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Nintendo Switch Online officially launched last week to some mixed reception. The company's first subscription model for online play is missing a lot of key features that draws gamers to other services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, causing some people to call it a ripoff. However, the service is incredibly cheap for what it does offer, and a select group of Nintendo fans is appreciative of the benefits that are being offered.

What are your thoughts on the service so far? Head inside to let us know!

We're addicted to contests. Enter our latest one for Colina: Legacy to assist us in getting the help we need to get rid of these games.

I don't know why y'all like these spooky-ass games so much. One minute you're walking down a hallway having an apparently good time taking in the crappy old furniture and lack of natural lighting, and then bam! The ghost of your dead grandma's parakeet knocks the chandelier down and scares the "clean" out of your pants.

But hey, who am I to judge? Come get some of the scares in Colina: Legacy for Steam!

Free games, free games; where for art thou, free games? They're here in our contest, and this time with collectible card game Mad Crown for Steam.

What do you get when you mix an RPG, collectible cards, skill progression, dieselpunk aesthetics, monsters, dungeons, roguelike elements, and turn-based fighting? A run-on sentence, for starters. Also, you get Mad Crown, which celebrates its graduation out of Early Access this week.

To celebrate, developer S-Game is giving out 15 copies of the full game for you to dive into. Lucky you!

The internet has allowed the video game community to flourish like never before. People all around the world can come together and bond over all the awesome things about video games. This website and this article wouldn't exist if it weren't for the innovative technology that allows us to share opinions and news about video games and present it to such a wonderful community.

But the community has an ugly side too. Gamers can complain about some pretty dumb things. This time, the controversy is all about water puddles in Marvel's Spider-Man.

This week, Gamnesia is sponsored in part by QubicGames. This is a note from our sponsor:

Summer here in the northern hemisphere may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the doldrums of going back to school, work, or regular non-vacation life have to bring you down. QubicGames is celebrating the turning of seasons with their new super sale featuring seven of their hit party games going for just $1 each on the eShop! And be sure to check out the QubicGames Super Contest for your chance to win up to $250 in eShop Gift Cards!

At just a dollar a pop, why are you still reading this post? Go get some cheap games! Click below to find out more.

There are countless great retro games you likely missed out on when you were younger. For example, I grew up during the Nintendo 64 era of gaming, so I never had a chance to play older games like Super Mario World or A Link to the Past.

Fortunately, I discovered something later on in life that would give me easy access to these classics I had never even heard of at the time: emulation. The debate around the legality of emulation is intense. Which side do you fall on?

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a year and a half, and I think it's safe to say that this has been one of the most successful console launches anybody has ever had. But Nintendo is starting to fall flat. The first year of the system was fantastic, but the company has continued to make strange decisions and miss opportunities to make the system more appealing to a hardcore audience.

Head inside for more!

As a publicly traded company, one of Nintendo's duties is to meet with investors and shareholders at the end of each quarter and at the end of the fiscal year. These high-level meetings are for Nintendo's President and Directors to outline the company's numbers and share plans for the future. These meetings also give people who have invested their hard-earned cash in Nintendo the chance to ask the bigwigs tough questions face to face.

In recent years, some have instead used this time to make total fools of themselves, so we've rounded up some of the silliest, dumbest, and strangest things investors have said and done. Click below to enjoy!

Turn-based RPGs can take up a huge chunk of your time. While most games in this genre tend to have long stories, the dungeons you explore and the battles you fight in between these plot points will make up most of your experience.

You're likely to encounter hundreds, if not thousands, of random encounters throughout your playthrough, and this is where some of these RPGs get a ton of criticism. Some gamers will lose interest because it feels like you're just doing the same thing over and over again when you go into battle. So what are these games doing to turn away so many players? There are just some things that most RPGs can't get right at all. Head inside for more!

I never thought I would become engrossed in the world of visual novels. I always liked games that featured flashy action, RPG elements, and a ton of button mashing. So basically I liked Kingdom Hearts and Zelda.

If you were a Kingdom Hearts fan back in the day, you know that the series was spread across almost every single home console and portable system available. So I bought a PSP with only Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in mind. I didn’t know of any other game on the device that would be interesting.

Several games later, I'm now a fan of visual novels. I never understood the importance of the genre, but now I respect every single person that strives to tell a great story with them. Head inside to read more!

Summer Games Done Quick is just a couple days away, starting this Sunday, June 24th, at 12:30 PM Eastern. As always, this week-long event will be packed full of amazing speedruns, all performed in the name of supporting Doctors Without Borders. SGDQ 2018 is boasting an impressive lineup of 175 runs, totaling an estimated 148 hours of gameplay. Many of these games have been featured before, but there is an exciting handful making their GDQ debut!

Head inside to check out what are sure to be some of the more exciting debut runs!

As one of the world's largest gaming conventions, E3 is home to mega-hits from well-known franchises like Super Smash Bros., Resident Evil, and Kingdom Hearts. While these games have certainly earned their place in the spotlight, one of the greatest joys of E3 is discovering hidden gems that aren't already household names.

If you know where to look, E3 is also home to passion projects from small, independent teams hoping to share their digital babies with the world. One of the best at this year's show was 3 Minutes to Midnight, a point-and click-adventure from the up and coming Scarecrow Studios. Located on a laptop at a small booth at the edge of South Hall, 3 Minutes to Midnight had a minor presence on the floor, but it left a major impact. Head inside for my impressions!

There's no series that throws the collective Nintendo community into an absolute frenzy quite like Super Smash Bros. The question of "which new characters will join the roster?" has been on everyone's minds since we learned of the new game for the Switch, and we took a dive into our most anticipated characters with Part 1 not long ago. Capping off with K. Rool and Inklings last time, we move on to the final five of our top ten list! Hit the jump for the rest.

There's no series that throws the collective Nintendo community into an absolute frenzy quite like Super Smash Bros. The March Direct capped with the tease of a brand new entry in the highly coveted crossover fighter franchise, and fake leaks, rumors, and speculations have pretty much taken over the internet at this point. Naturally, there is one big question on everyone's minds with answers that pretty much define a new Smash entry: which new characters will join the roster? Hit the jump for our take!

E3 is less than two weeks away, but The Pokémon Company couldn't quite wait that long to spill the beans on their plans for the future. They held a special media presentation last night (watch it in full right here) and unveiled multiple new games. The big announcement that has everyone talking is Pokémon: Let's Go (available in Pikachu! and Eevee! versions), a game that returns to Kanto and infuses the classic Pokémon formula with elements from Pokémon GO. Fans have reacted with a wide range of emotions that stretches from ecstatic joy to frustration and hate. Whether or not you think the Let's Go games are for you, they represent an absolutely brilliant move by Game Freak, and they're sure to boost the series for years to come.

Hit the jump to dig in!