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Update: Both trailers are available now! Take a look!

Assassin's Creed showed up at E3 again this year! It has become an annual tradition to show a CG trailer for the latest Assassin's Creed, and that is not broken for Black Flag. The new CG trailer shows our latest Assassin adventuring on the deep blue sea, kicking ass and taking names.

We also got a second trailer, completely made from in-game footage. The bits and pieces are cut to look cinematic, but it is impressive to see what Black Flag is capable of.

It was stated that Black Flag was to be the "most ambitious open world game ever made." We'll see if they can follow through on that ambition.

Check back later for both trailers.

Update: We now have the reveal trailer!

Ubisoft announced a new racing game headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2014. Entitled The Crew, it promises to elevate the genre to new heights through a combination of advanced world building not typically seen in racing games and abundant new social features.

The game features a robust "world map" based on the entire United States, much larger than what is considered "doable" on current generation platforms (think Forza Horizon but significantly bigger). Cooperative play sees a major boost in importance, in which players can instantly drop in and out of each other's games and form teams to take down a criminal organization - leading to massive car chase sequences.

In addition, The Crew gives players the ability to completely customize every aspect of their car - from performance-based parts like engines and brakes to cosmetic touches. This customization feature is accessible from tablets and smartphone devices.

Stay tuned for further updates and footage when it hits the net.

Update: We have the trailer for both games now!

Ubisoft has announced Trials Frontier and Trials Fusion, coming to mobile devices and consoles respectively. Trials Fusion will be making its way to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC. Both versions can interact with each other in some way. Not much else is known about the titles, except that you can end up very high in the air. I'm not gonna try that at home.

What do you think about the reveal? Do you find it interesting? Share.

Update: the trailer has been added!

A trailer for Just Dance 2014 was shown at Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference. The game, which was leaked on the Xbox Live Marketplace prior to the event, will include a six-player dancing mode, an "On-Stage" mode, a DJ-mode that allows you to modify the music mid-dance, and a Wii U-specific feature known as Party Master, which features the use of the Gamepad.

The game will be available for all platforms, both current-gen and next-gen, this coming October.

"We've created a house of cards, remove just one and everything falls apart" -- Teaser Trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division

In development by Massive Entertainment, Tom Clancy's The Division is set in a near-future where we no longer understand how to control our own economic system due to its intense complexity. A pandemic is also on the rise, and the United States government is set to deploy Directive 51, a plan to hopefully save mankind.

Tom Clancy's The Division will feature some tablet functionality, and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Game play-wise, it's a third-person MMO shooter set in an open world based on New York City. Based on the game play footage shown, we can conclude that there will be a cover aspect to the shooting, as well as some RPG elements. Aesthetically, the game is in the common dark-realism style similar to that of many modern shooters.

Check out both the game play and teaser trailers for Tom Clancy's The Division after the jump!

UPDATE - We have the new trailers, and they are yours to watch!

Ubisoft showed a new trailer and some new gameplay footage during its E3 Conference for Rayman Legends. Formerly a Wii U exclusive, it was delayed until later this year so it could simultaneously be released on other consoles. It will be released on the third of September. 

The game will feature different universes, competitive multiplayer modes, epic boss battles, awesome musical maps, and last but not least, over 120 levels. Like Ubisoft says, this'll be the biggest Rayman ever.

Watch Dogs appeared at Ubisoft's E3 conference this year with surprising results. The only thing the Ubisoft Montreal game had to show was a trailer that ironically leaked a day before. Viewers of last year's E3 know Watch Dogs was a surprise and a major hit. The trailer is included after the jump if you haven't seen it yet, but it's worth watching. While there's no new information right now, the game is still expected to release for nearly all modern consoles (excluding the Wii) and PC this November.

UPDATED: The new trailer for UFC is now available. Take a look!

During EA's E3 2013 press conference, EA Sports announced that a new UFC title would be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next spring, and it was in the style of an actual at-ring announcer to boot. The new UFC, simply entitled UFC, will feature an immensely upgraded AI system, allowing computer players to appear to improvise in combat. 

Full Body Deformation, a system wherein players will be able to "feel" the authenticity of ever punch, will be added into the new game as well to allow for a level of immersion which goes beyond previous UFC titles.

UPDATED: A new trailer and demo have become available for the Siege of Shanghai map! Head inside to view them!

EA is in an interesting position with the upcoming Battlefield 4, torn between older fans who prefer the high tactics of the older titles and newer fans who prefer the sort of "big-action setpiece-driven linear shooter" type of game. From what we can see, EA is trying to balance these two types of games with Battlefield 4.

The title features a brand new form of game titled "Commander Mode," in which a single player of an entire team is given the ability to appraise the combat map from a top-down perspective and issue orders and commands. In addition, multiplayer arenas can grow to the size of 64 players in a single map.

Stay tuned as we update with footage and further details.

UPDATED: FIFA 14's new E3 trailer is now available. Take a look!

FIFA 14 was unveiled a while back by Electronic Arts, but at their press conference we finally got more details. The franchise is moving to the next generation with this next entry. Running on the brand new Ignite engine, improved graphics and physics are the main feature of FIFA 14. The stadiums feel alive, filled with life in this entry.

Drake introduced the game, stating he was a huge fan of the series. The rapper travels the world, following soccer as he moves across the globe. No doubt a famous face of the music industry is the best man to introduce a football game, right? Right?

Check back later the brand new trailer of the game.

The game is coming to current generation systems, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will also receive a tailor-made version of the game. The next generation entries will be playable at the show floor.

UPDATED: The trailer for the game can be found inside! Take a look!

At EA's press conference, football game manager Cam Weber detailed some of the major changes coming to the Sports Ignite Engine of Madden NFL 25. First, a True Step locomotion system gives players more control over their character than ever before, making them able to shift their momentum in new ways. It is affected by how the character's foot is planted, how they are moving, and in what direction the player wants them to move. Player Sense is a more enhanced AI for your teammates, allowing for more than 50 contextual movements, such as sliding between gaps and reacting to opponents' locations.

EA also rebuilt the character assignments, allowing for more realistic plays where the teammates act by themselves and change plays dynamically after the ball is hiked. Madden 25 includes some of the biggest innovations of any sports game in recent memory and will hopefully prove to be more addicting than past entries. You can look forward to playing Madden 25 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this August, with Adrian Peterson gracing the cover, and see the trailer itself once it becomes available shortly.

UPDATED: The Need for Speed: Rivals demo is now online. Take a look at it inside!

Need for Speed: Rivals was demoed on-stage at EA's Press Conference. The demo showed Smartglass integration by having helicopter support being called in via a tablet, while two players competed in the roles of police and racers.

Also announced was a live-action Need For Speed Movie starring Aaron Paul. It was said to be in-production, and expected to arrive Spring 2014.

UPDATED: The trailer shown for the game can now be viewed! Hit the jump!

Mirror's Edge 2 made its premiere at EA's Press Conference today. A cinematic trailer was shown on-stage, featuring series protagonist, Faith, getting a tattoo, as well as running and fighting her way through a gauntlet of security.

The game, sequel to Mirror's Edge, a 2008 free-running action title, capped off EA's press conference, following a live demo of Battlefield 4. No release date was announced, though a message at the end stated: "Coming...When it's Ready."

UPDATED: Both a trailer and gameplay footage are now available! Check out both of them inside!

Plants vs. Zombies has entertained millions of people worldwide. It has released on iOS and Android devices and moved on to almost every console and handheld on the market. The game has been ported here and there and everywhere. The series continues to find new fans.

Introducing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. The game is a third-person shooter in the PvZ universe. You play as plants, like Peashooter, and you shoot zombies. Gone are the tower-defense elements, replaced by tactical four-player co-op play.

The game follows the same structure of Plants vs. Zombies, using enemy waves and occasional bosses to challenge players.

The game is being developed by PopCap, creators of the original PvZ. It is coming to Xbox One, and later to Xbox 360, sometime soon.

As usual, EA brings new information on the next entry in their Basketball franchise, NBA Live 14 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They brought on Kyrie Irving to do some kind of spoken verse poetry before bringing someone up to actually explain the new engine known as Ignite. The ball physics are done by something called "bounceTek" to improve how the ball moves around on the court to make it more realistic. Updates to the rosters will also be done in-game. Any thoughts about this new Ignite engine and the new physics to make the game more realistic? Ready to play ball with the next entry in NBA the franchise?