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This is a side of Pachter I haven't seen in awhile. There are a lot of Next Xbox rumors flying around and we really won't know the truth of it until May 21st. However, Pachter really starts to lay into some people, especially at the end when he finds out a certain rumor (which is true... but it's true for every major studio out there) came from Kotaku. In essence, he sees some of the rumors as being close to being absolutely spot on, but others seem a bit more far fetched (Xbox exclusive revival of the show Heroes... really?). Step inside to see Pachter's wrath in action.

Capcom announced they were porting the hit Resident Evil Revelations to home consoles, including Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3, along with a PC port. The game originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS a little over a year ago to critical fanfare. The game was seen as a back-to-basics entry in the Resident Evil franchise, with an emphasis on survival horror.

The game is fantastic, but many agree the title wasn't quite at home on a portable system (myself being one of that group). The Unveiled Edition is going to look fantastic on a bit screen, and I cannot wait to play this game again on my Wii U.

Naturally, Capcom wants to take full advantage of the GamePad, as well as Miiverse and other system capabilities. A brand new trailer showcases all of the game's big advantages!

A map will be featured on the touch screen throughout the game, making navigation a breeze. Off-TV Play is also featured, allowing you to live the nightmare even when somebody wants to watch a game of sportsball. The second screen is also used to solve puzzles when necessary. You can even write speech bubbles for enemies and allow those messages to appear in the games of your friends! Upon dying in-game, Miiverse posts pop up relating to the same death. This'll be a fun inclusion! 

Oh you want to see the trailer? Head on inside the jump!

Above is a low resolution, six minute preview of Star Wars: Battlefront III in its Alpha stage, shortly before being cancelled. The game was cancelled only a few months before being ready to release to the public, much to the bitter disappointment of the masses. Even now, years after its 2008 cancellation, it is clear what a fantastic game it would have been. To give an inkling to how massive the battles would have been, each of the Republic Cruisers seen in this video was piloted by a full crew of real players.

It's almost painful watching this trailer and knowing that it will never happen, especially given that this trailer makes the game appear much better than previously leaked footage. What do our readers think? Leave your two-cents down in the comments below.

I think everyone here is as disappointed in Nintendo's decision to not have an E3 press conference as I am. Though from a business prospective it isn't quite so bad, with both Sony and Microsoft showcasing their new hardware, Nintendo wouldn't have gotten much attention anyway. They probably can't show the Wii U Zelda game just yet as it isn't anywhere close to completion, the new 3D Wii U Mario may drum up some hype but it would never be a big a new Zelda game showcase. The decision not to do an E3 press conference may or may not end up a good decision, at this point only time will truly tell us if it was.

If you’re having some ghost trouble, there’s a new crew of spook-slaying, proton pack-wielding heroes at the end of the phone. Thanks to the genius of animator James Farr and no doubt many hours of hard graft, a brand new Super Mario Bros. 2 and Ghostbusters 2 mashup has been unleashed on the world.

The video is the sequel to the hugely popular Super Mario Busters – A Ghostbusters/Super Mario Bros. combo, a mind-meltingly cool James Farr creation that quickly went viral and to date has amassed more than 1.3 million views on YouTube.  Just a couple of months later, a sequel was posted on the video-sharing network. It doesn’t seem possible, but the new video is even more epic than its predecessor, and it’s looking set to amass even more views. 

With all the speculation going on around the new title Call of Duty: Ghosts, it has been a little difficult to discern rumor from fact. However today it has been confirmed by Activision that Call of Duty: Ghosts, is in fact this year's entry in the first-person shooter series. Below is the official Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser trailer.


With all this emphasis on masks, perhaps it should have been titled Call of Duty: Masks instead! Thoughts on the trailer? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

If the above video looks a tad familiar to you, you may be a fan of Final Fantasy VII. Recognized as one of the most acclaimed games of all time by critics and fans alike, Final Fantasy VII has been immortalized in more ways than one. The most recent, however, is a fan's endeavor to recreate the entirety of the game, including characters, enemies, locales, and even dialogue, in LittleBigPlanet 2. Check out the above video of the opening mission to get a better sense of his achievements, and be sure to keep up to date with his work via his YouTube channel and project website for more information as it comes.

Just a few days after the first Super Smash Bros. episode of Did You Know Gaming, the group has produced a second video on the franchise!

Plenty of interesting tid-bits are included in the trivia. There are even a few facts that escaped me the past few years. For example, the Pichu featured in Melee likely evolved into the Pikachu seen in Brawl. Seal clubbing censorship is also featured in the video, highlighting cultural differences between Japan and North America.

You learn something new everyday, and I learned quite a bit from this video. Click play to discover some fun facts. 

We all know Michael Pachter. He lives in infamy here at Gamnesia, but he occasionally has something smart to say concerning the industry.

In this week's edition of the Pach-Attack!, the analyst discusses the possibility of PS3 and 360 trophies and Gamerscores being transferred to Sony and Microsoft's new consoles. The answer is a tad strange. Pachter states Microsoft will allow the achievements to move to the 720, but his answer for Sony is interesting.

Pachter states Sony screwed up by making PSN a free service and that gamers now feel entitled to online capabilities for no cost. Sony created PlayStation Plus to make up for the mistake. Pachter states PSN will get a full revamp with the incoming PS4, and Sony will continue to perform a free version of the service and a paid version that comes with many perks, such as the ability to carry over your PS3 trophies.

Pachter also talked about Montreal's endless amount of video game studios, pointing to Quebec's government giving out tax credits. Ontario is also starting to offer the same bonuses, which is why developers are starting to open in Toronto.

Pachter's stance on PSN caught me by surprise, but it makes sense. I hate paying for online services. It's the sole reason I refuse to buy an Xbox 360. However, PlayStation Plus is a great deal, with dozens of free games offered every year. If Sony continued the service into PS4 and gave it even more extras, I'd gladly pay fifty dollars a year.

What do you think about Pachter's prediction on Gamerscores? Did you notice he didn't say "Nintendo" once this week? Sound off in the comments.

Marcus Beer has quickly become one of my favorite talking heads in the industry. He isn't here to bullshit anyone, and as such he thinks Nintendo's move to not have an E3 Press Conference is a brilliant decision. It's about the games, and that is what Nintendo is focusing in on. So much so, they want to let press have early show floor access to their booth to get extensive hands on time with the actual games so they can better talk about them. Aka, as long as the games being shown off are really damn good, you're going to hear a lot of positive vibes coming out of the gaming press.

He also goes on to talk about Metacritic. How there are paid people who make user scores on the system to try and bump the user score over the Meta score (and in his example, they failed horribly at it... but they still tried) and on and on about how Metacritic is this holy grail for pay. While Metacritic is not in any way responsible for the fact companies use them as such, it is a bit shady they don't reveal how they actually come to their final meta scores with their weighting, and in the end, it is sickening that Metacritic is so important. They aren't the only ranking site out there (Game Rankings does it too), but Game Rankings averages all the reviews fairly. Metacritic does not. IGN's reviews, as an example, is likely more heavily weighted than Destructoids. Just not good.

In the end, it is a hot mess, and I start to agree that despite the usefulness of the site to consumers, maybe it is better for us to just not have the site at all. I mean, when I want to know about other products I read reviews for them on various sites, so why can't the game industry be one that festers the whole "actually reading the review" thing instead of just basing it on a score and nothing else?

Panorama View is a neat new feature Nintendo promised us not too long ago, and now it's finally available on the Wii U eShop for free! Panorama View includes a few select tours of various locales across the world, and additional tours can be purchased for only $2. NintenDaan recently got his hands on Panorama View and uploaded this nice little tour of the application to YouTube. Of course, nothing beats downloading the application and experiencing the tours in real life — except maybe actually going to these places — but hopefully the above video gives you a good idea of what Panorama View has accomplished. it's not long, so take a moment to check it out!

Narutendo and I are taking a break from the Zelda discussions to talk about another popular franchise with some big announcements recently; Pokémon. Now, we recorded this before the whole Mewthree fiasco, so unfortunately we don't address that at all. We also end up talking a lot about the series as a whole; we both have very strong feelings concerning the series, and we are VERY vocal about them.

That being said, there is a lot to consider with this new generation; this is their chance to take off in a very different direction, but should they? The games have been selling like crazy, despite what jaded gamers like us say. What do you think? Has the series soured or improved over time?

I bet you've never heard of a video game that plays itself! ...Okay, you probably have heard of the idea somewhere, but have you ever heard of a man who actually teaches retro games to play themselves? Well, in comes Dr. Tom Murphy VII, Ph.D., to teach us all that Super Mario Bros. is actually pretty easy with lexicographic orderings and time travel. Before I confuse you with all the technical mumbo-jumbo, you might want to watch his video instead, which takes you through his journey to create a video game that plays itself. You'll see Mario perform all sorts of marvelous tasks humans could never do, so be sure to give Dr. Murphy your full attention for the first few minutes of the video, because you will no doubt want to understand this impressive feat.

If you're interested in his project in a more scholarly fashion, check out his research paper published in SIGBOVIK 2013. If you really are just here for the games, I'll do you the courtesy to say the actual gameplay begins at 06:10 in the video.

Originally composed by Grant Kirkhope, the soundtrack to Banjo-Kazooie is one of the most beloved parts of the widely recognized title for Nintendo 64. Today, Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra has announced "Banjo-Kazooie Symphony," an album of orchestrated tunes from the original Banjo-Kazooie game. Blake Robinson uses orchestral samples to digitally recreate an instrumental sound for themes from video games, movies, and television. In the past, Blake Robinson has released Super Metroid Symphony as well as several other wonderful orchestrationsBanjo-Kazooie Symphony is coming on May 31st, and though Robinson's music often sounds more like covers than arrangements, the delightful orchestral tone is always worth a listen.

Can't wait for more Donkey Kong action? Get a load of this sneak peak of gameplay from Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS, which is set to hit European and North American shelves next month on May 24.  We've got 13 minutes of pure gameplay for your viewing pleasure, and there's direct audio input included too.

Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments.