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Monster Hunter Generations on 3DS was a huge hit for Capcom, selling over 4 million copies worldwide. Its popularity led Capcom to release a new and improved version called Monster Hunter XX (pronounced "double cross") in Japan, and that enhanced version was later improved even further by a Nintendo Switch port. Nearly a year after its Japanese release, Capcom has just confirmed that the Ultimate version on Switch will be coming to the West.

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There are only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and we're never getting Half-Life 3. It's been over a decade since Half-Life 2: Episode 2 released, and Valve has made no announcements about either a third episode for Half-Life 2 or a distinct third game. The closest we've gotten is what appears to be a leaked script outline from former Valve writer Marc Laidlaw. All you can do is work with what you've got, so fans with game design experience are doing just that.

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Sony Santa Monica's latest God of War is a critically acclaimed smash hit. The game's incredibly positive reception can be attributed to stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, but the real hook is the father-son dynamic. Since the game's launch, the internet has exploded with "dad jokes" involving Kratos and Atreus, prompting Polygon to bring in Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge to make those jokes a reality.

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Blizzard Entertainment and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are teaming up to fight breast cancer. Together, they have released a new charity skin for Overwatch's Mercy, the resident healer and guardian angel. Simply dubbed "Pink Mercy," this new costume sees the doctor decked out in pink ribbons, the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.

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Anybody hungry for some cavities? Jammy Cooks is here to recreate one of the most sought-after items from Undertale, Mettaton's patented Glamburger. Jammy goes step-by-step to help any Undertale fan create a fabulous purple burger that's sweeter than any True Pacifist ending.

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Despite bearing the name "The Legend of Zelda," Nintendo's iconic action adventure franchise stars Link as the protagonist, and Princess Zelda is typically not playable. Some talented modders have decided that this will not do, so they've used their skills to add a playable Zelda into the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild, complete with new armor sets and even some plot alterations.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most advanced entry in the series yet, but in the early stages of development, Nintendo used a 2D prototype based on the original Zelda on NES. Nintendo Wire recently had a similar idea, and they've created a prototype for a retro re-imagining of Breath of the Wild as a Game Boy Color title in the vein of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

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Twitch Plays Pokémon made a huge splash with its debut in 2014, spawning a long-running series of Twitch Plays projects. After successfully catching every first generation Pokémon and conquering every generation, Twitch Plays moved on to other games, like Donkey Kong and even Dark Souls. Next up is one of the biggest challenges yet: Twitch Plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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In celebration of the launch of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch, Did You Know Gaming featured it (and its predecessor, Donkey Kong Country Returns) in their latest episode. There's tons of interesting Kong facts throughout the video, including the revelation that Retro Studios hails Shigeru Miyamoto as "Master Yoda" for his wise counsel.

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Dontnod has been hard at work since the successful release of the original Life is Strange. While it is true the developers are working hard on a sequel, Dontnod has one more game up its sleeve before then called Vampyr. This game, however, is a lot different than Life is Strange.

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Sony Santa Monica's latest God of War adventure is the highest-rated game in franchise history and the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive to date. Gamers hail Kratos' latest journey as a masterpiece, but what about non-gamers? Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer segment is back, and this time he's teaming up with Bill Hader to fight "Tron elks and bass players" in God of War.

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Capcom is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beloved Street Fighter franchise in style! To mark the occasion, they recently unveiled the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. This bundle comes packed with 12 classic Street Fighter titles, complete with new online modes. To complement this treasure trove of Street Fighter goodness, Capcom has also launched a new retrospective video series exploring the history of the franchise.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze debuted on Wii U, but like many of the past generation's exclusives, it's getting new life on Nintendo Switch. The Kongs' latest platforming adventure comes with the new Funky Mode on Switch, making the game more accessible to less experienced players. Tropical Freeze launched today to strong review scores, outscoring the original by about 3 points on average.

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Overwatch has been a massive hit since its debut nearly two years ago, attracting over 35 million total players. Part of the reason for the team-based hero shooter's success is Blizzard's continued support. Over the past two years, Blizzard has steadily released new maps, game modes, and playable characters as free additions to Overwatch. That trend continued yesterday with the launch of a new playable map: Rialto.

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It's been 15 years since the debut of Beyond Good and Evil, and we're finally closing in a sequel after all this time. Beyond Good and Evil 2 (which, despite its name, is a prequel) was officially unveiled at E3 2017. Ubisoft was relatively silent on the game for months after this teaser, but they've just drooped a new trailer that gives us a great look at the work-in-progress gameplay.

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