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It didn't manage to make it as a launch title, and it's not going to make its previously announced February release date either, but inFAMOUS: Second Son is still very adamantly sticking within the launch window. Sony now says Second Son is "Coming March 21st, 2014," about four months from now. The Limited and Collector's editions of the game will presumably be available on the same day.

Alongside this announcement comes a new trailer showing off "Delsin's latest power, Neon," which is some sort of glowing purple energy-type thing. Apparently a few of the game's developers got into a debate on "which power is actually the best," wherein Lead Designer Jaime Griesemer described the Neon power as "basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you’re a natural sniper," saying it's "all about precision from a distance."

The "Official Neon Reveal" trailer, as well as the extended debate, are post-jump.

At the PlayStation 4 launch event, Naughty Dog revealed a teaser for its upcoming single-player DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind.

The DLC will serve as a prequel to the events in The Last of Us, taking place when Ellie is attending a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone. Joel is not yet introduced, so the user will play as Ellie, joined by a new character Riley. Riley is Ellie’s best friend and her mentor of sorts, and Left Behind will explore the bond between the two through events that "will forever change both of their lives."

Make sure to check out the teaser video, along with more information, after the jump!

At the PlayStation 4 All Access event, Naughty Dog announced that their first game for the console will be a new installment in the Uncharted franchise. The teaser trailer for the game was also shown, with a character—possibly the antagonist or even a new protagonist—speaking about an agenda for revenge. Not much is known yet, but Naughty Dog’s Amy Hennig has provided a bit more information, which you can see along with the trailer after the jump!

Studio Fawn is currently hard at work creating Bloom: Memories, a unique, beautiful action-adventure which "moves away from the cliche of violence and domination" and instead allows alternate paths such as simple conversation with the "strange creatures" you meet for progression. If you like, "you can play the entire game without harming anyone or anything."

Studio Fawn lists The Legend of Zelda, Thief: The Dark Project, Loom (and the era of point-and-click adventure games), and Harvest Moon (and RPG dialog) as major influences on Bloom, taking from them elements of exploration, careful tactics, caring world-building, and engagement through non-violent means.

It's looking for our help on Kickstarter right now. More inside.

During today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo released another sizzle reel trailer covering the indie games that are coming out for the 3DS and the Wii U. This sizzle reel covers some of the games that have already been shown in past sizzle reel trailers, such as Shovel Knight, but there are some new ones that have been added, including Pier Solar HD and Tengami. A lot of these games look great, and I can't wait to get a couple of them for my Wii U. Who else is excited for these upcoming indie games? Tell us your most anticipated title inside!

The sizzle reel's after the jump.

The newest Professor Layton game from the hit Level-5 franchise got a new trailer from today's Nintendo Direct! They also confirmed a release date for North America, that being February 28th, 2014. The trailer covers a lot of what is going to happen in Layton's new adventure; it looks pretty interesting, and this is coming from a guy who hasn't even played a game in the franchise yet. I may just have to get myself involved with this series in the future.

Who is ready to wrap their top hat-wearing heads around some new puzzles on their Nintendo 3DS? What do you all think of the new trailer? Are you excited to see the finale of the second trilogy of games from Level-5? Sound off in the comments below!

In today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed ten new things for Super Mario 3D World. First off, parts of the levels can be manipulated with the Wii U GamePad; touching or rubbing places may reveal hidden blocks or even cause parts of the world to shift. Second, by using the microphone, players can create a brief gust of wind that will blow away at least smaller enemies.

Third, at certain points players can access a golden train that rides the rails in the sky, overflowing with hundreds of glittering coins to collect. Captain Toad Levels were also announced, taking a cue from Super Mario 3D Land, where players take control of a dressed up Toad in a small, square level and must manipulate the camera to find hidden green stars.

Similar to New Super Luigi U, the game also features speed-run levels, where you only have 100 seconds to reach the goal. Whether or not you can speed-run every level or just certain ones remains to be seen. Speaking of Luigi, if Wii U owners have New Super Luigi U on their system, they'll unlock the mini-game Luigi Bros. This is essentially the original Mario Bros. that only features two, slightly different Luigis. If players don't have New Super Luigi U data, they can still unlock the game, but they have to work for it. This is just the tip of the iceberg. To see everything Super Mario 3D World is bringing to the table, make the jump!

Today's Nintendo Direct is full of lots of great news today for Nintendo fans. This may be some of the biggest news for RPG fans yet, as we have all been waiting for a release date for Bravely Default. We now have it, and that day is February 7th. In addition there will be a super slick Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition includes an art book, an official soundtrack, and 36 Bravely Default AR cards. Note: Europe gets the statue as well, which isn't confirmed for North America.

Head past the jump to get a better view of the image!

The Super Mario 3D World release is just around the corner. The 3D world of Mario is finally coming to Wii U, and the plumber is bringing along his friends for some multiplayer action. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are all along for the ride to stop Bowser's evil ploys, hoppin' and boppin' on top of Goombas the whole way.

Nintendo is focusing on the multiplayer aspect of 3D World in the latest commercial for the game. However, multiplayer Mario will test your friendships, as any owner of a New Super Mario Bros. game will tell you.

The story introduction has also found its way on to the internet. Take a look at both videos after the jump!

Brothers Matthew Taranto, creator of the parody webcomic Brawl in the Family, and Micheal Taranto began a Kickstarter campaign a few days ago as Bitfinity Games for Tadpole Treble, a unique rhythm game based around the the simple concept of "what if the physical layout of sheet music determined the game's level design? What if the music, the notes that played, determined how you play?"

In Tadpole Treble, the notes of their songs are the levels you play, and both brothers are passionate about music and video games. For $30,000, they're looking to bring Tadpole Treble to "PC, Mac, mobile devices, and"—if they can hit their $50,000 stretch goal—"Wii U."

Head inside for more details and the Kickstarter trailer.

Trailers have a knack for showing off how a game will make players feel. Action genre trailers might make gamers feel in suspense and like they're itching to get on with everything, and an easy-going family-oriented game might make individuals feel comfortable and ready to interact together as a family.

The launch trailer for Wii Sports Club highlights a few of the new features that the upgrade to the Wii U console offers.

Nice HD graphics and smoother controls are just a couple of improvements that we can look forward to in Wii Sports Club. Learn more about the game and check out the trailer by clicking on the jump!

Rumors have been circulating here and there about a new World of Warcraft expansion (but then again, who couldn’t have guessed?), but at this year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment has taken the opportunity to reveal the new creation, titled World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.

Along with going through the motions of new dungeons, higher level cap and another Warcraft-related zone, Warlords of Draenor will come with new features, so head past the jump for that!

Newly independent developer VD-Dev has stated that their upcoming 3DS third person shooter, IronFall, will be "pushing the 3DS to its limits" in terms of what the hardware can handle, and now they've got a tech demo to prove it. Uploaded to YouTube earlier today is a new IronFall tech demo showcasing some truly impressive graphical prowess for Nintendo's handheld. The picture to your left is a little screencap from the running-in-real-time demo.

It is, of course, just a tech demo, so the final product will likely look a bit better, but even in its current state it's pretty damn fine.

Head past the jump to check it out.

Sometimes companies release a video of gameplay footage for one of their upcoming games. Sometimes they release four. Nintendo did the latter. Since they're banking on their holiday lineup to energize their drowning Wii U console's sales and they think this game is going to be the heavy-hitter, Nintendo has released four new Super Mario 3D World gameplay videos.

The footage shown gives us a look at worlds 1-3, 1-5, 2-1, and 2-5—also known as Mount Beanpole, Switch Scramble Circus, Conkdor Canyon, and Double Cherry Pass. I guess the alliteration appliance hit a hitch on the first and final.

Head past the jump to check out all four of Super Mario 3D World's new gameplay footage videos

As is often the case, Nintendo's currently working on a new Mario Party, and this one doesn't even have a number or platform name in its title: Mario Party: Island Tour for the 3DS. In North America it's coming out in about three weeks, so they've released a new trailer to advertise the game's various features. "Party across 7 new game boards," "compete in 80 new minigames," and "tilt and turn with motion controls and AR card play" are among the imperative orders handed down from on-high in Mario Party: Island Tour.

Head past the jump to see the new Mario Party: Island Tour trailer.