. It is set to feature racing teams, which you can share with your friends.

Check back later for a look at the footage! Are you excited for Driveclub?

During their E3 press conference, Sony finally announced the price of PlayStation 4. It is to be priced at $399 USD. For all you Europeans out there, the console is yours if you shell out €399 EUR, or £349 GBP for all you jolly Brits.

You heard that right; that's about 100 dollars, euros, or pounds less than the price point of the Xbox One. 

Stay tuned to Gamnesia throughout E3 for more PlayStation 4 coverage!

Gaikai and Sony announced a partnership back in February, and we learned some new details today!

Gaikai will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in the spring. The service allows you to stream games straight to your system using the miracle of the internet! Gaikai will also be coming to PlayStation Vita, but at a later date.

Gaikai is sure to change up the next-generation battlefield, allowing some backwards compatibility between the PS4 and PS3, unlike the Xbox family.

Stay tuned to Gamnesia as more information comes in!

UPDATE: Sony has posted a tutorial on how to share games with your friends! To view the video, hit the jump!

At their E3 briefing today, Sony slammed Microsoft's Xbox One into the ground with the announcement of its used games and online policies. The PlayStation 4 is said to not devalue your purchases; you can buy, sell, trade, loan, or do whatever with your games. Additionally, the PS4 does not require your system to check in to the Internet periodically for single player experiences!

Sony also confirmed that PlayStation Network membership will continue to be free on PS4, and PlayStation Plus will also be returning to the system. Additionally, current PlayStation Plus members will be able to transfer their membership from PlayStation 3 to PS4, allowing members to retain their hard-earned cash. Also, Driveclub will be a PlayStation Plus exclusive launch title!

How do you feel about these announcements? Personally, I'm pumped!

UPDATE: The trailer can now be viewed after the jump! Take a look!

The highly anticipated PlayStation 3 title The Last of Us has gotten a new trailer with this E3. For those unaware, The Last of Us is the latest project of studio Naughty Dog, the group behind Uncharted. It's a hardcore survival-action-stealth title. While the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting with foes similar to zombies, The Last of Us's story focuses more on the drama and relational development between its main characters, Ellie and Joel.

The Last of Us is set to release as a PlayStation 3 exclusive next Friday, June 14th.

Sony announced new titles for their Instant Games Collection, the games available free to Playstation Plus Members on the PlayStation 4. These include DriveClub, a new racing game from Sony, along with indie titles Don't Starve, Outlast, and Secret Poncho. These titles will be made available in much the same way as they are on the PlayStation 3, one-per-month, and all these games are to be made available within the first year.

Update: E3 2013 trailer added after the jump!

Going along with their incredibly good reputation with indie developers, Sony is announcing a number of indie titles for PlayStation 4. The first of these is by Supergiant Games, the developer of Bastion. Super Giant Games has announced that their new game, Transistor, will be making its console debut on PlayStation 4.

Transistor is a highly-stylized indie action title, with lots of fast-paced action and vibrant art. Look for it on PlayStation 4. No word yet on other platform releases.