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GameTrailers has now released the anticipated Kingdom Hearts timeline video they teased earlier this year, which explains the series' story as simply and as cleanly as possible. The feature follows the order of the games as they were released rather than their placement in the story, but even so the 50+ minute video goes into great depth. Even people who haven't played much or any of the series should be able to understand the basic arc of each game and the overall plot.

While the video is a great refresher course and learning opportunity, people wanting to get into the series may opt to wait until this September, when Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 releases for PlayStation 3.

Christopher Seavor, the project lead on the Nintendo 64's 2001 cult-classic Conker's Bad Fur Day and its subsequent remake for Xbox, posted a tweet yesterday indicating the possibility of his studio, Gory Detail, working on a project for Wii U. For years, Nintendo fans have been clamoring to get back the "good old days" when the talented folks from Rare developed games for Nintendo consoles, so I'm sure we'll be seeing a massively positive response to this opportunity.

Check it out after the jump!

After last year's release of Far Cry 3 and the subsequent stand-alone expansion Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon a month ago, it looks like Ubisoft's Far Cry series may be getting another installment in the form of an HD remake. As reported by Vgleaks, a Brazilian Classifications Rating Site has rated Far Cry HD, presumably a remake of the series' first title, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is apparently the same Brazilian site that rated Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon before its official announcement.

How would you feel about a Far Cry HD remake?

As we wait for the newest installment of the legendary handheld JRPG franchise Pokémon, artists have been busy creating pieces inspired by the franchise. The new Pokémon X and Y games are likely named, in-part, after the vertical and horizontal “X” and “Y” axes of the coordinate plane. In accordance with this naming trend, Pokémon Z would potentially be named after the “Z” axis, as this third axis accounts for the “forward and backward” of 3-dimensional space and stereoscopic 3D, which is one of the unique selling points of the 3DS.

Taking inspiration from the potential of a Pokémon Z, Shoyu-Rai used Norse mythology and Pokémon sensibilities to create the look for her hypothetical Pokémon Z legendary, whom she has named "Zidhoggon".

Head past the jump to see her concept.

Nintendo fans all over the world believe in the Wii U as the start to the next console generation, but many critics and publishers have not been so kind to the Big N's new flagship console. These critics and publishers point to hardware specifications and other "inferior" qualities of the console to knock it as just a high definition Wii. 

Of course, not all publishers harbor similar sentiments, as shown clearly by Ubisoft's full embrace of the console. Now another publisher has recently stepped up to defend the system as well. Shin’en Multimedia, the publisher of Nano Assault Ex and Art of Balance TOUCH! for the Nintendo 3DS and Nano Assault Neo for Wii U, has said some promising things about the Wii U in a recent interview with GameReactor. Catch what was said after the jump!

Retro Studio's acclaimed Donkey Kong Country Returns was re-released the other day on Nintendo 3DS, and NiNTENDOMiNATiON has taken the liberty of posting a Youtube video showcasing the first 45 minutes of game play footage. Head past the jump to preview Donkey Kong's most recent romp through the jungle to chase after some banana thieves!

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, a first party Nintendo title ported to the 3DS by Monster Games, is an homage to the Donkey Kong Country games of the Super Nintendo, as well as a well-made 2.5-dimensional (3-dimensional graphics played on a 2-dimensional plane) platformer in its own right.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding Xbox One's reveal a few days ago. From vague descriptions of Xbox One's used games policy and the perhaps-exaggerated response to Xbox One's supposedly heavily constrained indie strategy, Microsoft has been getting quite a bit of flak about the unveiling from a significant portion gaming community. However, it may be that some of this criticism is unwarranted, as indie developer James Silva, of Ska Studios, has provided an interesting response to all the ruckus around Xbox One's seemingly regressive indie game-publishing plan. In a blog post on Gamasutra, entitled "We're Indie, we like Microsoft. Too Controversial?" Silva had this to say:

"I wrote this post on our blog a few months ago to express how absolutely weird and unfortunate I thought it was that the trending perception of Microsoft and indies had gotten so bad that silly creative decisions of mine were being taken as Microsoft's ever-burgeoning evilness toward indies, or something. My message was this: we're indie, we make the games we want to make, Microsoft publishes them, and the past five years of this have been great, and it's too bad that that's not super newsworthy, because this whole time it just feels like I must watch, powerless, as Lumbergh keeps taking my red stapler." — James Silva

Over the course of the blog post, Silva also makes a point to be sure he gets across that the meaning of "no self-publishing on Xbox One " is really "that the partner/publisher relationship [between Microsoft and indies] is currently the same [as it was on Xbox 360] but they're exploring ways to improve it."

Perhaps the gaming press as a whole may have jumped the gun a bit too quickly on this one, but what do you think? Has there simply been a misinterpretation on the whole "self-publishing" issue? Or has James Silva just been lucky in his interactions as an indie developer with Microsoft? Sound off in the comments!

As anticipation for Nintendo's pre-E3 Nintendo Direct presentation mounts, speculation and rumors have been been on the rise. Most focus on what Nintendo will show to prove Wii U's worth, and it looks like one more piece of the puzzle just might have come together. According to a tweet from NiNTENDOMiNATION, it looks like Monolith Soft's upcoming RPG code-named "X" could be shown at June 11th's Nintendo Direct.

The evidence: the wife of Monolith Soft Director Tetsuya Takahashi, whose pen name is Soraya Saga, retweeted Nintendo's reminder for fans to tune in on Tuesday, June 11th for Nintendo's pre-E3 Nintendo Direct presentation. Based upon the re-tweeter being the spouse of a Monolith Soft employee, it seems fairly likely that Monolith Soft's "X" will appear at June 11th's Nintendo Direct.

Of course this isn't total confirmation, but what do you think? Is it likely that we'll be seeing more of "X" in the coming weeks?

PCs are incredibly powerful systems. The games created specifically for computers are leaps and bounds ahead of console titles in the graphics department. High-end PCs are the pinnacle of the hardware, creating some of the most seamless and impressive video games on the market, although they do come at quite the cost.

Enter the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They could be seen as part of another round of consoles, but Electronic Arts Executive VP and Chief Technical Officer Rajat Teneja says to look closer.

"Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have adopted electronics and an integrated systems-on-a -chip (soc) architecture that unleashes magnitudes more compute and graphics power than the current generation of consoles. These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market and their unique design of the hardware, the underlying operating system and the live service layer create one of the most compelling platforms to reimagine game mechanics."

"You don't have to be an engineer or even a gamer like me to appreciate the power of these new devices"

Teneja also had a statement on the impact of cloud gaming.

"The power of connected data is going to be an integral part of the gaming experience. We see 2.5 billion monthly game sessions and 50 [terabytes] of daily telemetry data on our network alone. The Xbox Live network required 500 servers when it launched a decade ago and as was mentioned yesterday, they are now provisioning 300,000 servers to handle Xbox data in the cloud. That growth is staggering, but it also means we'll really start to see more examples of true cross-device play."

Personally, I find his statement on consoles versus PCs a tad unbelievable. The sheer power of a high-end desktop shames the demos we have seen for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But there is a card another generation of consoles can play: the consoles' OS can be streamlined and innovative. Add in the fact that truly powerful PCs can cost upwards of one thousand dollars, and it becomes hard to say which systems are superior.

Cloud gaming, on the other hand, is obviously a part of the future of gaming consoles. The growth is increasingly apparent, with even Nintendo slowly moving to digital and interconnected online services. Cloud gaming already has a gigantic impact on the video game industry, and that footprint will only get bigger.

What do you think about EA's statement on the power of Xbox One and PS4?

Since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were unveiled, their price tags have been a big subject in both rumors and discussions alike. Microsoft and Sony have opted to keep the matter under wraps, presumably until E3. As it turns out, however, our first legitimate hint regarding the consoles' price tags doesn't come from either hardware manufacturing company, but rather from a GameStop employee. According to GameStop's chief financial officer Rob Lloyd, the new Xbox and PlayStation platforms will hit retail at a "lower opening price point than they did last cycle."

For some perspective, way back in 2005 and 2006, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 hit stores at price points of $300/$400 and $500/$600 respectively. Those prices are far from chump change, so a drop in price rather than a rise is definitely good news.

Square Enix President Yoichi Wada stepped down almost two months ago after the company posted huge losses. While the company has been restructuring, another one of the publisher's elite staff has also left his job.

Square Enix of America President and CEO Mike Fischer has resigned, pursuing a new job opening with Amazon Japan's Digital Music and Video division. Fischer has also worked at Microsoft, SEGA, and Namco in the past.

A second president leaving the company is never a good sign, showing some of the leaders of the publisher are beginning to jump ship. Square Enix posted record losses back in March, and the company has been taken apart and rebuilt to ensure profitability for the coming fiscal year.

We don't know if Square Enix will be able to fulfill their own goals this year, but E3 should be a telling sign of what is to come for the troubled company.

Dying Light is a recently revealed zombie free-running, open-world title from Techland. The game is being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and has been revealed for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3, as well as PC. The game is said to contain a fantastic day-and-night system, and will combine upgradeable weapons with a Mirror's Edge-esque free-running gameplay style.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has also confirmed the game is not coming to Wii U.

Many games have been announced for both current and future consoles, but dozens are skipping out on the Wii U. It's sad knowing another title will not see the light of day on Nintendo's new console, although that's hardly surprising news at this point.

Dying Light releases in 2014.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for a gaming site? Do you keep up with gaming news every day, or come to the internet to read lengthy reviews, or articles about the past, present, and future of our favorite medium? Do you wish you could be one of the content creators, rather than a reader? Well, you've stumbled upon the right place.

Gamnesia and Zelda Informer are constantly looking for bright minds with a passion for gaming to further enhance our team of editors from around the world. With E3 just around the corner, this is the most exciting time of the year to be welcomed into the world of game journalism, and we need as many helping hands as we can get.

You may have noticed we're doing a lot of refining lately in our efforts to push this place to the high standards we hope to achieve. A few weeks ago, we rolled out the beta version of our new user system, which is currently only live for staff members but will soon be available to all readers. Just a few days ago, we spruced up and snazzed out our staff page, providing a coherent list of all current staff members for your convenience. In addition, we've made several changes behind the scenes that may not be immediately visible but go a long way in upholding our efficiency and reliability as a valid, valuable resource for gaming.

The latest development in this string of advancements is the addition of a brand-new hiring page, which explains in detail the hierarchy of the site and the simple process by which avid readers like you can apply to join our team of writers. So whether you've always loved our site and want to lend a hand, or you've always hated it and want to help us change the place for the better, feel free to join the ranks!

Now, we're not expecting you to be perfect. We don't expect you to come in knowing all about the posting process or how to tell a relative clause from a complement clause. Everyone makes mistakes, and that's perfectly okay. So long as you have a passion for gaming, the motivation to work hard, and of course a decent level of professionalism, we're elated to have you on board.

If you'd like to apply for a position as one of the staff here at Gamnesia and Zelda Informer, please read over the application page and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, concerns, inquiries, or would like to just say hello, please don't hesitate email your friendly neighborhood Colin. I'll respond as quickly and as fully as I can. Best of luck to all of you, and we look forward to seeing some of your eager new faces — er... screen names — among our staff soon.

“NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Bungie, the studio behind development for the Halo franchise up through Halo Reach, is currently developing their first ever game, entitled Destiny, since their departure from Microsoft to become third party. Recently a new trailer dubbed "The Law of the Jungle" was uploaded to Youtube on the "destinygame" channel. The trailer is comprised of live-action and pre-rendered CG scenes, but it seems this particular trailer is more about the thematic elements of the game rather than the game play, so that's an OK choice.

Destiny is confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. A Wii U and PC release may still be a slight possibility, but according to Bungie's Twitter account, "Destiny will absolutely be shipping on four platforms: [the above four]."

Be sure to check out the trailer after the jump!

Today, Nintendo released a trailer for the re-release of Mega Man X on their Wii U Virtual Console service. With the trailer came the announcement that the game will soon be available for download. Mega Man X will be released on May 30th, which is just shy of a week away. This is exciting news for any fan of the Mega Man series. The trailer can be found after the jump!

For those unfamiliar with Mega Man, the X series is a departure from the original Mega Man games, with updated graphics, gameplay elements, and other features which attempted to shake up the traditional Mega Man formula.The updates worked well and were highly praised by critics and fans alike, giving rise to several sequels through the years. Mega Man X is a great game and a must-have for any Mega Man fan, so it is definitely worth a look for Wii U owners.

What do you think? Are you going to pick up this gem from the past? Do you want to try it out for the first time? I strongly recommend it to all platforming fans. Thoughts, feelings, and opinions about any of these things belong in the comments!