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Go back several months, to May, and the announcement was made that indie studio SnowCastle Games would be bringing their JRPG Festival of Magic, "an adventure RPG with a Nordic take on an Eastern genre," to Wii U—alongside its PC release of course. Now fast forward to today, and this "throwback to the classic Japanese RPGs" has just recently begun its Kickstarter campaign, as I learned from reading a friendly promo on The Girl and the Robot's Kickstarter page.

Festival of Magic takes place on a world called Umbra, "a once peaceful realm where magic and technology existed in perfect harmony," but in similar fashion to much of the genre, this JRPG begins with an ambushed village and a sorceress in distress. The "young treasure hunter named Amon" is called to help "the sorceress Olia" locate a missing botanist, but upon their return to the village after the successful rescue, the Village is ambushed by "a powerful warlock" who leaves Olia powerless and lifeless, the impetus for the adventure to come. More details after the jump!

This week's Jimquisition tries to decide which console has won the next-gen launch. Or is it current-gen now? I don't know anymore. Both consoles launches went pretty well, I think, but which one went better? Jim has a well made argument for which console actually won the launch, at least in his opinion. You may not agree with it, and I don't know if I do, but he does have a point. After all, thank God, for Jim.

You can see this week's Jimquisition after the jump.

What's the first enemy you ever see in the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES? A Goomba, right? Well, according to a recent video uploaded to GameXplain, that wasn't always the plan. Originally, the game's introductory enemy was to be the Koopa Troopa, but then testers called out the Koopa for being too difficult to take out so early on, so the Goomba was born.

Taking the difficulty complaint into account, Miyamoto and his team set out to make a new, easier enemy with which to begin the game, one which would allow players to acquaint themselves with Mario's controls before having to deal with the harder enemies. There wasn't much space left on the Super Mario Bros. cartridge though, so they were forced to create something incredibly simple. Thus, we have the goomba, an enemy whose one movement animation is literally just its sprite reflecting over the Y-axis.

There's a lot of other interesting Goomba facts in the video, so head inside to check it out.

As of Friday, Nintendo's Mario Party: Island Tour has been available on the 3DS and 2DS. Coinciding with the launch, Nintendo released the—you guessed it—"Mario Party: Island Tour Launch Trailer," touting the party game's various features and describing many of its "7 new game boards with 7 new ways to play," as it appears each of the Island Tour's game boards has a twist to it.

Perilous Palace Path has you racing to the finish using items, Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain has you dodging Banzai Bills, Star-Crossed Skyway has you collecting mini stars, Rocket Road has you collecting boosters to blast forward, Kamek's Carpet Ride has you playing cards to reach the goal, and Shy Guy's Shuffle City has you avoiding "the dreaded Bowser card." Then there's "the terrifying minigame tower."

Head past the jump to see the trailer.

Persona 4 has been an enormously popular title since its release—enough to warrant its own anime adaptation, arcade fighter, and handheld remake not long after its initial release. Now it is getting a rhythm game, because Japan, I suppose. Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a "sound action" game being produced by developer Dingo, who is behind a few other of these rhythm games, including Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend. They must be a pretty popular genre to warrant a Persona 4 spin-off reaching out to them, though it is hard to argue with the quality of the Persona series' soundtracks. It will release in Japan fall 2014.

For trailer and screenshots, hit the jump.

The latest entry in the Persona 4 Arena arcade fighters, Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, was given a spot in the Persona Channel's big announcement this morning. The long-titled arcade brawler hits Japanese arcades on the 28th of this month and will be getting a PlayStation 4 release next summer, though there's no word on a western release as of yet. Unsurprising, considering the website is Japanese. From the trailer, it appears all the characters will have their shadow versions appear as combatants, and a new character is being introduced, as was the case with the original Persona 4 Arena.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

Along with the Persona 5 announcement, Persona Channel also announced another Persona RPG called Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth for the 3DS, which is slated to come out in Japan on June 5, 2014. The game includes characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4, though they have all been chibi'd down into a cutesier style. The game appears to revolve around a Tartarus-like labyrinth of a clock tower in the same vain as the main numbered games from which this game is based. The June 5th release date is for Japan, but hopefully it will get a Western release date before too long.

Beyond the jump awaits an awesome trailer with music I cannot stop listening to, as well as a few images from the Persona Channel showing off the characters. I encourage you take a peek.

The countdown at the mysterious is over, having revealed the site to be an all purpose Persona site called Persona Channel. The biggest announcement from the site this morning was the release of a teaser trailer for Persona 5. The trailer doesn't say much, but it reveals the next entry in the Persona series will be released Winter 2014 and, like Persona 4 coming out for the PlayStation 2 after the PlayStation 3 launch. Persona 5 will not be for the PlayStation 4, but for the more established PS3.

With Persona 3 being blue and Persona 4 being yellow, the newest installment completes the primary triangle with a red theme, it would appear. Check out the teaser after the jump.

In the past few years, as homegrown internet videos have started to permeate the viewing ethos of the average person, a few genres standout as some of the most popular. Cat videos, Korean pop videos, and of course, unboxing videos. For those of you out of the loop, an unboxing video is when a person takes a consumer product, and unpackages it for the internet’s viewing pleasure. What’s odd is that this seemingly benign task has now become a popular internet video sensation.

Head past the break for my full assessment.

All these "accolades" trailers that have been popping up recently make a lot more sense when you Google search the word "accolade" and find out that it means "an award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit." So as you go to watch the "Super Mario 3D World Accolades Trailer" Nintendo's just uploaded to their YouTube page, prepare yourself to be barraged with quotations of praise and high review scores. Mario's weird cat noise is present once again as well.

Head past the jump to check out the " Super Mario 3D World Accolades Trailer."

You may have heard of the "Humble Indie Bundle", a recurring 'pay what you want' bundle of indie games that donates part of its profits to charity. And if you're a fan, you may have noticed that they've been expanding a fair amount, adding "Humble Weekly Sales" and even having a "Humble Origin Bundle" for triple-A titles from EA. Now they've taken the expansion a step further and launched "The Humble Store," a new digital games marketplace with tons of impressive daily sales that donates 10% of all proceeds to five charities.

Scrolling down the list of games, you'll notice that The Humble Store sells games for various computer-based platforms in various formats. Some games are DRM free, some games are available on Steam, some games are available on Mac, Linux, and Android, and I've yet to see a single game that isn't available for download directly onto a PC. I just bought Audiosurf myself 90% off, leaving it at a marked down price of $0.99 from the original $9.99.

Head past the jump for The Humble Store preview video.

I'm sure we all remember when Reggie famously went on GT.TV several years ago and boldly predicted that New Super Mario Bros. Wii would outsell Call of Duty. Activision pretty much laughed it off as an utter impossibility. As we all know, Reggie was spot on. The game went on to move 26.87 million copies on the Wii. In fact, not only was he correct but the game has actually outsold every single Call of Duty ever released, even if you combine cross console sales. That's pretty astounding, considering Mario was on merely one platform compared to the four platforms many Call of Duty games appeared on.

Reggie is at again with arguably an even bolder prediction. Despite the Wii U not hitting it off yet, he feels that Super Mario 3D World, Smash Bros., and Mario Kart U are going to be top 10 selling games for the entire generation across all platforms. That's right — three core Wii U titles locked into the top 10 across everything that exists in Generation 8. Talk about bold predictions, Reggie. Better yet, he made this prediction on another episode of GT.TV. The times and the situation have changed (Nintendo's Wii was selling like hotcakes back during his first prediction), but could Reggie's bold prediction prove correct yet again? Will the software really push the hardware as much as Reggie claims it will?

A new trailer for the ever-closer launch of Super Mario 3D World hit Nintendo UK's Youtube channel, and what a trailer it is. Once you get past the bizarre gasp-centric introduction, the trailer shows off a heap of exciting gameplay footage, introduces the characters and their abilities, and waves a slew of crazy power ups in our faces, including the cat suit, the kuribo's shoe, a potted piranha plant, and more. It is just over two minutes, so there are few things better you could do with the next 157 seconds.

You can check it out after the jump!

A new trailer shown at Sony’s All Access event confirmed that a Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes mission called Déjà Vu will be exclusive to owners of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. In the mission, players will be able to play as "Classic Snake," a polygonal version that looks like the original Metal Gear Solid Snake.

To clear up some questions, Konami posted a description of the mission on its official site. Check it, and the trailer, out after the jump!

It wasn't long ago that we learned Rosalina, from 2007's Super Mario Galaxy, would be playable in the upcoming Super Mario 3D World, but what may disappoint some fans is that she is an unlockable character only available after completing the game. Thanks to Destructoid, we now know exactly how to unlock the blue-dressed beauty.

After gaining access to the "secret world" at the end of the game, all a player must do to unlock Rosalina is complete the second level. Fittingly, the stage clearly takes heavy inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy. If you're interested in seeing exactly how it's done, head past the jump for the video!