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Remember Me is an exciting new IP from Dotnod Entertainment and published by Capcom that looks quite promising. Remember Me is set in "Neo-Paris" in 2084, where a large corporation by the name of Memorise has created a device that allows users to upload their memories to the internet, allowing them to indirectly establish a surveillance state and gain near total control over the world's population.

Remember Me has typically been praised for its brilliant narrative and locale, though as an action-adventure platformer, some believe that it falls a little flat. Head past the jump to see the first eleven minutes of Remember Me, thanks to CVG, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Have you ever found yourself pouting at your desk and thinking, "life would just be so much better if only Gamnesia had a YouTube channel"? Well turn that pout inside out, because guess what? It's here! Our own YouTube channel! We hope to post a lot of wonderful content to this channel in the future, including game trailers, as well as our own news recaps, spoken editorials, gaming vlogs, and more, so to stay up to date on all that's happening around here, click that fancy-schmancy little subscribe button!

Furthermore, we've got big plans for E3. The video above outlines our plan in nearly full detail, save for a few tidbits that haven't been set in stone just yet, so give it a watch and tell us what you think! We hope to see you again! enjoying our content very soon.

Note: Because we strive to provide you with the highest quality and totally-not-blurriest videos that we can, I hereby pronounce that I shall never throw dolls at professional recording equipment again.

At this point, I'm sure virtually all of you have heard or read at least a bit about the controversy surrounding Microsoft's recently-revealed Xbox One. Safe to say, there are a lot of people who aren't too happy about it. From the requirement for a daily online connection to the necessity of always having Kinect hooked up for the box to function, Microsoft managed to garner quite a bit of critique after describing their new console. To be fair, there are also a number of people pointing out that we still have to wait until E3 to see most of the games that are actually going to be available on Xbox One.

Well, among Xbox One's critics are Ben Croshaw, better known as Yahtzee, the guy who does the Zero Punctuation reviews, and Jim Sterling, the host of Jimquisition. And on their cooperative show, Jim and Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular, they've given us the privilege of finding out why in the form of poetry.

Head past the jump to hear Ben Croshaw and Jim Sterling recite their elegant verses regarding Xbox One.

The Xbox One conference featured an exclusive Call of Duty: Ghosts preview. The images shown touted the game's beautiful graphics and motion-capture technology, all of which were organized into a next-generation engine that uses fantastic technology to enhance the experience. A new dog is featured in the game, showing realistic facial features and movement. This is the work of the capabilities of technology in future consoles.

Activision also revealed a brand new feature in their next-generation engine that shows off the detection of AI in the game: fish will move out of the way when your character draws near. This amazing engine of the future allows for this new immersive experience, creating a realistic world unlike any other.

Wait... I've seen this before somewhere...

See the future of gaming after the jump!

Jim Sterling is back again this week to talk about publishers because, unfortunately, most of them still suck. Specifically, this week Jim takes on the all-too-common complaint that used games are among the leading issues causing the recent losses publishers have been receiving. For anyone who needs a reminder, big publishers like Square Enix and EA have had a number of high-ranking executives resigning this year due to the aforementioned losses, and THQ even ended up disbanding completely.

Jim looks over several arguments attempting to justify used games, and then, in his deliberately arrogant tone, proceeds to pummel all of them, reminding us that publishers have been using a different scapegoat every few years in their attempts to justify problems which they themselves create. The topics range from the amount of money publishers and developers receive from new game sales to the necessity for competition in any healthy industry.

Essentially, Jim is fed up with hearing publishers blame their problems on everything but themselves, and you can check out his heated ten minute speech about that after the jump.

Retro Studio's acclaimed Donkey Kong Country Returns was re-released the other day on Nintendo 3DS, and NiNTENDOMiNATiON has taken the liberty of posting a Youtube video showcasing the first 45 minutes of game play footage. Head past the jump to preview Donkey Kong's most recent romp through the jungle to chase after some banana thieves!

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, a first party Nintendo title ported to the 3DS by Monster Games, is an homage to the Donkey Kong Country games of the Super Nintendo, as well as a well-made 2.5-dimensional (3-dimensional graphics played on a 2-dimensional plane) platformer in its own right.

Remember that fantastic abridged PS4 announcement? Well, VideoGamer is at it again, this time with a brand new abridged summary of the Xbox One reveal conference.

I didn't quite enjoy this video as much as the original PS4 version, but it's still hilarious and even accurate concerning the events of the conference. Give the video a click, and stay with us as more Xbox One news continues to roll in.

As everyone should already know, the new Xbox has just been revealed as the Xbox One, with a slew of new features, prettier graphics, and better hardware. We learned that there will be restrictions on used games, mandatory Kinect integration, Windows 8, and many other features to enhance our living rooms. As more and more information spread about this new console, people started tweeting and sending messages via Facebook to Jim telling him to tear the new Xbox a new one. So in this special episode of the Jimquisition he does just that. Not because he was badgered into doing it, but because he wants to. 

Watch the video after the jump. And thank GOD for Jim. about that Xbox One reveal? What's that you say?! You missed the presentation? Well, YouTube user Darkbeatdk has been kind enough to compress the entire conference into a small 101 second video that truly gives you the overarching themes of the conference. Seriously, you get all the information you need just by watching it.

The video exposes the television capabilities of the Xbox One, while also unveiling the gameplay enhancing technology of games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts. Gamers can now get the realistic puppies they've always wanted in their games.

In case you haven't noticed yet, this video is a parody. And a damn funny one too.

Give the video a watch. It's all you'll ever need to know to understand the Xbox One... so far.

The exciting livestream of the reveal of the next xbox is watchable after the jump

As promised, Warner Bros. dropped a massive amount of new Batman: Arkham Origins information on us today, including new gameplay and story details, a brand new trailer, and information about a new playable character, available via preorder DLC.

The trailer tells us a lot about the story and style of the prequel, so we'll have a full rundown of the trailer's details and more after the jump.

Follow at your own risk; spoilers ahead.

Any Wii owner knows that Donkey Kong Country Returns is a beautiful game, and if they don't then they have clearly missed out on a gem for their collection. Not to fear, though, as the Nintendo 3DS version of the game hits the States on May 24th, within less than a week. Ever since the 3DS version was announced, people have been wondering how it would stand up against the Wii version in all of its graphical glory. These people need wonder no longer. The video above, made by Josh Thomas from The Bit Block, gives a direct side-by-side comparison of the Wii and 3DS versions, and shows that the 3DS has truly captured the beauty of the original. It's great to see that such care was put into re-capturing the beauty of the game for the 3DS version, showing that it is not just a cheap port of the game.

What do you think? Excited for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D? Love seeing the power of the 3DS? Would you prefer new Donkey Kong games instead of re-releases? Thoughts, feelings, and opinions belong in the comments!

In today's Nintendo Direct, we got a nice new look at New Super Luigi U, the new DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, celebrating Luigi's 30th anniversary. It's shaping up to be a great DLC. In fact, it might be a whole new game altogether. That's right, New Super Luigi U is going to get a physical stand-alone release in stores on August 25th for $29.99. The DLC version will cost $19.99 respectfully. Luigi is my favorite Mario character, so I'll be sure to get this when it comes out.

Mario is going to be replaced by Nabbit, the thieving rabbit who stole power-ups from Toad houses. Nabbit will be unable to use power-ups and cannot be damaged by enemy attacks. To me this seems like some form of the Super Guide feature when things become too hard. And from what is known, the game will be much harder than New Super Mario Bros. U

In today's Nintendo Direct, we got another look at Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which is set to release on 3DS on May 24th.

Nintendo has now released a new trailer for the game; in the trailer, the new items and levels for the game are shown, demonstrating how this is a new release that is worth an additional purchase. The game will feature life-saving green balloons and crash guards, portable DK barrels, and a new world of levels, each detailing a world from the Wii release.

Are you pumped for DK's premiere on 3DS?

Hop inside for the trailer!

Warner Bros. released a new teaser trailer today for the latest installment in the Batman series of games, Batman: Arkham Origins, which is set to release on all major platforms on October 25th.

In the trailer, the Dark Knight encounters the villain Deathstroke, and the duo exchange blows. And...that's really it. The end of the video does promise a longer trailer on Monday, May 20, however, for those of you who aren't satisfied with this small glimpse.

Are you excited for Arkham Origins? I am; I played Arkham City on the Wii U when it came out. It was my first experience with the series, and I'm looking forward to more.

Hop inside for a look at the trailer!