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Gamers in Japan were just treated to a wonderful look into the history of one of the most beloved franchises of all time. "Satoshi Tajiri: the Man Who Created Pokémon" is a new educational manga that just released in Japan, providing insight into the origins of Game Freak's hit franchise. In addition to being a fun and informative nostalgia trip, the manga also provides a look at early Pokémon designs, including a rare peak at some monsters that were cut from the final game.

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If you're familiar with Super Mario 64 modders, Kaze is likely one of the first names that comes to your mind. He has made countless popular mods, including one that features the capturing mechanics of Super Mario Odyssey and another that meshes the gameplay of Mario 64 with the world of Ocarina of Time. Now, Kaze has created something nobody expected: an open world map suitable for a Battle Royale mode.

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If you grew up with a Super Nintendo, chances are you've been exposed to two of the greatest games of the era: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. These two titles were the pinnacle of their genres and influenced their respective franchises (and countless other games) for years to come. What would happen if these two titans of gaming were merged into one? We now have the answer.

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One week ago, Nintendo announced that they have no plans for a traditional Virtual Console on Switch. They're still likely to bring their classic games to the console in one form or another (starting with 20 NES games), but not all fans are that patient. After all, Nintendo just released a treasure trove of classic games in the SNES Classic Edition, so why not start there?

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Video games based on movies and other licensed media are often cheap, mediocre cash grabs, but every now and then a licensed game truly delivers. GoldenEye 007 serves as a shining example of these rare licensed gems, providing countless hours of entertainment to Nintendo fans in the late '90s. Pierce Brosnan's James Bond is the star of the once-popular shooter, but he wasn't always planned as the only playable Bond.

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The NES Classic Edition was one of the hottest stocking stuffers of 2016, but Nintendo was woefully unprepared to keep up with demand. Nintendo discontinued the plug and play mini console after selling a couple million units, but they later promised to bring it back when the fans demanded it. It's been a long wait, but we finally have word on when this delightful collectible is coming back.

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Nintendo recently opened up and shared some info about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online membership program. One of the benefits of becoming a paid subscriber (other than playing online, which will cease to be free in September) is access to a library of digital NES games. As fans suspected, Nintendo has confirmed this means there are no plans for a traditional Virtual Console on Nintendo Switch.

While this marks a shift in strategy for Nintendo, you can bet that they still intend to bring their classic games to Switch in some form. Nintendo hasn't elaborated on how they plan to release games from classic platforms like SNES and Game Boy Advance, but a likely option is that they will handle them similarly to the NES library. If that's the direction Nintendo chooses to go, it's fantastic news for indie developers.

Everybody has one special game in their life that they consider the pinnacle of perfection. It's the one thing you can always go back to that stands out above the rest. You never grow tired of it, and it always puts a smile on your face. You're often willing to look past all of its flaws because it had such a powerful impact on you as a person.

Which title do you always find yourself coming back to, despite its flaws? Even though you're aware it's not the best game in the world, what game are you willing to throw out their as the most important in your life?

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Nintendo recently unveiled tons of details about their upcoming online service, Nintendo Switch Online. One feature included for members is access to a library of classic NES games. 20 NES games are planed at launch with more being added over time. Nintendo has since confirmed that this means Switch won't have a traditional Virtual Console, but there's no way that classic games past the NES era will miss the system altogether. In lieu of a Virtual Console, how should Nintendo bring its classic games to Switch?

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most advanced entry in the series yet, but in the early stages of development, Nintendo used a 2D prototype based on the original Zelda on NES. Nintendo Wire recently had a similar idea, and they've created a prototype for a retro re-imagining of Breath of the Wild as a Game Boy Color title in the vein of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

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Yesterday Nintendo finally unveiled some details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online program, including the fact that it comes with a digital library of classic NES games. However, Nintendo has not yet revealed details regarding other retro libraries, like SNES or GBA. Kotaku followed up to inquire about Virtual Console details, but Nintendo's answer probably wasn't what you're hoping for.

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Capcom is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beloved Street Fighter franchise in style! To mark the occasion, they recently unveiled the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. This bundle comes packed with 12 classic Street Fighter titles, complete with new online modes. To complement this treasure trove of Street Fighter goodness, Capcom has also launched a new retrospective video series exploring the history of the franchise.

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Several key illustrators and designers from the early days of Pokémon recently sat down for an interview with Japanese publication Yomiuri. We previously reported that graphics designer Atsuko Nishida based Pikachu's original design on squirrels, but that's not the only Pikachu knowledge she had to reveal. Later in the same interview, Nishida gave some details about a cancelled evolution for Pikachu and Raichu.

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Since 2015, The World Video Game Hall of Fame has been adding iconic video games to its ranks. Whether they're beloved oldies like Pong or relative newcomers like Halo: Combat Evolved, the Hall of Fame held sixteen revolutionary video games in its ranks, and today the ranks have gone up to twenty. We previously reported that the World Video Game Hall of Fame had twelve finalists for its Class of 2018, and we now know the four video games that came out on top.

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Pikachu is probably the most iconic and recognizable of all of the 800+ Pokémon that Game Freak has created over the years. The adorable little ball of yellow goodness is categorized as a "Mouse" Pokémon, and its name would suggest a correlation to the pika, but as it turns out, Pikachu was primarily inspired by another animal: the squirrel.

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