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The original Pokémon movie is getting a CG remake called Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, and it's headed to Japanese theaters on July 12th. We recently reported that news about the moving was on the way, and that proved true. The Pokémon Company has released an exciting new trailer that focuses on the big showdown at Mewtwo's lair and gives us our first look at his powerful armor.

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Last month, Nintendo officially confirmed that they're entering the virtual reality market. Nintendo Labo VR makes its debut tomorrow, April 12th, and Nintendo is bringing demos to Best Buy stores so you can try before you buy. The talented team at GameXplain got to try theirs out even sooner, and they've published a glowing review. Their coverage of Labo VR also revealed that it contains an Easter Egg referencing Nintendo's last attempt at virtual reality decades ago.

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As of today, we're officially just one month away from the theatrical debut of Detective Pikachu. Based on the 3DS game of the same name, the movie stars Ryan Reynolds as a talking, crime-solving Pikachu that teams up with a young man looking for his missing father. Legendary has been pumping out trailers left and right, and today (via Reynolds himself) they released a "Casting Sneak Peak" that shows off some of the many Pokémon you'll see in the movie.

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If you're a fan of over the top courtroom drama, today is a good day! The beloved Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series is back in a new trilogy bundle that includes Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations. All three games have been remastered with improved graphics and new features. You can pick the trilogy today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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Last month, Nintendo unveiled their first step into the realm of virtual reality. Next week, they'll be launching a Nintendo Labo VR Kit that includes a selection of games and mini-games, as well as multiple expansions that each come with their own accessories. We had also heard rumors that some first-party Nintendo titles would receive VR support, and that just turned out to be true as well. In fact, two of Nintendo's biggest hits on Switch are getting free VR updates soon.

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E3 is just over two months away, and the lineup is starting to get a little more clear. Despite Sony and Electronic Arts skipping out this year, there's still plenty to see and do, including presentations by Nintendo and Microsoft as well as Ubisoft. Now you can add another conference to the schedule, as PC Gamer has just confirmed that the PC Gaming Show will return for its fifth year on June 10th.

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Nintendo Switch Online launched last September with a digital library of 20 NES games, and Nintendo has been steadily growing that library each month by adding more classic games. Thus far it's still limited to NES titles (come on, Nintendo, bring on the Super Nintendo games!), but hopefully that'll change in the future. In the meantime, three more NES games are headed to the service next week.

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Millions around the globe are eagerly awaiting the debut of Stranger Things Season 3 (including yours truly), and when the new episodes drop on Netflix on July 4th, fans will also be able to enjoy a tie-in video game. Developed by BonusXP, the game is a top-down beat 'em up with puzzle solving and some added lore that will help flesh out the town of Hawkins. The latest trailer shows off some of the game's dialogue and takes us on a tour of Hawkins that includes the pool, the mall, the ice cream shop, and more.

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Last week, Gearbox Software finally released the first trailer for Borderlands 3. The game's big reveal didn't come with a release date attached, but Gearbox didn't make fans wait long to find out. A new trailer launched today that highlights the new Vault Hunters and the villainous Calypso Twins they'll be fighting. The trailer also revealed a release date of September 13th.

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Way back in 2015, when Yooka-Laylee first hit Kickstarter, one of the promised rewards was a special mode that gave the game a 64-bit makeover to make it feel even more reminiscent of the '90s 3D platformers that inspired its creation. It's been a long time coming, but developer Playtonic finally released the "64-Bit Tonic" mode... at least on Nintendo Switch and PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to wait a little while longer while the kinks are ironed out.

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It's been a long time coming, but Darksiders Warmastered Edition is finally out on Nintendo Switch today! Considering how much the Darksiders franchise was inspired by Nintendo's Legend of Zelda, it should feel right at home on Switch. If you've been on the fence about buying and want to see a little more before taking the plunge, you can check out an hour of gameplay footage.

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During the most recent Nindies Showcase, we were surprised to learn that Nintendo is lending one of their most popular franchises to an indie developer for a crossover game. Brace Yourself Games, developers of Crypt of the NecroDancer, are making a Hyrule-themed sequel called Cadence of Hyrule. So how did this partnership come about?

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With a new month comes a new rotation of free games for active Xbox Live subscribers. Microsoft recently revealed their lineup for April's Games with Gold, featuring a collection of free Xbox One titles and backward compatible extras that some players might want to pick up, available via Xbox Live Gold for a limited time only.

Most of this month's collection seems to carry an extraterrestrial theme, as these games revolve mostly around space-faring adventures, featuring an old favorite from Microsoft's debut system. Hit the jump for more details!

Gaming's greatest rivals are about to go head-to-head once again, now that the Olympics are coming to their home turf. Having reclaimed the video game licensing rights just in time for the occasion, SEGA has announced that their own Sonic the Hedgehog and Nintendo's Mario will pick up where they left off in Rio with the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The reveal dropped at this year's SEGA Fes with a big announcement trailer, featuring other Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games tie-in titles. Hit the jump for more!

Fans of the Borderlands series have been waiting seven years for a true sequel, and today they finally got their first glimpse. Gearbox Software just finished their PAX East livestream, and despite a myriad of technical issues, they successfully unveiled Borderlands 3 to the public. The lengthy, action-packed trailer shows off multiple alien worlds, introduces some new baddies, and promises over 1 billion guns.

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