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Those who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online have access to a digital library of classic NES games, but thus far Nintendo hasn't expanded the library beyond that single console. That might be changing soon. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has been hinting at non-NES games coming to Nintendo Switch Online for some time now, and dataminers believe they've found evidence of Super Nintendo games on the way.

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Super Mario Odyssey was one of the top games of 2017, and it was an especially big hit with retro gamers. The Switch exclusive is a brilliant tribute and follow-up to the classic 3D platforming adventures of the late 1990s and early 2000s, reminding its nostalgia-loving fans of games like Banjo-Kazooie. In that spirit, modder ItzSka decided to take the classic Clanker's Cavern level from Banjo-Kazooie and insert it into Odyssey.

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The Sonic franchise hasn't always achieved success and critical acclaim since making the switch from 2D to 3D, but one 3D title that's near and dear to the hearts of many fans is Sonic Adventure. The Dreamcast classic featured six playable characters, a more detailed story than ever before, voice acting (for better or worse), and the delightful Chao Garden. Now, 20 years later, the head of Sonic Team has the itch to go back and remake it.

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YouTuber CryZENx has made quite a name for himself over the past few years with his retro game remakes. He's got a knack for taking iconic moments and locations from classic games and beautifully recreating them in Unreal Engine 4, and his favorite game to tackle is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. After making considerable progress on remaking the game in its entirety, CryZENx has just released a playable demo.

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In recent years, Nintendo has had great success re-selling their old games in the form of the plug-and-play NES Classic and SNES Classic. Sony saw that success and wanted a piece of the pie themselves, so they launched the PlayStation Classic just in time for the lucrative holiday 2018 season. Unfortunately for Sony, it appears their latest piece of hardware was not stuffed in many stockings over the holidays.

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Earlier this year, an earlier prototype for Pokémon Gold and Silver leaked in ROM form, and when The Cutting Room Floor got their hands on the file, they discovered dozens of unused Pokémon. These monsters were in development for the second generation games but were either scrapped altogether or heavily redesigned to become the Pokémon we all know and love. Today a new batch of unused Pokémon surfaced, this time on a Japanese TV show.

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Sony's PlayStation Classic hasn't been wowing reviewers. While there are certain tiny flaws with the system that add up, the main problem most reviewers and consumers have is the selection of games. Most of the PlayStation's iconic and bestselling games are missing for one reason or another. Now that dataminers have their hands on the systems, however, they've discovered evidence that a total of thirty-six games were cut from the PlayStation Classic.

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Back in 1995, Nintendo launched the Broadcast Satellaview add-on for Super Nintendo, allowing Japanese fans to experience content broadcast over satellite TV. This occasionally included exclusive games, like the Zelda spin-off Ancient Stone Tablets or BS Super Mario Collection, a new version of Super Mario All-Star with extra content. In the case of the latter, Nintendo made some rather strange music choices.

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Super Metroid is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, and it still has a thriving fan base to this day. As a staple of the speedrunning community, it has been thoroughly dissected and combed for secrets again and again over the two and a half decades since it debuted on Super Nintendo. Despite all of this, at least one Easter Egg has remained hidden from most of the world all this time. Until now.

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The PlayStation Classic will be hitting stores next week, but reviewers have already gotten their hands on a few. And from the looks of it, the PlayStation Classic is a lot less than the sum of its parts. Reviews so far have been mixed to poor, with many sites pointing out some glaring flaws that probably won't be fixed by the time it's ready for retail.

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Billy Mitchell, once hailed as the "King of Kong," has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Mitchell has always been a controversial figure, but his infamy reached new heights earlier this year when an investigation by Twin Galaxies concluded that his high scores in Donkey Kong were achieved on an emulator, not an actual arcade machine. Mitchell has promised to prove his innocence, and he recently took steps to regain his prestige.

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Few franchises have had a bigger impact on the video game industry than The Legend of Zelda, and arguably the most influential and beloved of all the Zelda games is Ocarina of Time. The legendary tale of the Hero of Time and his battle against Ganon captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans and inspired countless games. Today this classic adventure celebrates a major milestone.

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While millions around the world are either nostalgically revisiting Kanto or heading there for the first time, Did You Know Gaming decided to mark the launch of Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee with a lengthy collection of obscure Pokémon facts. There's plenty to dig through, including tidbits about the music, Pokémon designs, and mistakes that weren't caught before launch, but perhaps the most interesting revelation is that the original games almost ended up being much harder.

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Nintendo has found great success with its Classic console lineup, selling over 10 million combined NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles. To many, following them up with an N64 Classic seems like it would be a no-brainer, and Nintendo has even filed trademarks related to Nintendo 64 in recent months. Is an announcement on the way? Not so fast, says Reggie.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks are two very different Nintendo games. The former was a Game Boy Advance puzzle-platformer that brought a strategic edge to the old Donkey Kong formula, and the latter is a touch-screen-based Zelda game that sees us traversing Hyrule via locomotive. These games are two well-enjoyed extensions to Nintendo's most prolific franchises, and they have something in common: they've both been given new trademarks, meaning we might see more of them in the future!

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