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We're just a few weeks away from the theatrical debut of Detective Pikachu, the first major live-action Pokémon movie. Last year, British singer/actress Rita Ora joined the cast of the film as a scientist, and she's since released a song (performed with the DJ Kygo) that will be featured in it. Additionally, Ora has released a music video for the song, Carry On, that takes place in some of Detective Pikachu's settings and includes clips from the movie.

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Last month (following numerous rumors), Nintendo confirmed that they've partnered with Microsoft to bring Cuphead to Switch. This popular run-and-gun platformer caught the eyes of many gamers thanks to its 1930s-inspired art style, and as of today, you can enjoy it on Nintendo's hybrid console. Eventually, it will even support Xbox Live, but that will require a post-launch patch. In the meantime, developer Studio MDHR has released a short and sweet launch trailer.

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The potential audience for Nintendo Switch just got a lot bigger. Earlier today, a report surfaced from China suggesting that Tencent, one of the world's largest game publishers, has been provisionally approved to sell Nintendo Switch bundled with a demo version of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe in China. Shortly after this story broke, Nintendo confirmed a Chinese partnership with Tencent to The Wall Street Journal.

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Update: Parts of US Gamer's translation have been called incorrect by outlets with a better track record for Japanese translation. Corrected information has been included in the article. 

The rumor mill has been buzzing with reports of new Nintendo Switch models on the horizon in recent months, and today yet another one surfaced. The latest comes from Japanese publication Nikkei, the world's largest financial newspaper and the same group that reported Nintendo was working on a smaller, cheaper Switch in January. They've since acquired more information from their sources about both the "Switch Lite" and a second, more powerful model.

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Last year, Nintendo surprised fans by announcing that they had secured Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. With Avengers: Endgame about to hit theaters, the Marvel hype will be high this Summer, and Nintendo's capitalizing on that energy with a long-awaited sequel. Thanks to a recent press release, we now have more details about the game, including its release date.

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The Phantom Thieves of Hearts' calling card has been sent, and the long-anticipated Treasure finally materializes! Within a day's time, Joker from Persona 5 will touch down in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Challenger #1 from the Fighters' Pass DLC, four months after his show-stopping reveal at The Game Awards 2018. Joker won't be coming alone, bringing the whole crew of Phantom Thieves along for the ride and a stage based on the Palace born from everyone's hearts — Mementos!

Not only that, Ultimate is also getting the hefty Version 3.0 update that brings a ton of surprises with it. Hit the jump for the full story!

We've been hearing rumblings about a new Xbox model since last year, and the rumors of a disc-free Xbox One really picked up last month with talk of an imminent reveal. While this isn't always the case with rumors, this time all that smoke was coming from a very real fire. During the ongoing episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft has just unveiled a new Xbox model.

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Last night, millions of Nintendo Switch consoles around the world were upgraded to Version 8.0.0. A variety of new features were added, including new icons, the ability to sort software, and a zoom feature in the System Settings, but the biggest new addition is the often-requested ability to transfer save data from one Switch to another.

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Before home consoles became a living room staple, video games were largely found in arcades. Capcom was one of the biggest players in this space with classic hits like Street Fighter and Final Fight. To this day, many dedicated players will shell out for an arcade-style controller to play certain games... but what if that controller came pre-loaded with some of the best arcade games? Introducing Capcom Home Arcade.

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We've known for quite some time now that the next PlayStation is on the way, but today we received an unexpected update. Rather than revealing PlayStation 5 (name unofficial) details during a State of Play video or at E3 (which Sony isn't attending), architect Mark Cerny decided to spill the beans by inviting Wired to come check out a development kit and learn about its hardware.

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It's a good time to be a fan of Nintendo art. About a month ago, we learned that The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is getting a Western release this October, and it won't be alone. Nintendo has just announced (via Amazon listings) that The Art of Splatoon 2 is also coming to North America and Europe the same month. If you're a fan of those stylish squids and kids, you won't want to pass this up!

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Even though it launched with zero marketing build-up, Apex Legends has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world, with over 50 million players attracted in its first month. Despite this phenomenal start, there's still room for improvement. Apex Legends is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. But what about Nintendo's fast-selling Switch console? Respawn Entertainment Project Lead Drew McCoy tackled that question in a recent Q/A video.

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During last month's Nindies Showcase, we got a good look at an upcoming game called Katana Zero. This fast-paced action-platformer from Askiisoft features nothing but one hit KOs... for the enemies and you. Fortunately, you can rewind time upon your death, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Katana Zero hits Switch and PC on April 18th. If you're not sure about buying it yet, we have some good news! Lots of footage has surfaced from review copies, including the game's first 30+ minutes.

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Few gaming executives have ever captured the hearts of players like Reggie Fils-Aime. After being hired as Nintendo's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 2003, Reggie quickly became a fan favorite thanks to his E3 2004 appearance, where he famously declared, "I'm about kicking ass, I'm about taking names, and we're about making games." By 2016, Reggie had been promoted to President and COO of Nintendo of America, and he has continued to hold that post until today. All good things must come to an end, and today Reggie will step away from Nintendo to spend time with friends and family, leaving the position of President to Doug Bowser.

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Last year, there were rumors regarding a possible sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games' 2017 hit has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, so capitalizing on that success with another game seems like a no-brainer, but so far there's been no official announcement. However, someone who worked on the game claims a sequel is in development.

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