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Indie team Yacht Club Games has a huge hit on their hands with Shovel Knight, totaling over 2 million copies sold. They've kept fans hooked on the retro platformer with two expansion packs since launch, and a third is on the way. Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait a little longer than they expected to get their hands on the King of Cards expansion.

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Yacht Club Games passed a rather large milestone for any indie developer recently, surpassing 2 million total sales with their hit game Shovel Knight. The developers have provided data that shows which platform the game sold the most on and what region it was most popular in.

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One of the best parts about playing Rocket League online is that the indie game supports cross-platform play across PC and modern consoles, with PlayStation being the exception. If you have the Nintendo Switch version of this rocket-powered soccer game, you may have noticed this feature stopped working recently. Rocket League developer Psyonix has confirmed that cross-platform play has been disabled, but it shouldn't be gone for long.

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Last week, Klei Entertainment tweeted out news on Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition, which will be available in the Nintendo eShop tomorrow, April 12th. Forage for news on this game and you'll find an affordable price tag plus DLC included in the base Switch Edition. Don't Starve has found success on many consoles, but a Switch Edition just feels right. Get your boomerangs and blow darts ready for this hit indie title!

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Last month, Cyan Worlds announced plans for a 25th anniversary re-release of their critically-acclaimed Myst series on Windows 10. Cyan also hinted at a possible physical collector's edition in that announcement and is delivering on that promise, but there's a catch: the collector's edition will be available only as a pledge incentive during the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection Kickstarter, which went live earlier today.

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Shovel Knight continues to resonate with people all around the world, offering everything we all love about the 8-bit era of video games. So of course there's always going to be new merchandise to collect to celebrate your love for this indie classic.

The latest addition to the growing number of Shovel Knight memorabilia is this high quality King Knight plush. Hit the jump for a closer look and more details!

Indie team Yacht Club Games has achieved massive success with their 8-bit sensation, Shovel Knight. Since then, fans have been desperate to know what they'll do next. They've frequently floated the idea of crafting a sequel in the style of the 16-bit SNES or the Nintendo 64, and today we finally have an announcement. The next project from Yacht Club Games is Shovel Knight 64!

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It took me a little while, but I finally bought into the virtual reality craze. All three of the main VR headsets are sitting at more enticing prices than ever before, ranging from $299 to $499. These recent price drops were enough to get me to buy an HTC Vive.

I decided to take a look at some of the simpler games the Vive has to offer. One that immediately caught my attention was Audioshield, developed by Dylan Fitterer.

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Nintendo recently treated us to another Nindies Showcase, highlighting some of the most exciting upcoming Switch eShop games from independent developers. When these titles hit Nintendo's online store, they'll be joining an already robust arsenal of top-notch games from talented developers. You may have bought your Switch for first-party Nintendo masterpieces like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, but there has been a steady flow of incredible games from smaller teams in between the AAA releases, and some of them are simply too good to pass up. Click below to check out five must-have indie games on Nintendo Switch!

It's been less than two weeks since we were treated to a Nintendo Direct, but Nintendo is already back with another video presentation. This time the spotlight is shifting away from big AAA games, focusing instead on the little guys. The latest Nindies Showcase will highlight games from independent developers that are heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop this Spring.

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Nintendo Switch has sold faster than just about anyone could have predicted, and software sales have been through the roof. Numerous developers have reported higher than expected sales, particularly when it comes to digital-only releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop. In the case of Blossom Tales developer Castle Pixel, that Switch hype was the difference between success and bankruptcy.

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2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Myst, the critically lauded point-and-click adventure/puzzle game by developer Cyan. The Mac/PC game's surprise success led to five main-series titles over 12 years, an online multiplayer spinoff, novels supplementing the lore, a Hulu series announcement (that we have heard nothing new about for some time now), and much more. While the older Myst games have not aged well when it comes to modern platforms, it turns out that Cyan has been working on a full series re-release, which they announced this weekend.

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We were just treated to a Nintendo Direct last week, and Nintendo is already gearing up for another video presentation. The Big N announced today that they'll be holding a special Nindies Showcase in just a few days. If you haven't seen a Nindies event before, they're special presentations where Nintendo highlights some of the top upcoming games from independent developers.

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Since its launch in early 2016, Stardew Valley has been a smash hit. The charming farming sim has sold over 3.5 million copies, and soon all of those players will be able to connect with each other for even more fun. Developer Eric Barone first teased a multiplayer mode two years ago, and he later announced official plans with a tentative launch window of early 2018. Thanks to a recent Twitter update, we know that it's progressing nicely.

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If you have an existing Twitch Prime subscription, you're about to receive some extra perks! Starting on March 15th, Twitch users with an active Prime subscription will be able to access "Free Games With Prime," a new feature on Twitch that seeks to compete with services such as Games With Gold on Xbox and the Instant Game Collection on PlayStation Plus.

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