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UPDATE: You can now see footage of the new control option in action after the jump!

Even though Pikmin 3 is nine months old, it looks like Nintendo is still supporting it. A recent software update for Pikmin 3 adds yet another control option to what was already a very customizable game: stylus control.

The stylus control option is often likened to "Pikmin Adventure," from Nintendo Land, so players who love Nintendo Land's Pikmin attraction will find themselves right at home controlling the full adventure with the Wii U GamePad and its touch screen.

I haven't downloaded this update yet myself, but the internet's reaction is looking pretty positive. If you have Pikmin 3, you can download the update and tell us what you think!

Want to know how to make the most out of your Mario Kart 8 experience? These thirteen tips from IGN will help you do just that. If you think that you'll be all set because you were the king of Mario Kart Wii, think again. Mario Kart 8 has made some small changes that make a huge difference. Details include kart stats, character weights, speed boosts, and more!

Watch the video after the jump!

How surprised are you, really? Mario Kart 8 was released in North America and Europe yesterday, and GameXplain has already released a video of all shortcuts and corner-cuts. I guess if you're looking to complete laps faster and have an overall advantage on other players, then this video is for you. The corner-cuts look very straight-forward to me; just use a mushroom and you can skip sections of corners. The "shortcuts" are pretty neat, though.

Watch the video after the jump!

That's right! Nintendo has released a new video with new details about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Invitational. Details include the time and location, players playing, announcers, host, character roster, rules, and more! Even if you aren't considering going to the event, it will still be live via Twitch. Watch the YouTube video and find out all of this information after the jump!

When Keiji Inafune decided to create a new action-platforming title in the style of the classic Mega Man games, fans of the legendary series flocked to support him. And now, with what I consider the first true preview of Mighty No. 9, Inafune has shown that it really is the game that Mega Man fans have been praying for.

You can see the gameplay video right there, above. In fact, you're probably already watching it!

It was very heavily implied with the "Fly Shooter" Sly Cooper parody image yesterday, and now it's been officially confirmed: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the formerly Xbox and PC exclusive PvZ spin-off shooter, is scheduled for release on PlayStation consoles, on August 19th no less.

Yes, apparently the first questions asked by fans with every bit of Garden Warfare news that's been released have been "when is it coming to PlayStation 4? when is it coming to PlayStation 3?" and the developers say they've "gotten the message."

Head inside for the announcement video and more information.

Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment have released new screen shots of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, the final game in the Arkham franchise. Along with those new screen shots, a trailer for the game showing off some snippets of gameplay has been released for the world to see. The trailer includes gameplay footage of the highly advertised Batmobile, Scarecrow, and it closes with the Arkham Knight pointing a gun at Batman’s face. Batman: Arkham Knight will be out on October 14th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Jump to check out the pictures and trailer!

Fire Emblem: Awakening was one of the games that put the struggling 3DS firmly back on its feet. Though the Fire Emblem franchise had been pretty small, especially in America, Awakening broke those bonds and ushered in a burgeoning new fanbase. One would assume Intelligent Systems had hit the sweet spot in the strategy game's design--however, along with the huge wave of new fans were a large portion of long time fans who expressed disappointment in Awakening. When I finally got a 3DS, I found myself in that camp. Naturally, I got incredibly anal about the situation and picked apart the game to try and figure out just what I felt I was missing! I realized that, fundamentally, Awakening changed not only the franchise's gameplay, but perhaps even its genre.

See the gameplay analysis after the jump!

Satoru Iwata, President and CEO of Nintendo, has been the target of a mountain of criticism since the Wii U failed to capture the public interest and has been stumbling along ever since. Around the internet are dozens of calls for Iwata to resign, or for the Board of Directors to give him the boot. And that's exactly what this week's IGN Game Scoop addresses.

Admittedly, I haven't yet formed my own opinion on this whole matter, so I'll leave it to the IGN folks to do the talking. The Nintendo discussion starts at 12:57.

If there’s one console that’s not lacking games, it’s the Nintendo 3DS, but even its quality library has a few holes, namely the ever-popular FPS genre. That’s all set to change next week, as Renegade Kid is set to release its episodic shooter Moon Chronicles on May 15th through the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Advertised as the first true First-Person Shooter experience on the 3DS, Moon Chronicles—ahem—chronicles an astronaut battling his way through a futuristic version of the titular moon. The title offers Circle Pad Pro support, for anyone hoping for a shooter experience that more closely resembles those on home consoles. Priced at $8.99, anyone looking for some shooter action on Nintendo’s popular handheld can do so at a relatively low entry fee.

Check out the gameplay trailer after the jump!

Nintendo took the world by surprise when they announced Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on Thursday, but much to fans' chagrin all they revealed were the games' titles and box art. Whether Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes or pseudo-sequels to the Game Boy Advance classics is still up for debate among the community, but The Pokémon Company has just released the very first look at the games themselves.

Head inside for more info, and to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Though most people know Harmonix for the Dance Central, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band franchises, they actually have several other games under their belt, such as one of their earlier experiments: the 2003 cult classic Amplitude. An action-rhythm game released for the PlayStation 2, it was well received by the critics and became a fan favorite Rhythm game before that genre really took off in the mid-2000's.

Even so, the series never went anywhere after that first least, not until now. Recently, Harmonix created a Kickstarter page in the hopes of reviving the Amplitude franchise for current-gen consoles.

If you want to know more about this project, hit the jump!

A year ago we saw a teaser for a musical tribute to the Super Smash Bros. series called Harmony of Heroes. Word on the project has been mostly silent since its announcement, but we met up with Darren Kerwin, the album's director, to discuss their progress.

Kerwin says that Harmony of Heroes will feature a wide variety of musical styles with about twice as much music as the team's last project, Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, which supplements the original Harmony of a Hunter to form the ultimate Metroid fan album. A few months ago, the team released a new trailer for Harmony of Heroes to show off four sneak peeks at some of the album's music.

To watch the trailer and learn more about Harmony of Heroes, head past the jump!

Today The Pokémon Company uploaded a teensy teaser trailer to their YouTube channel for two mysterious new Pokémon games called Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Literally all we know about these games, beyond their titles and their box art, is that they are launching this November for Nintendo 3DS. It's probably safe to assume that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of the Generation III titles Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions, given Game Freak's track record with remakes. There are, however, a few small details that distinguish these two titles from previous remakes, so they could be much grander than we even expected.

Head inside to check out the trailer and learn more about the new games!

Art Academy is an excellent tool for beginning artists to learn techniques and style of art, but if you've never seemed to find yourself quite interested enough in the lessons and subjects that the Art Academy games have you paint, perhaps you'll find new inspiration in Pokémon Art Academy, coming to Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 19th.

In Pokémon Art Academy, players can access over forty art lessons to learn and develop new skills for drawing and painting. Early lessons will introduce the basics, but as you progress, they teach more complicated techniques for bringing your ideas to life. And, of course, you'll learn how to draw all of your favorite Pokémon! Head inside to see the trailer!