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Bayonetta 2 is an exclusive Wii U title from Platinum Games. The sequel builds upon the unique style of the first Bayonetta with dozens of new offerings, such as co-op mode.

A trailer and demo were shown off in the Nintendo Direct during E3 last week, but the gameplay was cut in the interest of time. Nintendo World Report has uploaded the full thirteen minutes of the demo. Although this is off-screen footage, it's certainly nice to see the game in action.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was unveiled at the PlayStation 4's introduction to the public back in February. The game had an impressive demo and its reputation has snowballed ever since. Shadow Fall is being flaunted as the flagship title of the PlayStation 4, as evidenced by a heavy focus on the game in the console's promotions. The next Killzone entry is a launch title for the PlayStation 4.

Twenty-one minutes of details on the game have been uploaded to YouTube by GamesHQMedia. We get to see an expanded look at the first demo featured back in February, with commentary by the developers and a stage presentation of the game.

If you want to see the video you have to come inside!

Killzone: Shadow Fall will release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 at launch later this year.

New Super Luigi U is now available in North America as a $20 DLC on the eShop for New Super Mario Bros. U. The expansion features 82 new platforming levels, a higher level of difficulty, and harder difficulty in general. Each level will have a 100-second time limit, and players will need to keep in mind that Luigi plays a bit differently than his brother. The game will also feature Nabbit as a playable character.

There will be a stand-alone version of New Super Luigi U coming to retail later this summer, but for now gamers will have to own New Super Mario Bros. U to purchase the game's eShop release. Head past the jump to see a video explaining all the changes between New Super Luigi U and the original game!

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was unveiled at the E3 based Nintendo Direct last week for the Wii U. The game is Retro Studios' latest project, which will build on the formula already set by Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii back in 2010.

Fourteen minutes of off-screen footage have been released to the internet thanks to Nintendo World Report. The demo features levels shown off in the announcement trailer, but we also get an extra bonus: the audio is intact for this video. That means you can hear Donkey Kong's footsteps and the roar of the mine cart as the gameplay unfolds. However, we also get a taste of the music for the game. The soundtrack is being composed by David Wise, who worked on Returns as well. Head inside to see the footage!

What do you think of Tropical Freeze? Sound off in the comments.

Super Metroid is widely regarded as one of the best in the series, and often as one of the best games of all time. It really set the tone for what would become one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises, and its music has endured to this day. Now, it's been done over by Smooth McGroove, a YouTube a capella artist who releases a new video game cover every week. It's heavy on percussion, and he gets the eerie screeching sounds remarkably well. It's ambient, and definitely a worthy rendition of a great gaming moment.

Jump inside to have your ears massaged!

An interesting interview with Ubisoft's Ashraf Ismail about Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag raised an interesting question: could Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs take place in the same universe? Both have a focus on futuristic technology (the Animus in AC, and the entire focus of Watch Dogs) and are being developed with similar gameplay styles. When asked about this, Ashraf deflected with the following sentence:

I don't wanna ruin the surprise for people, I don’t want to give anything away, but for the people who love both games, for the people who will play both games there are some easter eggs

So this could be very interesting indeed; there are lots of possibilities here, and a crossover in the future could be pretty badass. Jump inside to see the full interview yourself!

By now you've hopefully grown familiar with Chris London and the Google Hangout livestreams about Super Smash Bros. and various other subjects. If not, well then there's no need to fear! Now you can get to know us pretty well. Chris and myself, alongside several other YouTubers, are holding a livestream discussion about Nintendo's E3 conference and any other companies that may be dragged into the conversation. We'll provide our insights, share our opinions, and answer as many questions you might have as we possibly can.

Head past the jump to watch the livestream, but if you missed it, fear not! It's going to be uploading to YouTube when the recording is done. Watch myself, Chris London, Mrgameandpichu, pizzadudemanguy, Stelios78910, and BongoBuddy61 chat it up about E3, and don't be afraid to jump into the Google+ chat and talk to us during the stream!

Once again, the Xbox One has stirred up a mess of confusion and loads of anger for the masses, this time about what happens to banned Xbox Live accounts and the games on the Xbox One.

Twitter has been blowing up these past few days on the Microsoft account, as gamers have been frantically asking what the result would be to getting one's Xbox Live account banned on the Xbox One. Since the games for the upcoming console will be download only, disc or otherwise, and the console itself must check in every 24 hours to allow players to play their games, there have been concerns that getting banned from the online service would also mean losing all the games and data on the console.

Jump inside for more.

We've recently come across a lot of information about the newest endeavor into toy-video gaming, Disney Infinity, which is set to launch in August of this year for "pretty much [every current-gen console]." This information comes to us in the form of a video interview from Rev3Games.

To watch the video, as well as find out about the characters, worlds, game mechanics, prices, and more, hit the jump.

We recently uncovered some off-screen gameplay footage from the E3 floor taken by TWD98 (Troy 98). The player goes through several levels from the recently-announced Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, and through his playing is able to demonstrate what new mechanics exist, as well as the returning ones, including snaking.

If you're interested in Mario Kart 8, head past the jump to learn more and watch the footage!

The reveal of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at the Nintendo Direct was met with a very mixed reaction. Many people are excited to see another DKC game on Wii U, but others, such as our very own Colin McIsaac, were disappointed by the return to the jungle.

Your opinion on Retro Studios' latest project is... well, your opinion. However, many fans were hoping for a return to Metroid titles and are disappointed that Retro is not working on a new entry in the series. It seems that the developer made a decision between the two franchises, settling on Donkey Kong.

Michael Kelbaugh says the developer had the chance to work on Metroid, but chose the DK crew over Samus Aran because they had "unfinished business" with the franchise.

Take a look at the tweet after the jump.

For those in the know in the retro gaming scene, the Hyperkin RetroN5 is the talk of the town. Boasting the ability to play cartridges from Famicom, NES, SNES (and Super Famicom), Genesis (and Mega Drive), Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance, it's certainly one appetizing bit of crumpet. The icing on the cake is the custom UI and HDMI output. The UI features abilities the original consoles could never do on their own, such as save states, customized controls, filters, and the ability to take screenshots at any time, all from a cartridge. The system has custom filters and upscaling to make your classic games look and sound better than ever on a modern television. It's like having the best of the emulation world on real hardware with the real games. The console is still slated for a late Summer release with a price estimated to be less than $100 USD. With all of the capabilities and features of the device, it's a retro gamer's fantasy come true in a very affordable way.

Hyperkin is showing the console at their E3 booth and engadget has a nice first look at the machine, with a few pictures as well. On top of that, RetroWare TV has uploaded a video from the booth with some more details and footage of the device in action. You can see the video just after the jump.

I'm a big retro gamer and this device has been on my personal watch-list since its announcement. I usually can't stand clone consoles like this as they always have some glaring issues, like horrible controllers and compatibility problems, but Hyperkin claims they've worked out all of the kinks. I'm always striving to get the best possible picture and sound from my Super Nintendo, and this looks to solve all of my retro gaming woes. I'll definitely be picking one up after it releases. Will you? Let me know in the comments!

FURTHER UPDATE: Recap video of the Roundtable is now here!
UPDATED: We now have TONS OF PICS and a video depicting two of the new features discussed: Sky Battles and Horde Battles!

Tonight, Nintendo hosted a Roundtable on the new Pokémon games, Pokémon X and Y. Although the discussion was not streamed, it was live-tweeted via the Pokémon twitter account. The discussion has come to a close, so hit the jump to see the tweets and a summary of all the information we have!

The reveal of inFamous: Second Son a few months ago was met with loads of hype, and the third installment in the popular Sony franchise has just received a gameplay video that will do nothing but build that hype even more. Our new, fiery protagonist seems much more agile than Cole, with the ability to disintegrate and rush through bars, even performing some stealth kills. There also seems to be a much larger focus on destructible environments, and it looks like inFamous's combat has been taken up to eleven.

Jump inside to see the action!

In an interview with GameTrailers, Microsoft Xbox Executive Don Mattrick told the interviewer that players without an Internet connection should just stick with the Xbox 360. Or, in other words, if you want a next-generation gaming console and have limited Internet access, buy a PlayStation 4 or Wii U.

I know what he was intending to say with this, but the way he said it is certainly not helping the consumer's image of Microsoft right now. The video really speaks for itself. You can see the video in question after the jump.

What are your thoughts on this? Now that the big shows are out of the way, how does Microsoft come off to YOU as the consumer? Let us know in the comments.