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During this year's E3 we were all caught off guard by the surprise announcement that Fox McCloud of Star Fox fame is coming to Starlink: Battle for Atlas. It seems Nintendo has warmed up to Ubisoft thanks to the success of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Nintendo's favorite pilot was a perfect fit for their upcoming space adventure. So how does Fox fare in a non-Nintendo world?

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Final Fantasy XV is coming to Nintendo Switch! Well... sort of. Earlier this year Square Enix released a "Pocket Edition" of the game for mobile devices, and then later PC. This bite-sized re-telling of Noctis' grand adventure gave mobile players a way to experience the story of the game, even if their platform of choice wasn't capable of running the full game. Now that abridged experience is heading to multiple new platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

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Back in May, we reported that Microsoft was working on a new controller designed for people with disabilities. The Xbox Adaptive Controller offers a diverse variety of control options thanks to plug-and-play accessories that can be operated with your hands, feet, and even your chin. This hyper customizable controller setup should make life easier for thousands of gamers whose needs aren't being met by traditional controllers. If you're interested, you can pick one up today!

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Mass Effect Andromeda launched to lukewarm reviews last year, but BioWare is hoping to bounce back strong with a new IP. BioWare has been hard at work on Anthem since 2012, and it finally launches next February. If you're a little hesitant about buying into the hype after Andromeda, we've got some good news. You may have a chance to try it out before you buy.

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As the ever-lucrative holiday season approaches, video game publishers are faced with the tough task of finding the optimal time to launch their games during a crowded window. We've seen numerous games delayed out of 2018 altogether to avoid congestion, and there may still be more schedule shuffling to come. EA is the latest company to change plans for a major release, opting to delay Battlefield V.

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My Hero: One's Justice launched in Japan last week, and it'll be heading to North America and Europe in less than two months. The anime-adapted 3D fighter features a diverse roster of over 20 heroes and villains, each with their own unique fighting style. In the case of Izuku Midoriya, better known as Deku, that's soon to be two unique fighting styles.

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Shovel Knight is one of the most popular indie games around, and developer Yacht Club Games has kept it relevant with regular updates and expansions. The long-awaited King of Cards expansion was originally planned to launch in the first half of 2018, but it was delayed back in April. Since then we've only had a generic "Late 2018" window for the game, but now we have a concrete release date. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer.

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During this year's E3 I went hands-on with a point-and-click adventure called 3 Minutes to Midnight, and I came away quite impressed. We later named it our Best Indie Game of E3 2018, and we've been looking forward to seeing more of it since. That wish was granted today, as developer Scarecrow Studio released a new trailer that highlights some of the crazy characters, diverse environments, and mysterious happenings in a once-quiet New Mexico town.

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Yacht Club Games just keeps the content coming! Indie sensation Shovel Knight has received numerous updates and expansions since its debut four years ago, but the fun isn't done yet. This past weekend, the development team teased that an all-new game is headed to Treasure Trove, and today we have the big reveal! The next big thing headed to the game is Shovel Knight Showdown, and you can get your first look by clicking below!

Microsoft is introducing a new way to pay that could potentially provide a boost to its sales by offering an affordable payment option for gamers on a budget. The gaming giant published a blog post today announcing Xbox All Access, a monthly payment plan that allows you to enjoy an Xbox console, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass without shelling out big up front.

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Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight is one of the biggest indie success stories of all time with over 2 million sales across numerous platforms. If you bought the Treasure Trove edition of this retro-styled platformer, you have access to all DLC, including the upcoming King of Cards expansion. We thought this would be the last update for Shovel Knight, but apparently that's not the case.

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A Hat in Time made a big splash in the indie game scene late last year by being one of the best and cutest 3D platformers of all time. Inspired by collect-a-thons from the early 2000s, A Hat in Time follows the adorable Hat Kid as she travels around and collects the missing Time Pieces that are used to power her spaceship.

In our review for the game, we praised the charming characters, catchy music, and fluid controls as some of A Hat in Time's best features. It truly is one of the best modern platforming games, and now Gears for Breakfast is looking to expand the world a little more with a new DLC pack called Seal the Deal coming next month.

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The Dark Souls franchise has had a major impact on the game industry since it debuted in 2011, with "it's like Dark Souls" becoming an all-pervasive catchphrase to describe games that offer an exceptional challenge. Whether you missed out on this popular franchise or just want to experience it all again, Bandai Namco has some great news. Dark Souls is getting a special trilogy bundle, and it's coming out very soon!

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After months of rumblings and rumors, Capcom finally confirmed that a new entry in the action-packed Devil May Cry franchise is on its way. During their E3 presentation in June, they officially unveiled Devil May Cry 5. Instead of continuing from the 2013 reboot, the upcoming game picks up a few years after Devil May Cry 4. So when can you get your hands on the latest chapter in Nero and Dante's journey? Today we've got the answer to that question and a new trailer as well!

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Dontnod has been teasing the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Life is Strange for a while now. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was released a couple of months ago for free to give players a taste of the upcoming Life is Strange 2. In Captain Spirit, players had a chance to delve into the imaginative mind of Chris, a young boy who pretends to be the amazing superhero Captain Spirit.

For those who played the game, the reveal for Life is Strange 2 may shock you a bit, as Chris is nowhere to be seen. However, there are two other faces you may recognize from the end of that title. These two are the main protagonists of the upcoming sequel to Life is Strange.

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