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For those who are not aware, the Humble Bundle is a program that (in general) offers independent titles for any price that someone could offer. Yes, that's right, ANY price. Many people have used this to get fantastic games like Braid, Limbo, and the film Indie Game: The Movie for a total of 1 Cent. Recently, however, they have begun to offer large publishers the ability to follow their business model and distribute their games through the Humble Bundle. THQ had done that with the Darksiders franchise a while ago, and Double Fine is now offering some of its games for a low price.

The games on offer, in this case, are Costume Quest, Stacking, Psychonauts, and Brütal Legend. The last game in that list, Brütal Legend, is being offered only to those who pay the above-average price of donation. (At the current time of writing, that price is $7.97) With these games, they are offering their soundtrack AND, if you donate over $1, the Steam keys. They also allow infinite DRM-free downloads of the games themselves for any price. With games like Psychonauts being so under-rated and rare, there is not much of a better deal then this to get it.

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in adventure games, and I certainly will be taking advantage of it. What about you? And if you are getting it, what are you going to donate?

Welcome to Boon Hill. There is no goal. There is no winner. There are no enemies to fight. There is no danger to be found... And it looks incredible.

Boon Hill is a game about imagination, about stories, and about atmosphere. In Boon Hill, players walk through a graveyard reading names and epitaphs, trying to construct stories out of the little information that lies there, and "thinking about who there people were and will never be again." Though Boon Hill completely defies what many may think of as a video game, it is exactly this creative inspiration that makes Boon Hill so appealing.

Boon Hill is about inferred stories, about the connections people have that continue even after they die. The graveyard tells many tales woven by those who've long since passed on: stories of love, life, sorrow, and joy, told over generations.  — Matthew Ritter

Head past the jump for tons of extra information, including screenshots, projected platforms, and more!

Nyamyam, a studio formed by several former Rare employees, has just announced that their game, Tengami, will be launching on the Wii U eShop after its initial iPad release this summer. Nyamyam currently hopes to release the Wii U version in early 2014.

Here's the studio's official announcement quote:

Last year we asked on Twitter whether you would like to see Tengami on the Wii U. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that we began the process of bringing Tengami on the Wii U to life. It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce Nyamyam is now an authorized Nintendo developer. On top of that Wii U dev kits arrived this morning and we are thrilled to be starting development soon. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone who encouraged us to pursue Tengami on the Wii U. It is because of your support that Tengami is coming to the Wii U. Thank you!

A few quotes from the post-announcement interview with two of the team's members after the jump!

Another Castle is an upcoming indie platformer inspired by several classic games. What you see here is an early alpha build of Another Castle, showing off several gameplay concepts and the general air of the game. The developer, Uncade, is hoping for a summer 2014 release on PC, while the rest of us hope other platforms will follow. As you can see, it's shaping up to be a gorgeous experience. Are you considering buying Another Castle?


Rising indie developer AckkStudios is developing an upcoming game called Two Brothers, an action RPG designed to feel like a classic Game Boy game. We at Gamnesia had the chance to speak to Andrew Allanson, who served as the producer and leading composer and on the game's staff, about a wide variety of subjects. Areas of focus in this interview including the design of the game, challenges introducing gamers to Two Brothers' new ideas, and the relationship between plot and gameplay. Read the full interview to see why you should be as excited as we are excited about Two Brothers.

Power to the indies! Dan Adelman, Nintendo's liason with indie developers for the Nintendo eShop, recently made his way to Gamasutra for an interview detailing why and how Nintendo's recent strives to make developing for Wii U as "frictionless" as possible for indie developers can really make a difference. There are dozens of reasons why indie developers would like the Wii U, Adelman explains, among which are the following:

  1. As more and more developers work from home, Nintendo no longer requires developers to have a separate office space to obtain a development license.

  2. "Anyone from any country" can release their games on the North American and European eShops—developers are not required to have an address in a territory in which they wish to release their games.

  3. Developers set their own prices for games, their own times for sales, and can update and patch their games whenever they so desire.

  4. Nintendo is providing Unity 4 Pro to developers at no extra cost, meaning if a developer has a Wii U dev kit and is already building a game in Unity, porting (both ways) will be easy as pie.

There are plenty of other ways that Nintendo is trying to ease the transition for indie developers, as Adelman explains in greater detail in the original interview. Hopefully with this easy indie platform, we'll be seeing a lot more out of the eShop soon.

AckkStudios has been working for a while on their GameBoy-styled RPG, Two Brothers. Two Brothers, the story of an inventor seeking to bring color to a monochromatic world, is coming some time this year to the Wii U eShop, alongside iOS, Xbox 360, and several other platforms. Two Brothers is nearing completion, however, and as all developers do, AckkStudios is planning to begin work—or resume it, rather—on a brand new game codenamed Project Y2K. AckkStudios began work on the game before Two Brothers' development had even begun, and it was put on hold in order to finish the smaller, retro-styled project.

Project Y2K is a 3D RPG in development exclusively for the Wii U. The story, which has now been completely finalized, takes place in the year 1999, beginning on January first at exactly 12:02 AM. Project Y2K also has a completed graphics and gameplay engine, which you can get a glimpse of to the left, as well as plenty of concept art. In addition to all this information, the original blog post and its teasers contain hashtags such as "#Space," "#Fourth Dimension," "#Double Slit Experiment," and "#WomanMadeofPlastic." Another teaser also shows off a demo of the game's soundtrack, with the caption, "viewing Earth from far away..."

I don't know what exactly this is shaping up to be, but I know that like it. What do you think of all this?