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Many Call of Duty fans were outraged when Activision announced that a remaster of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare would be released exclusively to people who bought special editions of last year's game, Infinite Warfare. However, some gamers predicted that Activision would one day release Modern Warfare Remastered as its own game. For those who waited, we have good news for you. The title will be available for purchase next week.

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Nintendo has been under fire lately from rumors about artificial scarcity for their Nintendo Switch consoles, which have been in high demand and low supply since releasing on March 3, 2017. This gossip seems unfounded, as the shortage actually appears rooted in a stall in component production, but they are still taking steps to pacify their fans. Tweeting an apology and linking to a notice on their support website, Nintendo has addressed at least the Japanese portion of their audience with assurances that shipment volume will increase.

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In a recent interview with IGN, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime spoke about Nintendo's plans for the future. All the talk and hype about the Nintendo Switch must have left a lot of fans feeling rather nervous for the future of the Nintendo 3DS, their former flagship portable console, but according to Reggie, these fans won't have anything to worry about. Nintendo, he reveals, plans to support the 3DS "well into 2018 and beyond."

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Pokémon GO's gyms were temporarily disabled a few days ago to prepare for their major revamp, but there were those trainers who weren't content to sit back and wait. Instead, these data miners started digging deep into the code to track hints of upcoming changes.

Aside from the major additions which have already been officially announced, a Reddit post uncovered some interesting extras that could be making their way to the new mobile game versions, including Legendary Pokémon, a "Healing Mode," and Gym Badge Tiers.

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If you have been neglecting the Pokémon GO app since the hype died down, this weekend might be a good time to pick it up again, as Niantic is rolling out a set of updates to revamp the multiplayer and battling experience. Gyms have been disabled for several days for these updates, but now they're reopening with the new features. More enhancements are set to come out over the summer, so that every Trainer can take part in all upcoming features such as Raid Battles, Gym Badges, and more!

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While Nintendo has lingered behind with limited color options for their Joy-Con controllers (we have Gray, Neon Blue, Neon Red, and Neon Yellow Joy-Cons available through official channels), fans have taken matters into their own hands to suit their style. The latest example of this comes from a Reddit user who shares his work via Instagram and his own Etsy store and who posted pictures of a sweet Pikachu-inspired custom design for a pair of Joy-Cons.

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Blizzard Entertainment has just released another developer update video to announce that they are making two changes to Overwatch. The first is the long-awaited highlight recording system, which will allow players to save their best plays more easily, and the other is an exciting change to how loot boxes will work in the future.

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With tent pole releases such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has gotten off to a strong start in terms of its first party software lineup. That trend is already confirmed to continue next year, with new entries in the Yoshi, Kirby, and Fire Emblem series coming then, but now it sounds like they may not be alone. According to comments from one of Nintendo's directors, Metroid Prime 4 and the currently untitled Pokémon game for Switch might be joining those titles by releasing in 2018.

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Many Uncharted fans are excited to get their hands on the newest treasure-hunting adventure, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, from Naughty Dog this August. However, this new game will not feature Nathan Drake in any capacity. Even though Drake's story seems to have been put to rest for now, the game's creative director, Shaun Escayg, says the series could still go on without the character even after The Lost Legacy releases.

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No more lost Joy-Cons!Earlier this week, Nintendo released firmware version 3.0 for the Nintendo Switch. Multiple new functionalities and tweaks are included in the update, such as making it easy to add users from your 3DS and Wii U friends lists and allowing the use of USB keyboards. The best new addition, however, adds a new controller functionality.

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Summer: three blissful months of warm weather, vacation from school, and, of course, discount video games. Keep your focus on that last one, because according to a tweet from PayPal UK, Steam is set to drop the prices of myriad titles during its annual Summer Sale starting tomorrow, June 22nd, at 1:00 PM Eastern time.

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A ChaoFans of everyone's favorite blue hedgehog have gotten a lot of good news as of late, with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces having a strong showing at this year's E3. However, it appears that fans of "Chao Garden," the pet raising minigame from the Sonic Adventure titles, are out of luck. According to Shun Nakamura, the producer of Sonic Forces, and Takashi Iizuka, head of Sonic Team,the Chao will not be making an appearance in Forces.

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From Alex Kidd to Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star to Jet Set Radio, Shinobi to NiGHTS into Dreams, and a great many more timeless IPs, SEGA shaped the childhoods of many young gamers during its hardware heyday across several systems. Many more titles from their classic lineup still remain elusive to this day, but that could change with the company's announcement today for their new Classic Games Collection program called "SEGA Forever."

SEGA Forever is a promise from the company through which they aim to rerelease nearly every SEGA game ever from each of their consoles, spanning from the Master System era to the late Dreamcast. These classics will be available for iOS and Android with a ton of new features. Read on after the jump for more details, including possible Nintendo Switch support!

Hardly anyone had predicted that the Yoshi series would be seeing another new installment so soon after Yoshi's Woolly World for the Wii U, but that is exactly what we got when Yoshi (working title) was announced during Nintendo's E3 Spotlight this year. Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018, the main mechanic at play is being able to flip the sidescroller stages 180 degrees (in other words, along the vertical axis) to reveal secrets and alternate pathways in the diorama-esque levels that this title offers.

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This year's E3 saw the reveal of an exciting new game for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball FighterZ is an action-packed 2.5D fighter with beautiful visuals practically lifted straight out of the anime. This dream come true calling itself a game is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018, but what about Nintendo Switch owners?