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Monolith Soft's next Nintendo exclusive JRPG, X, directed by Tetsuya Takahashi, got a nice chunk of new gameplay footage during today's Nintendo Direct showing off the game's combat. The game takes much from its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles, including open-world exploration and the part RPG, part action-style combat. Takahashi said that the new title's combat system is based on Xenoblade's, but "with a lot more polish." It even has all the familiar in-combat dialog.

The footage shows off a small and a large enemy, and reveals that players will be able to jump in and out of mechs in the middle of battle, which should allow for some pretty crazy strategies. See the footage after the jump.

Kirby's next big title got a segment in today's Nintendo Direct. Kirby Triple Deluxe will have more complex copy abilities than usual, with different attacks for different directional attacks, similar to Smash Bros. Iwata also announced that the game will be chocked full of collectibles, including a set of 8-bit keychains featuring sprites from older Kirby titles, but we already knew about those.

The news is that these keychains can be exchanged through StreetPass, including special ones from StreetPass tags from other players with their own copy of Kirby Triple Deluxe. StreetPassing will also give Kirby healing items and other in-game benefits under certain conditions.

Kirby Triple Deluxe comes out May 2nd. You can watch the official trailer after the jump.

The tiny hurricane of fists, Little Mac from the popular Punch Out!! franchise will be bringing his boxing chops to the next Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The first thing you will notice is that he is extremely small compared to other characters in the game. He also has a power meter mechanic which fills up as Little Mac takes hits. When the power meter maxes out, Little Mac has a super charged attack.

The character's final smash is Giga Mac, the powered up version of Little Mac, which will likely make him grow similarly to Bowser's final smash from past games. Doc Louis can also be heard throughout the trailer giving out lines of wisdom to Little Mac while he is punching his way through the opponents. Little Mac's home stage is a boxing ring, and odds are players will be able to battle both inside and outside the ring, all while jamming out to the infamous Punch Out!! training theme.

As a huge fan of the Wii Punch Out!! game, I am so excited to hear about this. What about you? What do you think of Little Mac's inclusion into the roster of fighters?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl delighted fans of the Smash series by adding a feature called "My Music," which allowed the developers to include an enormous collection of Nintendo songs in the game, and allowed players to choose which music they'd like to hear most. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS are coming out later this year, and we've seen dozens of stages, characters, items, and more through the Director's Room Miiverse Community and various Nintendo Direct presentations. But we haven't seen much about the music. We do know of a few songs which will be included in the soundtrack, such as "Gusty Garden Galaxy" and "Dr. Wily's Theme," but for the most part the music in the game has been kept under wraps.

That got us thinking, "what music would we like to hear in the upcoming Smash games?" and we'd like to ask you the very same. Head inside to see a small list of my own dream music, and head on over to the comments to tell us what favorite songs of yours you hope show up in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS!

We often post things about various figure heads in the industry, but one character we probably should pay more attention to is Kyle Bosman. He's not an analyst. He's not even technically a video game journalist. He's just a guy who works at GameTrailers and happens to just click with gamers. He talks on some of their podcast shows, but in the past year he got a chance to have his own show, called The Final Bosman. He covers various topics in his own way, but there are certain things about his style I like. Enter: his coverage of Nintendo's investor meeting.

Growing up, I was extremely into games, especially Zelda and RPGs like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. I used to--and still do--sink hours and hours into these titles. Over the last year I got a new computer and started tearing into Steam, and it wasn't long before I came across an interesting title--Evoland, one of thousands of retro-inspired indie games that parodies beloved franchises. The main hook was the way the graphics and gameplay evolved over time, from NES to Playstation. I heard wildly inconsistent things about it, and with the low price point Steam games have, I couldn't help but jump in. While it only took a few hours to beat, I felt there was a lot to discuss about the successes and shortcomings of Evoland--mostly the shortcomings. As per usual, I felt I could best express my thoughts through video. So I made one, discussing the various elements of Evoland, how they come together, and why I think it ultimately had a lot of missed potential.

Video after the jump!

Nintendo recognizes a common complaint that has improved slightly, but still has existed since the launch of the Wii U. Essentially, it takes far too long to get into your games. You have to wait 20 seconds or so to even get to the login screen, then into the main screen area before you can launch a game. Nintendo is looking to change this dynamic with something called the Quick Start Menu. It will allow you to start a game you have recently played without going to the Wii U's traditional home menu. You turn on the Wii U and it will load up a quick start menu rather quickly, where you can launch the games directly without viewing the home screen. The demo they have for it doesn't necessarily show that the overall speed has improved, but they currently can't show it running on the Wii U, so there are likely a lot of optimization still left to do. Iwata explains the concept along with a video to show it off inside.

We all know that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and for Nintendo 3DS have got the gaming community excited, but have you ever wondered what the professional Smash community thinks? ScrewAttack recently attended Apex 2014, a convention for the competitive fighting game community, to cover the world series of Super Smash Bros..

At the conference, ScrewAttack asked attendees and professional Smashers what they would like to see in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles, and assembled a list of the top five things professional Smashers are hoping to see in the next games.

Head inside to see the list!

The wait is almost over for fans of Retro Studios' latest creation, but for those of you who just can't wait to get your stinking paws on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, YouTube user NintenDaan has got you covered! He has taken it upon himself to upload seven gameplay videos from various levels throughout the game. It is a wonderful showcase of just how much variety there will be in the game, as well as how insanely gorgeous the environments are. They make Donkey Kong Country Returns look like Donkey Kong Land in comparison.

Check out the videos and more after the jump!

Capcom has announced a collection of the first three Ace Attorney games under the title Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection. All three games in the collection have been confirmed to be in full 3D and the game is set to release in Japan on April 17th. There is currently no word on a Western release.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

PlayStation Now, for those unaware, is essentially a rebranding of the original Gaikai service Sony purchased awhile back. The idea of PlayStation Now is to make PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 games all available on tons of Sony devices via streaming, including the PlayStation 4, Vita, and even Sony's Bravia line of TVs. At CES 2014, Sony brought PlayStation Now with and allowed the press to experience playing games like The Last of Us fully through the streaming ability of the network. This is Sony's answer to backwards compatibility, and you will be able to purchase each game individually or potentially pay a subscription fee to enjoy the entire library of games. More than that, Sony plans to bring the service outside of their own network of products:

"What surprised me most, however, is Sony's embrace of non-Sony products for PlayStation Now. Although specific partnerships have not been confirmed, Sony has said that it will extend PlayStation 3 games to smartphones, tablets, or even TVs outside of its own family of products. It's a distinctly out of character for Sony, which has historically tied software and experiences to its own proprietary hardware."

Head inside to see it in action.

I consider myself to be a fan of creative puzzle games, even if I don't usually play a lot of them. Although, I can honestly say that I have never seen a game like this before. Pillow Castle Games hopes to "wrangle our brains around using your perception as a weapon" with this tech demo for an unnamed First Person Puzzler. I love seeing how game developers can really think outside the box to design truly awesome levels by utilizing laws that they created for their game world. Needless to say, my jaw hit the floor while watching this tech demo.

Check out the video after the break!

If the holidays left you feeling sick then Dr. Luigi is here to the rescue. Nintendo released a trailer for its latest eShop game, Dr. Luigi, which shows that the Year of Luigi is not over yet! The trailer highlights some of key elements of the game, and, curiously enough, it seems that Nintendo has been listening to its fans, given that the game features online play. For those who do not know, Dr. Luigi is an arcade puzzle game in the style of one of the most recognized games of all times, Tetris.

Dr. Luigi is available for download right now on the Wii U eShop, priced at $14.99.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

Every other Monday, Tony Swatton forges swords and other sharp weapons from various anime, movies, and games on his web series, Man At Arms. In the past, Tony has forged famous blades such as the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda, unorthodox blades such as The Kingdom Key from Kingdom Hearts, and even ridiculously large blades such as Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.

In this week’s episode, Tony forges Chrom’s Falchion from my favorite 3DS title, Fire Emblem Awakening. Watch the master at work after the break!

New Persona Q Trailer

December 29 2013 by Stefan Terry

There is a new trailer for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth floating around the web. This one features voice acting for the whole cast and a little bit more information on the game. It will take place during the Yasogami High cultural festival, and it looks like the two teams of persona users will be meeting during the dark hour. Additionally, the last line of the trailer is of a new character saying "That's not me!" which suggests that the Persona 4 shadows will be making a return as well.

See the trailer after the jump.