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It's been a long journey for developer Ackk Studios, but they're finally nearing the release of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG. Inspired by the canceled EarthBound 64 project, YIIK is a sci-fi adventure that explores themes of nihilism, growing up, and the supernatural. We first got our hands on it nearly three years ago, and after a lengthy retooling process, Ackk Studios has revealed that it's coming out next month.

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We're just under a year away from the launch of the live-action/CGI hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog film. To say that Sonic fans are feeling a little apprehensive about the project would be an understatement. Both Sonic and game-based movies have been horribly mismanaged in the past, and combining the two seems like a dangerous proposition. The first teaser for the film, in the form of a moving poster, has not assuaged those feelings.

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If you're excited for Devil May Cry 5 and own an Xbox One, The Game Awards has some great news for you! The first demo for Capcom's hack and slash title is coming exclusively to Microsoft's console starting tomorrow. If you don't have an Xbox, the wording of this announcement seems to indicate that another demo will be made available at a later point in time. However, you can always enjoy a brand new trailer in the meameantime>

There have been several big reveals at The Game Awards tonight. Among them was an announcement for Mortal Kombat 11. Even though the reveal only showed off a CG trailer, it looks like we won't be waiting long for the game, because it's coming out on April 23rd.

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The wait for a third season of Stranger Things has felt excruciating at times, and we've been given little information to satiate our cravings. But tonight there was an interesting development on that front. During The Game Awards, the Duffer Brothers appeared on stage to give us our first look at a video game tie-in to the series based on season 3.

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BioWare is hard at work right now with Anthem, but that won't stop them from teasing the project that's coming out after that. This time it looks like the developers are working on a brand new Dragon Age. No details were given except for a short teaser trailer and the hashtag #thedreadwolfrises. You can check out the reveal after the jump!

Before No Man's Sky, Hello Games made much smaller and less ambitious games. Now it looks like the developers are giving us another adventure on a smaller scale.

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Obsidian Entertainment, the development team behind the original Fallout, trademarked the phrase "The Outer Worlds" earlier this year. During The Game Awards 2018, they unveiled this mystery project as an upcoming game set in the future when mankind lives at the edges of the galaxy. Despite Obsidian recently being acquired by Microsoft, The Outer Worlds is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

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Like every year, The Game Awards is pulling no punches with the premieres. One such premiere comes from Supergiant Games, who previously made a name for themselves with games such as Bastion and Transistor. Dubbed Hades, the game sees you trying to hack and slash your way through the underworld as you try to escape. If you're interested in trying it out, it's available in Early Access right now over on the new Epic Games Store for $19.99.

The Game Awards is allowing a lot of new studios to show what they're working on. One of these studios is Midwinter Entertainment, and they revealed a brand new survival shooter set in space called Scavengers. The game is a cooperative competition that is played in sessions.

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Yesterday, Ubisoft teased that The Game Awards 2018 would feature the reveal of a new Far Cry game, and they did not disappoint. As rumored, the upcoming game is titled Far Cry: New Dawn, and it's set in a post-apocalyptic world after nukes have dropped on Montana. Ubisoft debuted a trailer for the game along with a release date of February 15, 2019. You can get it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC for $39.99.

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A flashy new music game is coming to Switch next year. Developed by Simogo, it's hard to tell what exactly Sayonara Wild Hearts is from the trailer, but it sort of looks like a neon-filled rhythm runner. For not having much to go on, I think the game might stay on my radar for a bit, so hopefully we'll find out more soon!

The Stanley Parable was an indie hit back in 2013, but its audience was limited due to the fact that it never released on consoles. Fortunately, that will soon be changing! During The Game Awards 2018, developer Galactic Cafe dropped a new trailer revealing that their game is coming to consoles with additional content, including alternate endings, in 2019.

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We're expecting to see several game announcements from The Game Awards tonight. One of the first games announced was a survival game called Journey to the Savage Planet.

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We're just one day away from the return of The Game Awards, and this year's show is said to be packed with more game reveals than ever before. Millions will be tuning in, so it's a great place to unveil something new, but some developers just can't wait that long to tease their announcements. Ahead of tomorrow's events, Ubisoft has just revealed that a new Far Cry is in the works.

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