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Since the companies' eighth generation home consoles can even begin competing on store shelves, I guess Sony and Microsoft decided to start competing in the "most epic advertisement" area. Sony did their whole "Greatness Awaits" thing months back, and now Microsoft's got "an invitation from the all-in-one Xbox One" to give you. And, yes, to anyone who was still confused on why the third Xbox is called "One," that's the reason.

This invitation's delivery comes from several sources: a giant mech, Spock from the new Star Trek movies, a zombie, and even a Roman soldier. I guess that's Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, and movies perhaps?

Head past the jump to watch the minute-and-a-half long entertaining trailer for the Xbox One, "Xbox One: Invitation."

I've heard—and I'm sure you've heard—many point out that a lot of the time games that are the "biggest" are also the most empty of meaningful content, with filler content taking up most of that extra space. So, it seems fairly plausible that an onlooker might cry foul upon hearing The Witness' director, Jonathan Blow, state that he suspects The Witness likely has "the biggest and most-intricate world ever built for a puzzle game." But in a recent interview with Adam Sessler, Blow said the exact opposite is the case.

Jonathan Blow says that, in The Witness, everything has meaning, everything contributes; "there's never anything arbitrary; every puzzle has a point." Blow says that one of the major issues with older adventure games is that many of the puzzles seemed like arbitrary obstacles, so "going into the design of [The Witness], I decided that that wasn't going to be how this is at all."

Head past the jump to read the full quotation and watch the interview.

Nintendo had just recently revealed a new trailer for Super Mario 3D World, and now we get an even closer look at the game in Nintendo of America’s latest Nintendo Minute.

Four Nintendo staff members play as Mario and company to take on levels 1-1 and 3-1 in the upcoming title. The dynamics of multiplayer are shown off, as well as some items including the Mega Mushroom and the Crown, which players compete to carry to the end of the stage.

Make sure to check out the video after the jump!

Games have been including more and more sex scenes. Sure, it doesn't sound like a bad idea if applied correctly, but many games are missing the mark. Sex in games is often just thatsex. They don't contribute to the plot or really even capitalize on the relationship between the hero and his or her partner. It's all for the sake of adding sex into a video game, and Jim Stirling of The Escapist finds a bit of fault in that. Tune in now to find out why and get the details!

Over the past few months, we've shared a fair amount of interesting stuff about Thekla's The Witness with you. We know that its aesthetic choice of "stylized realism" is gorgeous, we know that Jonathan Blow suspects it may have the puzzle genre's "biggest and most-intricate world ever," and I've certainly run my mouth on the style of game it is in a conceptual sense. But in the realm of solid, concrete ideas of what The Witness will actually be is something that may have not been expressed enough.

Thanks to Kotaku, that shouldn't be a problem anymore. They've uploaded a video from a Sony press event at which they played a bit of The Witness with Jonanthan Blow himself explaining all that's going on. One idea in particular that Blow makes note of is the way The Witness leaves what you do entirely up to you. You're not just being directed from puzzle to puzzle; you're seeing something interesting and then running over to check it out.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate will hit Japan on November 23rd. Animation company Gonzo is heading the project (with much of the same staff that handled Afro Samurai, it would appear), and it looks pretty sweet. I will admit that I am a little disappointed, though—the trailer doesn't have even a single line from "Fly Me to the Moon." What a missed chance. The first trailer had the same problem.

Fans of the game—soon to be a series—should definitely check the trailer out. That being said, anyone who likes shotgun shoes, hair that would make Rapunzel jealous, or Gonzo's insane animation would probably be just as happy to see it. At a whopping ninety-one seconds, I am certain it would be worth your time. For a clearer picture, that's the same amount of time as half-making a cup of ramen or solving 16.4 rubik cubes if you happen to be world-record-holder Mats Valk, but the trailer is cool enough that you can probably put down the puzzle boxes for a moment.

You can watch it for yourself past the jump!

As of this Tuesday, fans of TMNT and/or 4-player co-op hack-and-slash got a nice treat on the 3DS and Wii. It sports fittingly stylized visuals and the gameplay looks reminiscent of the old arcade and Super Nintendo TMNT game. Konami seems to have handed the rights to Turtles games off to Activision, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on who you are. All in all, though it looks plenty fun, and even if you are not a particular fan of the Turtles, I say there can never be too many polished multiplayer co-op games on the market, especially not the 3DS. The trailer is only a minute, so if you have sixty seconds to spare in your busy schedule, give it a look.

You can see the trailer after the jump.

In anticipation of its Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC release date, November 5th, Call of Duty: Ghosts just got a launch trailer, and though it's labelled "Gameplay Launch Trailer," I'm pretty sure there were only a few seconds of actual play in it—either that or this game has a ton of quick-time events. The crazy number of explosions and other miscellaneous cataclysmic events pretty much confirms what Extra Credits was saying about the Call of Duty franchise being a perfect example of "Spectacle Creep."

Presumably related to that discount deal from a little while back on Eminem's new CD, this trailer's choice of music features the famous hip hop star, and in tune with that music you can expect to see a whole bunch of blurbs from different outlets saying good stuff about Ghosts.

The trailer can be viewed in full after the jump.

A new story trailer has been released for one of PlayStation 4's biggest launch titles, Killzone Shadow Fall, and according to the game's producer Poria Torkan, it poses the question "To what lengths would you go to defend your home?"

The trailer certainly makes many references to turmoil on the home-turf. Based on Torkan's description, that's probably because this is the planet Vekta, "where rival Helghast and Vektan factions are living side by side under an uneasy truce." But this is the plot of a first-person-shooter, so let's go right ahead and assume that these extremist splinter groups who "want to force an all-out civil war" succeed or something similar.

Head past the jump to check out the trailer and a larger excerpt of Torkan's description..

A new gameplay trailer for Super Mario 3D World shows a deeper look into the game’s four-player multiplayer, along with a look at all new powerups and items.

The six minute trailer shows off the abilities of the game’s characters; Mario with his bounce attack, Luigi with a higher jump, Toad has the ability to dash, and Peach can extend her jumps by floating through the air. A closer look at the transformations is provided as well, including the new Cat Mario and Double Mario, along with Mega Mario, Boomerang Mario, and Tanooki Mario.

Make sure you check out the trailer for yourself after the jump!

YouTube channel "Udetto" did a few experiments with their DualShock 4, PlayStation 4's controller, to see whether or not the thing could function on PlayStation 3. As it turns out, yes it can, but only if it's hooked up to the PlayStation 3 via cable. All bets are off if you want to go wireless.

The two PlayStation 3 games with which the video's host describes trying the controller with are Urban Trial Freestyle and FIFA 13, the latter of which required wireless play and did not function, but for Urban Trial, he says the controller worked just fine, which was reflected in the gameplay onscreen.

Head past the jump to watch the two minute video or to read a quotation summarizing the findings.

There is jaguar-fighting in the new Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag footage that just got uploaded to YouTube, "Assassin's Creed 4 101 Trailer." It's nine minutes long, and it seeks to make sure you know everything there is to know about Black Flag. Along the bottom of the video, you'll notice a list of the various topics this video will take you through, among them "animals", "naval", and "pirate life."

So if you're looking to be schooled (/pun) on all things Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, then head past the jump to check it out!

RPGs, in the opinions of many, are immensely entertaining games to play, and the RPG genre itself is so revered, many game developers make it their goal to make the ideal Role Playing Game.

If you were to ask some individuals born in the late 80s or early 90s what their favorite RPG was, they might respond with: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. There are several reasons to back up that preference, but what many would love to back up is the desire for a sequel or an official HD remake.

Speaking of an HD remake, 8BitSandwich took it upon himself to create a three-dimensional render of the Mushroom Kingdom as depicted in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars!

To learn more about this awesome project and how you can access it, click on the jump!

Not too long ago, it was reported that The Pokémon Company had commenced developing a thus-far unannounced new title starring, you guessed it, Pikachu! More knowledge than that was sadly missing, but Nintendo Everything has managed to dig up a very brief sneak peek at the upcoming game.

The short video displays what appears to be an Augmented Reality experience, and it also confirms that the game will be released on the 3DS. Additional information will appear on the 28th of October as CEO of The Pokémon Company Tsunekaz Ishihara is set to appear on an episode of NHK to discuss more about the game. Don’t forget to check out the video past the jump!

Now that the "another minigame collection" dust has settled, Wii Party U promises to "turn your living room into a virtual videogame playground," at least according to the latest trailer released by Nintendo’s official YouTube channel on Thursday (you can see it after the jump).

The trailer announces the return of Party Phil, Miiverse 5-star game ratings, and welcomes players into some of the 65 new minigames. Recently revealed in Wii U, Wiimote Bundles, and a 5.28GB download, Wii Party U is truly becoming accessible to everyone! Will you be sharing Wii Party U with the family this Christmas? Be sure to let us know down below!