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Breath of the Wild brought a lot of changes to the classic Zelda formula, bringing it more in line with some modern action-RPGs. The latest Zelda adventure also brought changes to Link himself, as the character was redesigned to look more gender neutral and traded in his standard green tunic for a blue one. The Zelda development discussed these changes in an interview that explored the making of Breath of the Wild's Link.

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Super Smash Bros. has evolved considerably since its debut on Nintendo 64. From Melee to Brawl to making the leap to HD on Wii U, Nintendo's popular fighting game continues to look better and better, and the freshly-launched Switch iteration is the best yet. Digital Foundry just completed a deep dive into the graphics and performance of Smash Ultimate, and they've put together a fantastic comparison between it and the 3DS and Wii U iterations.

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Nintendo's beloved Legend of Zelda franchise has been around for over three decades, and over all those years we've seen the series' visuals evolve time and time again. Nintendo has dabbled with more realistic graphics, a stylized "toon" look, and everything in between. When developing Breath of the Wild, Nintendo once again went back to the drawing board to re-imagine the world of Zelda, perhaps for the final time.

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Nintendo's beloved Legend of Zelda franchise has been churning out hit games non-stop for over 30 years, and that has led to a rather complicated, convoluted, and sometimes contradicting overarching storyline. A few years back, Nintendo released an official chronology that confirmed the existence of three separate timelines. We know that Breath of the Wild takes place more than 10,000 years after most of the other games, but which timeline does it call home? We'll likely never know.

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In a recent interview with US Gamer, Monolith Soft founder Tetsuya Takahashi sat down to discuss some unanswered questions about last year's Xenoblade Chronicles 2. During their talk, he was asked about the possibility of bringing the 2016's Wii U epic Xenoblade Chronicles X to the Nintendo Switch. While he didn't say much, it sounds like it definitely isn't in their plans.

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Yacht Club Games just keeps the content coming! Indie sensation Shovel Knight has received numerous updates and expansions since its debut four years ago, but the fun isn't done yet. This past weekend, the development team teased that an all-new game is headed to Treasure Trove, and today we have the big reveal! The next big thing headed to the game is Shovel Knight Showdown, and you can get your first look by clicking below!

Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight is one of the biggest indie success stories of all time with over 2 million sales across numerous platforms. If you bought the Treasure Trove edition of this retro-styled platformer, you have access to all DLC, including the upcoming King of Cards expansion. We thought this would be the last update for Shovel Knight, but apparently that's not the case.

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It's been a year and a half since Nintendo wowed the world with the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and dedicated fans are still regularly discovering new tricks and exploits, especially in the speedrunning community. The latest trick to be discovered is a new twist on an old classic. Players have been manipulating the Stasis rune to sail through the skies on boulders and trees, but the trick becomes even more impressive when you toss in a roasted banana. Confused?

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Remember when people were arguing about whether Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was a new game or just a port? That debate's sure settled! Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai pulled back the curtains on the latest Smash at Nintendo's E3 Direct and the subsequent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. The newest iteration has been overhauled in numerous ways, including visual improvements to its more than 100 hundred stages. How do the new ones stack up against the old?

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As Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle made abundantly clear prior to its official reveal, it's hard to keep a collaborative project between studios a secret. High Voltage Software, developers of The Conduit, learned this lesson in the toughest way possible seven years ago. Back then the studio was working with Nintendo on a new franchise meant for Wii U, but an early leak devastated the project. However, the whole debacle may have given Nintendo the inspiration for Splatoon.

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Earlier this week we reported on the impressive fact that Sony has sold over 500 million total PlayStation consoles since the original PlayStation debuted in 1994. That got me thinking about another titan in the industry with an even longer history. Nintendo has officially released sales data for all of its major hardware releases since the Famicom in 1983, so I did a little digging to see what kind of numbers they've piled up over the years and how they compare to Sony's.

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It's been four years since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze originally launched on the Wii U, and fans are still discovering new secrets in the game. Twitter user Shane Marchis discovered that the game contains a Metroid easter egg in the Amiss Abyss level in both the Wii U and Switch versions of the game. The secret has been undiscovered until now because it is found by progressing through the level and then attempting to backtrack through a seemingly-impenetrable barrier.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for well over a year now, and players are still uncovering its many secrets. The critically acclaimed Wii U and Switch adventure is the subject of the latest Did You Know Gaming Episode, which reveals tons of interesting tidbits. Did you know the developers actually took the time to program the sound of a Bokoblin picking its nose, or that the game's 900 Korok seeds are actually all poop?

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was a brilliant and charming little puzzle game that saw its potential limited by the low install base of Wii U. Thankfully, Nintendo is now bringing the game to much bigger audiences on 3DS and Switch. These ports also come with new levels based on Super Mario Odyssey, but as it turns out, this is less of an addition and more of a swap.

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Nintendo is back with another action-packed iteration of Super Smash Bros., this time for Nintendo Switch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings back every character in franchise history, but many of them have been changed up for the newest release. This is especially true of Final Smashes, many of which have been sped up or overhauled completely. Just how much have they changed from previous versions? You can check out a comparison video by clicking below!