UPDATE: Even more screenshots and artwork pieces have come out, revealing the look of the Pokédex and more! It has been added to the gallery, so be sure to check it out!

Following what was revealed last Saturday in the popular Japanese CoroCoro magazine, The Pokémon Company has now announced the US names of the latest Pokémon, along with an amazing gameplay trailer and a bunch of pretty screenshots including the boxart, showing some new features that will appear in the game. First of these is, you can sit on a bench. Yes, you can finally sit on a bench. It's a nice addition to the game, and one nobody expected. And you get a nice view of your surroundings too.

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It is a great time to be a Nintendo 3DS owner. So many great games have come out recently, and many more are on the way. It took Nintendo a while to get going with the 3DS, but once they did, it truly became a full-fledged console that any owner could be proud of. With games ranging from the solid Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to the fantastic Fire Emblem: Awakening, the console has really blossomed since its launch. Not to mention the eShop and the fully downloadable retail games it provides along with the classic favorites available through the Virtual Console program. Nintendo has done such a good job of late that one news source has even made a bold claim about the 3DS: that it is the best console ever. Find out exactly what was said inside! 

Remember that time when somebody joined a forum, unleashed a bunch of rumors about something, and turned out to be telling the truth? Neither do I. But it appears that today may be that day. An IGN forum member by the name of 100-Year-Old-Gamer has recently taken to action on the IGN boards claiming that he works for Nintendo in some way. Of course, this is a glaring red flag that his information may be entirely falsified. The only reason we may have to believe this user is that his account was created just about a year ago and he has built a reputation on the forums, which does give him a little more credibility, but far from enough to be blindly accepted. If any these rumors hold any weight, however, they're certainly exciting.

The first of these rumors is that rather than their traditional E3 showing, Nintendo will air three to five Nintendo Direct streams beginning on May 30th. Given their decision to back down from the illustrious convention hall we've seen in the past, and their recent inclination to announce major news via Nintendo Direct streams, this is entirely believable and frankly quite likely regardless of whether or not this IGN member has any inside information.

The next and perhaps most exciting rumor of the bunch regards the upcoming Super Mario game for Wii U. 100-Year-Old-Gamer says that Super Mario U will be "bigger than any Mario game to date" and looks "unlike anything you've ever seen." Whether this is some sort of continuation of the Super Mario Galaxy precedent or a new game entirely is left uncertain, but it sounds like Nintendo surely won't disappoint.

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ZombiU, one of the best Wii U launch titles, appears to be getting a sequel according to NeoGAF user Broken Joystick.

In his post, Mr. Joystick called attention to a recent Tweet by Jean-Philippe Caro, a Ubisoft Creative Director whose works include the Rayman Raving Rabbids series and ZombiU.

In response to a question about a ZombiU sequel, Caro had this to say:

Thank you for your interest in ZombiU. The team is working hard on a prototype. It´s too soon to tell you more. - Jean-Philippe Caro

It sounds like the sequel's development is under way! We likely won't see much at E3 this year if the game is just in its prototype stage, but we'll probably learn more by E3 2014.

So, what do you think ZombiU 2 will be like? Will it be set in London again? Or perhaps an American setting? Will the franchise be getting a new name to facilitate a multi-platform release?

Deoxys, the fabled DNA Pokemon, is set to be distributed to a DS near you!

From now until May 31, you can pick up your very own Deoxys via a WiFi distribution event; the legendary Pokemon will be level 100 and will feature the moves Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover, and its signature move Psycho Boost. Additionally, it will be holding a Life Orb, which boosts the power of every move!

This Deoxys will be available exclusively for Pokemon Black and White 2; to obtain it, open Mystery Gift from the start menu of your game and select "Get Via Nintendo WFC". For more detailed instructions, check out the official page of the distribution.

Could this allude to some kind of connection to the upcoming games, Pokemon X and Y? Deoxys is the DNA Pokemon, and X and Y have been rumored to have some connection to chromosomes and DNA.

Do you think that this is an intentional connection, or a convenient coincidence?

The Year of Luigi continues!

New Super Luigi U was announced a couple of months ago as DLC for the game New Super Mario Bros. U on the Wii U. The downloadable data will give every level in the original game a fresh coat of paint and offer brand new challenges specified for Mario's younger brother. Now, Amazon has listed a game called New Super Luigi for Nintendo 3DS.

The listing has now been changed to New Super Luigi U, which is strange considering the fact Luigi U is DLC. Of course, the pack could be available online, but Amazon isn't known for selling DLC through their website.

Now, out of pure speculation, there is a possibility of a game entitled New Super Luigi making its way to the Nintendo 3DS. However, I believe Amazon done goofed, and they made a mistake. The online retailer may be selling the pack, but I think they listed the DLC under the wrong hardware and are covering up their errors.

Would you buy New Super Luigi on 3DS? It's not out of the realm of possibility. Sound off in the comments.

You know that awesome PlayStation 4 trailer that has been circulating the internet? You know, the really cool one that has been getting you pumped up for Sony’s new console? Yeah? Well it’s fake. Don't feel to bad if you were fooled by the teaser, after all it does look professionally made... Except it isn't. With E3 fast approaching it is easy to believe anything that is being thrown at you. However, with some research it soon becomes apparent that every shot included in the teaser can be found elsewhere online. The game shown in the teaser is the already-announced PlayStation 4 game Infamous: Second Son.

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Monday is Jimquisition day! Jim talks about the differences between objectification and idealisation, and what applies to men and women in games. The difference between owning and aspiring to be. Are men and women equally objectified? We'll let Jim do what he does best.

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Capcom confirmed that Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, more commonly known as Ace Attorney 5, is headed to North America and Europe this fall. It will be available as a digital download only, via the Nintendo eShop. 

As described by Capcom, Dual Destinies is set eight years after Phoenix Wright's last court appearance, and sees him returning to a destroyed courtroom. “It’s down to Phoenix Wright and his team at the Wright Anything Agency to discover the cause of the destruction. Players will have to battle it out in court against Gaspen Payne, the younger brother of Winston Payne from previous Ace Attorney titles, as they defend the accused.” 

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I'm sure most of you have already heard about the Japan-exclusive game, simlike game, Tomodachi Collection: New Life. Recently, it was revealed that the game contained a bug. Gay couples, but only male gay couples, could get married and even get pregnant. While that physically isn't possible, having gay marriage in a Nintendo game would still seem like a step in the right direction, where gay rights are concerned. Today, Nintendo released a patch, fixing a handful of technical issues including, according to Kotaku's translation, "human relations that become strange." 

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Another trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has come out today, depicting what happened during the later years of the Golden Age of Piracy. It's an interesting backdrop for any game, pirating/assassinating game or not. I'm interested what they will do with it, and how it'll affect Edward Kenway, our new protagonist. And Blackbeard is awesome in any form of media he appears in.

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I love video games. I also happen to love television and film — particularly television and film with good scripts. I write a lot of my own stuff, so I tend to be that guy who says things like "huh, that was well structured" while a dude's getting hit in the balls. Naturally, I love it when my areas of interest overlap; like the Zelda documentary being made, or the Redwall video game currently being developed.

Unfortunately, there are times when the overlaps aren't pleasant to sit through. Usually, the overlap happens in one particular area; when a film or television program discusses video games, they do so with almost no integrity whatsoever. It's an incredibly frustrating issue to me, and one that I've ranted on a handful of times to various friends.

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According to a forum post made by Joe Ludwig, the Valve programmer lead development for the Team Fortress 2 inclusion of Oculus Rift, Valve's famous first person shooter, Half-Life 2, now supports the 3D gaming headset, Oculus Rift.

This is a beta, so in order to implement it, you'll need to open your Steam library and navigate to the "properties" menu of Half-Life 2. From there, set your command line to "-vr". Next,go to the "betas" tab, farthest to the right, and opt into "Beta - SteamPipe beta" from the drop down menu.

Ludwig also cautions that Oculus Rift support for Half-Life 2 "is a more raw than TF2." Here's the full quote:

"This port is a bit more raw than TF2 was when it shipped, so we would appreciate hearing about any bugs you find. Just like in TF2 this mode is experimental, so we really want to hear what you think.
A few known issues:

  • The zoom UI shows up in a quad in the middle of the screen instead of on the edges of the screen.
  • The HUD is dim and hard to read." -- Joe Ludwig

Many of us remember back when the GameCube was first released, and there weren't very many games — much less a JRPG. While the GameCube only managed to obtain a few JRPGs, one game stood above them all, and that game was Tales of Symphonia. Tales of Symphonia is a prequel to the very first Tales game, Tales of Phantasia. Tales of Symphonia stars Lloyd Irving and Colette Brunel, who are on a quest for world restoration... or so it seems.

Now a rumor from a hispanic website has surfaced stating that the PlayStation 2 director's cut of Tales of Symphonia might be remastered in HD for the PlayStation 3. Tales of Symphonia would look wonderful in HD because of the bright colors and cel-shading. This would also be the second time the director's cut of a tales game has made it to the US, assuming, of course, that the game gets localized.

Have you played Tales of Symphonia? How would you feel about an HD rerelease? Please share in the comments section.

Rumors have been meandering around the internet on a new type being introduced into the Pokémon franchise, with Sylveon being the face of the change. Although there has been little to no actual information on the speculation, Pokémon Smash, a TV show in Japan, may have confirmed a modification to the well-known battle system that is sure to make thousands of competitive players flip their respective tables.

During the episode of Pokémon Smash, many of the show's hosts cosplayed as evolutions of Eevee. One of them was dressed as Sylveon, the latest introduction into the Eevee family. The event focused around discovering Sylveon's type. The shenanigans began when the Sylveon armed herself with a pair of nunchucks. Shoko Nakagawa (the one dressed as Sylveon) was abruptly tackled by a very brawny man, hinting that Sylveon's type is not Fighting. Following that, Shoko chopped a block of ice into pieces, giving us the impression Sylveon was strong against Ice.

Believe it or not, this happens almost every week on Pokémon Smash. Now, back to business...

Being weak against Fighting but strong against Ice led the cast to believe Sylveon was a Steel type. They tested their hypothesis by making Shoko inhale vile odors, representing the Poison type. Steel types are immune to Poison attacks in the Pokémon games. Shoko reacted rather strongly to the stench, so this could either mean Poison is super-effective or simply effective on Sylveon.

I swear, this is the last time I'm relating the events of Japanese TV shows.

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