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Many successful mobile games rise to the top only to fizzle out and disappear from the public mind a few months later, but every now and then a popular app really sticks around. That's been the case so far for Pokémon GO since it burst onto the scene in 2016. After its insanely lucrative first six months, numbers began to slip somewhat in 2017, but developer Niantic quickly revitalized it with a steady flow of new content. The 2018 figures are starting to roll in now, and it's more great news for Niantic.

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Ever since its launch in 2016, Pokémon GO has been one of the most popular and lucrative mobile games in the world, and The Pokémon Company has seen massively increased profits as a result. Unsurprisingly, they're looking to keep that cash flowing by following up GO with more mobile titles. Pokémon Quest launched earlier this year on Switch and mobile platforms and achieved a modest amount of success, but The Pokémon Company isn't stopping there. And their next project has a rather interesting name attached.

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Steam has been the biggest name in the realm of digital storefronts for years, but many users and game developers have been frustrated with their policies and curation over the years, and that opens the door to competition. Earlier this year, Discord launched their own store and began partnering with indie developers, and now Epic Games is entering the market with an enticing offer for developers of all sizes.

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Over two years after launch, Pokémon GO is finally adding PVP Trainer Battles. They've been teasing the highly-requested feature for months, and they recently confirmed that it's coming soon. Shortly after that, they announced that Trainer Battles are divided into three different leagues, but how do the battles themselves actually work? Today we have our answer!

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Niantic has spent the day teasing the arrival of Trainer Battles in Pokémon GO. The often-requested feature will be making its way to the mobile game soon (no specific release date has been revealed yet), and in the meantime, Niantic is trickling out details over Twitter. Included in today's drip feed of news was the fact that Trainer Battles will be divided up into three Battle Leagues.

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Niantic's mobile hit Pokémon GO has been a phenomenal success story since its debut over two years ago, and the game keeps getting better over time with the addition of new features and creatures. However, one absolutely crucial element of the Pokémon experience is still shockingly absent. Where are the PVP trainer battles? We finally have some good news on that front!

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Millions of gamers around the world are enjoying Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee, but there's also another Pokémon game currently seeing plenty of success. Two and a half years after launch, Pokémon GO is still one of the most popular mobile games in the world, and a steady stream of new content (including events, items, and Pokémon themselves) is a big part of that. Niantic's latest addition to the game should be a welcome sight for longtime fans of the series.

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Back in June Nintendo filed new GameCube-related trademarks that were categorized for video gaming purposes (as opposed to general merchandising), sparking speculation that perhaps GameCube titles could be on their way to Nintendo Switch. No official statement has been given on the matter since then, but today more recently-filed GameCube trademarks have surfaced in Japan, and there's one detail in particular that's a bit surprising.

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Niantic had a dramatic rise to fame and fortune after Pokémon GO launched in 2016, and soon they'll be working with another beloved franchise. They've been teasing a Harry Potter project for quite some time now, and they recently launched the first teaser trailer for the upcoming game, dubbed Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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The Game Awards 2018 is coming up in just a few weeks, and it's expected to be packed with more announcements than any previous show. Of course, as the name of the event indicates, the focus of The Game Awards is to honor the best video games from 2018. With that in mind, host and creator Geoff Keighley just revealed all the categories and nominees up for awards.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks are two very different Nintendo games. The former was a Game Boy Advance puzzle-platformer that brought a strategic edge to the old Donkey Kong formula, and the latter is a touch-screen-based Zelda game that sees us traversing Hyrule via locomotive. These games are two well-enjoyed extensions to Nintendo's most prolific franchises, and they have something in common: they've both been given new trademarks, meaning we might see more of them in the future!

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RuneScape was one hell of a game back in the day. Not only does it hold the Guinness World Record as the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game of all time, but its expansiveness is almost unheard of. Unfortunately, the game was forgotten in time after a bout of updates that, to most, ruined the game. Luckily, the team at Jagex gave us a revival in 2013 with the release of Old School RuneScape, a complete backup of the game's beloved circa-2007 servers. Now that version of the game is receiving a mobile port on both iOS and Android, complete with cross-platform play with PC users. And boy oh boy, does it ever work smoothly!

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Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and developer Epic Games is using that status to attract some impressive partners. Earlier this year, Epic teamed up with Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet to the game. Next, they'll be shifting gears from superheroes to sports by partnering with the National Football League.

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I remember when Pokémon GO first came out. Being in the streets of Toronto that week was a magical time. Seeing thousands of people flock to a Dratini, everybody downtown talking about what they caught, and the reaffirmation that Pokémon is such a unique global phenomenon. Eventually, though, I lost interest in the AR game, and one of the key reasons for it being the fact that the game drains your battery pretty quickly if you leave it open all day. Now there's finally a solution, as Pokémon GO's most recent update means you don't even need the app open for your eggs to progress!

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Earlier this month, Game Freak dropped a few hints about a second form for the Mythical Pokémon Meltan. An ominous shadow was shown at the very end of Professor Willow's Meltan Research Update. We now know that this shadow was actually Melmetal, Meltan's evolved form.

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