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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo's newest mobile game, was released on Android and iOS devices this week, and it's performed amazingly well so far. The game is already the most downloaded app in eight countries, including the United States, Japan, Canada, France, and Germany, some of the largest mobile gaming markets in the world. 

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Nearly a month has passed since Nintendo officially revealed their next mobile endeavor: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The campsite-managing title was later scheduled for release tomorrow, on November 22nd, but it looks like Nintendo is giving us an early Thanksgiving present this year, as the title has already gone live a full day early!

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Pokémon GO was a smashing success when it debuted last summer. It brought many people together to explore the world around them and catch all sorts of creatures with friends and family. Since the game's launch, the daily number of players has reduced significantly. However, the game is still enjoyed by a very large amount of gamers and is still being updated with new content.

Pokémon GO did a great job strengthening the Pokémon brand, and it was only a matter of time before other businesses contacted Niantic to take their franchises to the next level. The next game to come from this big name in mobile gaming will be centered around the wizard world of Harry Potter.

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It's the end of October, and that means two things: Halloween is just around the corner and Stranger Things 2 has finally arrived! For those excited about the newly released season of the Netflix original series, the excitement doesn't have to stop after the last episode because you can now download all new skins of your favorite Stranger Things characters to Minecraft!

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After last night's Nintendo Direct, tons of people are excited to get their hands on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a brand new game coming to mobile devices in late November. While North American fans will have to wait to scratch their Animal Crossing itch, it seems that Australian gamers already have access to the title.

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It's been a long time since we've heard anything about the Animal Crossing mobile game, but Nintendo hasn't forgotten about it. In fact, there was even a whole Nintendo Direct on it tonight, giving us a detailed first look at the long-awaited title. One of the coolest features of Animal Crossing is the ability to decorate your house however you want. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp takes this aspect and uses it as the basis for its outing onto mobile platforms.

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Nintendo announced yesterday that a new Nintendo Direct was on its way, one focused on the Animal Crossing mobile title that they've been teasing for well over a year now. We don't know what exactly to expect from this title, but the time has just about come for the fifteen-minute-long Direct to start, so we're sure to get tons of information on it soon! It'll kick off at 8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST, so hop on inside and prepare for the show!

Get ready, Animal Crossing fans—the long wait is almost over! Nintendo announced that the Animal Crossing series would be one of their first franchises to receive a mobile title a while ago, and now they're finally ready to make good on that promise. A new Nintendo Direct has been announced for tomorrow night, promising a fifteen minute look at the upcoming game.

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A few days ago, we posted that some datamines in Pokémon GO seemed to confirm the release of third generation creatures during this year's Halloween event. Today, Niantic confirmed this with a trailer for the upcoming event that shows off some ghost Pokémon from Generation III as well as other spooky goodies.

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Pokémon GO has been receiving numerous updates since its launch in 2016. Since Pokémon from the second generation have been featured in the game for a while, fans are starting to speculate when we'll see the next wave of creatures. A recent interview with Niantic's John Hanke and some images from a datamine suggest that players may not have to wait any later than Halloween for the new update.

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Ever since the 2012 hit Journey impacted the lives of gamers everywhere, fans of thatgamecompany have been wondering when their next project would finally surface. At the recent Apple Special Event, the time was right for thatgamecompany President and Creative Director Jenova Chen to reveal Sky, a socially driven gaming experience for Apple devices.

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Nintendo launched their Nintendo Switch Online app earlier this year, adding special support for certain games like Splatoon 2 and giving players access to voice chat features for that game. The app was not met with cheers of delight, however; aside from it being a smartphone app rather than a feature of the Switch itself, there were some glaring issues that greatly limited its convenience. Well, at least two of those problems no longer exist, as last night Nintendo updated the app to allow voice chats to continue while multitasking and when your phone is asleep.

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Intelligent Systems' Fire Emblem franchise made the jump to mobile earlier this year, with Fire Emblem Heroes allowing fans to collect and battle heroes from across the entire series in a single game. The game's success thus far has had some wondering if another of the developer's games could also come to mobile devices: the long dormant strategy series Advance Wars. While it doesn't sound like that is currently planned, a recent interview with Intelligent Systems and Nintendo has given some hope to the idea being considered in the future.

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Invading dragons have razed the Earth, human civilization has collapsed, and survivors have taken to living out the remainder of their days in capsules in outer space. This is the bleak scenario painted by Cleaversoft for their upcoming, procedurally-generated runner game EarthNight, where you take on the role of either 14-year-old high schooler Sydney or freelance photographer Stanley to scavenge for resources, collect power-ups, and slay dragons.

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A few days ago, Nintendo's mobile division announced a brand new set of warriors were on their way to Fire Emblem Heroes. They have been doing this sort of thing for months now, so what makes this instance so special? Well, aside from featuring some incredibly powerful new takes on popular heroes like Lyn, Ike, and Roy, the new lance-wielding form of Lucina has also caught a lot of fans' attention, specifically due to text found on her new weapon's official artwork.

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