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Today's Nintendo Direct promised to bring us a trailer for the next Super Smash Bros., and we did indeed get one. There was a lot of hype and quite a few surprises, and now I'm getting together with some of the biggest YouTube Smash speculators to have a live discussion of the information we received and what we will see in the future.

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Super Smash Bros. received an unveiling during the Nintendo Direct this morning. After the surprise reveal of the Villager from Animal Crossing, Nintendo decide to throw in another surprise. A second trailer was shown, confirming the Blue Bomber Mega Man will be arriving in the next Smash.

Apart from the first announcement, we have had no other footage of Mega Man in action... until now.

GameXplain has posted a video on YouTube of Mario and Mega Man brawling on Battlefield. Not only do we get a good look at Mega Man, but we also see Mario in action. It seems that F.L.U.D.D. is returning once again!

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Earlier today, Nintendo showed the newest trailer for Pokémon X and Y, which revealed the new Fairy type and two new Pokémon to add to the 6th gen roster.

The trailer's gameplay showed the new male trainer running around different cities and areas. Battles between Pokémon old and new were shown, and that includes the two newest creatures: Noivern (left) and Vivillon (right).

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UPDATED: A new trailer is now available after the jump! Take a look!

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are coming to a 3DS near you this fall, with a worldwide release date of October 12, 2013.

In addition to the release date news, we now officially know that there is an 18th Pokémon type. That’s right, there’s a new type! Fairy type Pokémon include the new Eeveeloution Sylveon, as well as old Pokémon such as Jigglypuff and Marill.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon news!

Well, that's all folks! Day 1 of Gamnesia's E3 2013 coverage has come to a close with the conclusion of Sony's presser. The staff is now working hard to improve the many posts made today; pictures and trailers are being updated, and additional content is being added by the minute.

Day 1 featured four major press conferences, all with a combined abundance of news. Overwhelmed by the backlog of news here at Gamnesia? Fear not, for within this article you can find the headlines and links to every news post from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony's press conferences.

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Update: Trailer available after the jump!

The Elder Scrolls has often been a single-player attraction, but no more! Bethesda is bringing the game into the multiplayer universe!

ZeniMax Online Studio's highly anticipated MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to Sony's PlayStation 4 in the spring. This means if you aren't an adventurer of Morrowwind or a Dragonborn of Skyrim for the PC, you can become one for Sony's amazing new console.

Anyone interested to see how this MMO works out on a console? We don't see many MMO style games on the consoles and I am curious to see how it turns out.

Apple has released a trailer for iOS 7, boasting of the new system's easy multitasking capabilities, sleek look and feel, and new way to easily send photos to those standing close to you.

Announced back in April, Apple has officially released the commercial for the new generation of iPhone interfaces. Whether you are scrolling through songs, photos, contacts, or the world wide web, iOS 7 offers a transparent covering and side scroll options to easily access everything on the phone.

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UPDATED: The official E3 preview can be found after the jump. Take a look!

EA Games has announced the next entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront series, currently titled... well, just Star Wars: Battlefront for now. This is the first new game announced from EA's new deal with Disney to publish all forthcoming Star Wars video game titles, and the game is slated to run on a variant of Frostbite Engine 3. We know for sure it's heading to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4; no word on current gen systems yet.

This is huge news for Star Wars fans - the original two titles, released two generations ago, have attained an almost legendary status among series fans. Despite numerous attempts at continuing the series under a variety of developers, a third major console entry never made it off the ground.

We'll be updating with the teaser video shown at the conference as soon as it hits the net - stand by for further videos and information.

UPDATE: You can see the new trailer after the jump!

In today's E3 Press Conference, EA announced Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in BioWare's famous RPG series. The game is set in an open, interactive world that responds to your choices and decisions. Murrigan and other characters will also return.

Project Cars is a beautiful racing game coming to PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U in the second Quarter of 2014. The team also has plans for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases once they can get the necessary extra funding. The game is in development by Slightly Mad Studios, and the game's producer, Ian Bell, has expressed an intriguing idea for the game's Wii U version. As he mentions in an interview regarding Project Cars, Bell hopes that Slightly Mad Studios' racer can become "the Forza" equivalent for Wii U owners:

"On the Wii U, there's an opportunity there for us to 'be the Forza' on that platform. The Wii U is a great machine and the gamepad holds lots of possibilities so it's really exciting to bring a title like Project CARS to that platform and let Nintendo fans finally get their hands on a realistic car game." -- Ian Bell

Would Project Cars be enough to satisfy your racer cravings?

Two indie-friendly systems (that aren't selling well, but I digress) are getting a new game soon.

The independently developed title Forgotten Memories will be heading to PlayStation Vita and Nintendo's Wii U this summer. The game is being developed by Psychoz Interactive on the Unity Engine. It was originally an iOS exclusive project, but the developers have decided to move the game over to the two other systems.

Taking place in an isolated hospital, you control Rose Hawkins. Ms. Hawkins is an inspector solving a murder mystery while simultaneously searching for a small girl.

The game is supposedly a mix of the old and the new, taking horror elements from two different eras. It'll be interesting to see how this project pans out.

Here is the game's official site.

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Dying Light was announced by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment a few weeks ago. The game is being developed by Techland. The gameplay involves a free-running parkour focus in a zombie-infested Rio de Janeiro. A sandbox-style overworld and upgradeable weapons add more to the mix, with a (supposedly) amazing day-and-night system running throughout the game.

With upgradeable weapons and zombies mixed with parkour, Dying Light seems like a cross between Mirror's Edge and Dead Island, but it sets itself apart in this new trailer. It's very dark, yet you can sense the freedom of the world.

The CG E3 trailer can be found after the jump.

Dying Light comes out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2014.

Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii was given an original November 16, 2011 release date. The fan-made mod has finally come out. Better late than never, eh?

The mod is available for download at the Newer official site. Here's a list of all the features it includes from a NeoGAF user.

  • Over 130 all new levels
  • The return of a classic Mario powerup
  • Completely new world map system, redesigned from the ground up
  • 8 major worlds and several minor ones, spanning 18 themed areas
  • 34 new bonus houses, including two never seen before mini-games
  • 21 new titlescreens that show depending on your game progress
  • Over 150 new tilesets to enhance the visual appeal of the game
  • 40 fresh and new backgrounds to match the world themes
  • More than 35 original music tracks to create a memorable Newer score
  • And another 20 arranged favourites to bring that Mario zip
  • Remixed versions of every song for the 'hurry up' music
  • Completely redone User Interface and layouts for every part of the game
  • More than 50 completely new sprites, including 15 all new enemies
  • Eight new bosses, one for each major world
  • Over 200 new appearances for classic enemies, for that updated feel
  • And a couple secrets you’ll have to find out by playing!

For the game's official launch trailer and tons of screenshots hit the jump!

The Nazis beat everyone to the bomb in this alternate universe. Wolfenstein: The New Order takes place in a world different from the one we know. The Third Reich has conquered the planet in this entry, including powerful metropolises such as New York City and London. The year is 1960, and the only man freedom can rely on is B.J. Blazkowicz.

This is one fantastic setting for the revived franchise. It's frightening to see the Swastika covering Washington D.C., yet darkly humorous. The depiction of Nazis on Abbey Road is a chuckle-worthy parody on the Beatles, yet it also creates the dark atmosphere of the game. It's one helluva exposition, and I can't wait to see more.

To see the E3 trailer, hit the jump.  

It's truly amazing how much fans can do for a game or a series, from simply spreading the word and expanding a game's range of players to drawing amazing art in tribute to a game.

When it comes to keeping in touch with a series' fans, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games, do not disappoint; they have been releasing trailers, new information, and up-to-date screenshots featuring detailed depictions of scenes from the newest game in the series. Instead of simply waiting on the sidelines for Grand Theft Auto V to come out, a fan took it upon himself/herself to put together a map of what they believe Los Santos, the main setting for the game, will look like.

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