Dying Light is a recently revealed zombie free-running, open-world title from Techland. The game is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and has been revealed for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3, as well as PC. The game is said to contain a fantastic day-and-night system, and will combine upgradeable weapons with a Mirror's Edge-esque free-running gameplay style.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has also confirmed the game is not coming to Wii U.

Many games have been announced for both current and future consoles, but dozens are skipping out on the Wii U. It's sad knowing another title will not see the light of day on Nintendo's new console, although that's hardly surprising news at this point.

Dying Light releases in 2014.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for a gaming site? Do you keep up with gaming news every day, or come to the internet to read lengthy reviews, or articles about the past, present, and future of our favorite medium? Do you wish you could be one of the content creators, rather than a reader? Well, you've stumbled upon the right place.

Gamnesia and Zelda Informer are constantly looking for bright minds with a passion for gaming to further enhance our team of editors from around the world. With E3 just around the corner, this is the most exciting time of the year to be welcomed into the world of game journalism, and we need as many helping hands as we can get.

You may have noticed we're doing a lot of refining lately in our efforts to push this place to the high standards we hope to achieve. A few weeks ago, we rolled out the beta version of our new user system, which is currently only live for staff members but will soon be available to all readers. Just a few days ago, we spruced up and snazzed out our staff page, providing a coherent list of all current staff members for your convenience. In addition, we've made several changes behind the scenes that may not be immediately visible but go a long way in upholding our efficiency and reliability as a valid, valuable resource for gaming.

The latest development in this string of advancements is the addition of a brand-new hiring page, which explains in detail the hierarchy of the site and the simple process by which avid readers like you can apply to join our team of writers. So whether you've always loved our site and want to lend a hand, or you've always hated it and want to help us change the place for the better, feel free to join the ranks!

Now, we're not expecting you to be perfect. We don't expect you to come in knowing all about the posting process or how to tell a relative clause from a complement clause. Everyone makes mistakes, and that's perfectly okay. So long as you have a passion for gaming, the motivation to work hard, and of course a decent level of professionalism, we're elated to have you on board.

If you'd like to apply for a position as one of the staff here at Gamnesia and Zelda Informer, please read over the application page and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, concerns, inquiries, or would like to just say hello, please don't hesitate email your friendly neighborhood Colin. I'll respond as quickly and as fully as I can. Best of luck to all of you, and we look forward to seeing some of your eager new faces — er... screen names — among our staff soon.

“NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Bungie, the studio behind development for the Halo franchise up through Halo Reach, is currently developing their first ever game, entitled Destiny, since their departure from Microsoft to become third party. Recently a new trailer dubbed "The Law of the Jungle" was uploaded to Youtube on the "destinygame" channel. The trailer is comprised of live-action and pre-rendered CG scenes, but it seems this particular trailer is more about the thematic elements of the game rather than the game play, so that's an OK choice.

Destiny is confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A Wii U and PC release may still be a slight possibility, but according to Bungie's Twitter account, "Destiny will absolutely be shipping on four platforms: [the above four]."

Be sure to check out the trailer after the jump!

Today, Nintendo released a trailer for the re-release of Mega Man X on their Wii U Virtual Console service. With the trailer came the announcement that the game will soon be available for download. Mega Man X will be released on May 30th, which is just shy of a week away. This is exciting news for any fan of the Mega Man series. The trailer can be found after the jump!

For those unfamiliar with Mega Man, the X series is a departure from the original Mega Man games, with updated graphics, gameplay elements, and other features which attempted to shake up the traditional Mega Man formula.The updates worked well and were highly praised by critics and fans alike, giving rise to several sequels through the years. Mega Man X is a great game and a must-have for any Mega Man fan, so it is definitely worth a look for Wii U owners.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up this gem from the past? Do you want to try it out for the first time? I strongly recommend it to all platforming fans. Thoughts, feelings, and opinions about any of these things belong in the comments!

Official Nintendo Magazine has released some new screenshots for Pokémon X and Y, and it appears that you can see your trainer throw the Poké Ball in the new games, something that we've not yet seen before in a mainstream Pokémon game. The look of the Japanese Pokédex has also been revealed, along with Fletchling getting a nice dose of Leech Seed.

Pokémon X and Y are two of 2013's most anticipated titles, and not for nothing. The games have a big shift in artstyle and will feature a full 3D world, full 3D battles, and attacks that hit foes instead of vague animations, another new addition to the mainstream games.

The screenshots can be seen after the jump.

"I would definitely like to make our money back on this game and I would to make a profit on it, but it's not actually the number one priority, right? The number one priority is to make the best possible game that we can make that brings the most beneficial experience to the players, right? That's absolutely number one."

-- Jonathan Blow

The other day, Jonathan Blow, the designer behind 2008's Braid, gave a quick interview regarding his studio's in-development game, The Witness. The conversation covers what Blow believes are the benefits of indie development, how The Witness came to be a PlayStation 4 title, and where the studio's motivation behind the game lies. It's an interesting chat, and you can check it out after the jump!

The Witness is an upcoming indie game in development PlayStation 4, PC and iPad being created by Thekla Inc.The game plans to modernize the old-school "puzzle-adventure" genre by having a more consistent logic behind the puzzle designs, while also allowing players to take part in an interesting and meaningful narrative if they so choose to.

Nowadays, many companies have exceedingly high expectations. Capcom was disappointed with the release of Resident Evil 6, Square Enix with Tomb Raider, and EA with Dead Space 3. These games sold really well by most standards, but in the eyes of the developers it wasn't enough. 

And now Microsoft has come forward with their predictions for the entire generation. Yusuf Mehdi – the senior vice-president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business – believes that the combined might of the next generation will result in a billion consoles sold. 

More juicy news after the jump.

Nintendo needs to get their act together. You read that first sentence correctly. Nintendo is having a lot of trouble right now, what with a rough Wii U launch and other competitors announcing shiny new consoles. The Big N is in financial danger, and that fact simply cannot be ignored.

However, that problem is miniscule to the issue concerning the interaction the publisher has with its loyal consumers. We fans give Nintendo our all. We purchase their brand new games. We support them when the going gets rough. We create new things to show our appreciation and love for the company! Nintendo fans love Nintendo.

Unfortunately, it seems like Nintendo doesn't love us back. They constantly push us around, instigating fear in our hearts, then treat their harassment similarly to a joke, expecting us consumers to buy their new software and hardware. The same goddamn routine has been repeated for decades now.

However, there's a fine, fine line. The negative realizations have been swimming around my brain for the past few months, and the true epiphany has just hit me. We give everything to Nintendo. In return, they scare us and expect us to make up like a couple of first grade girls.

One recent event has sparked this fury in me, and it's an abomination to the industry as a whole. Wonder why the population generally frowns upon video games? Here is your reason. The following video reveals the Satanic and downright evil business tactics of Nintendo, painting their loyal followers in shame and embarrassment.

I invite you all to hit the jump right now and enlighten yourself on the issue. You can be part of the revolution.

Recently, we updated you guys about some box art that had been spotted on the Battlefield 4 sites for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Now, one of those designs has been confirmed.

Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live director of programming (more commonly known as Major Nelson), posted this image of the Forza Motorsport 5 box art, confirming that this is the official design for Xbox One boxes.

I now think that the PlayStation 4 box art that was previously seen will also be the official art, but we'll find out soon enough!

What do you think of the box art's simplistic design?

Donkey Kong Country Returns is one of the Wii's most widely acclaimed first-party titles, and now it's available on the go for your Nintendo 3DS. More than just a port, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D boasts visuals almost as stunning as its Wii counterpart and offers eight brand-new levels and an all-new "Easy Mode" for newcomers to the Donkey Kong Country series. Though to some it may seem like a downgrade, the new features, well-preserved graphics, and sheer virtue of being such an incredible handheld game make this a worthwhile experience for any Donkey Kong fan, and it is certainly a must-have sidescroller for anyone who missed out on the game's freshman fling in 2010.

Available today for Nintendo 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D can be purchased through your local or online retailers or through the Nintendo 3DS eShop for those who prefer digital downloads. Do you think you can reclaim the Kongs' banana hoard from the Tiki Tak Tribe once again?

Since the reveal of the Xbox One, many people have almost literally jumped on the Nintendo hype-train, resulting in gifs like these. And this one. And since that reveal last tuesday, sales at Amazon UK have skyrocketed. There has been an astounding jump in sales rank for Wii U consoles – an increase of 875 percent to be precise. 

There has also been a price cut to support this growth, going from £289.99, or $437.42 – a lot by American standards – to £219.99 for the basic pack, which translates to $331.83. The system was at #390 in the list of Amazon's PC & Gaming Bestsellers before the conference, but currently has shot up to #48 because of fan backlash due to the reveal.

It's interesting that so many people immediately bought the Wii U after the Xbox One reveal, especially after so many people bashed it for its relatively unimpressing launch. It's a great time to buy a Wii U. After all, there are many great titles coming, and it still has some interesting games like ZombiU. We'll have to see what the reveal does to the performance of the Wii U in the long run.


Looking to see what Shin Megami Tensei IV will sound like in English when you pick it up for your 3DS later this year? Well look no further, we've got you covered. The latest trailer shows off multiple snippets of cutscenes and gameplay. For those who haven't been keeping up with our coverage of SMT4, the trailer not only shows off details for the story but also for multiple features and characters/demons found throughout the game. Be sure to check it out!

Today some high quality games hit the Wii U virtual console, with three entire Kirby games adding themselves to the line-up of downloadable content. Kirby's Dream Course, Kirby's Dream Land 3, and Kirby Super Star all arrived on the Virtual Console today in the US. As if that wasn't enough, Nintendo is making the deal even sweeter for all of these SNES era games: they are each $7.99 on the Virtual Console, but from today until May 30th, if two of these games are purchased, the last one is free. That is a great deal for these great titles.

For those who have never played these games before, Kirby's Dream Course is a golf-based game with its own unique fighting and gameplay style that only Kirby could pull off. Kirby's Dream Land 3 is a standard Kirby game, the next in line in the Dream Land series, and is solid, but it is not particularly spectacular in terms of adding to the Kirby formula. Lastly, Kirby Super Star is a platforming adventure mixed with different game modes and mini games. It is a great game but a little on the easy side, even as Kirby games go. Even with their faults, these games are solid entries into the Kirby series and deserve a play through if there is any interest at all, especially with Nintendo's awesome week-long offer.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up any of these games? Will you grab all of them to take advantage of the special deal? Or is this just not a Nintendo download week for you? Thoughts, feelings, and opinions belong in the comments!

Square Enix has announced "Square Enix Presents," a new YouTube channel to improve and increase communication with fans. Square Enix Presents will broadcast live during E3 2013, with new videos featuring news, walkthroughs, and interviews. Almost sounds like a Nintendo Direct, huh?

The channel may include some breaks here and there, but it will probably air for a large portion of the conference. Square Enix has promised the addition will be "almost as fun as flying a chocobo." There will be blood if they don't follow through on that promise.

E3 is only a few weeks away! Stick here at Gamnesia as the news rolls in.

Ever since the 2007 GDC, Media Molecule has astounded gamers and designers alike with their art style and unique mechanics. To offer a bit of background information on the company, the British game developer was founded in January of 2006. Prior to Media Molecule's establishment, Mark Healey, Alex Evans, David Smith and Kareem Ettouney worked at Lionhead Studios, which is credited with creating the Fable franchise. Following their departure, the band of friends gave a rather unusual pitch to Sony, seeking funding to start up their own original project. Media Molecule has been around for a few years now, and the stage is set for their next great creation, Tearaway.

Read further and fast forward to learn more about Media Molecule's current project!