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Well, this is pretty big news. While the Xbox 360 had universal limited cloud storage for achievements and game data, the One is going to up the ante and give everybody infinite cloud storage, even without a Gold membership. The following statement was released by Microsoft:

"Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content, including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment. This content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are." — Microsoft

This is pretty big bonus to owning the console, and with the indie market being opened up, the Xbox One could be turning into a pretty big seller by the end of the year.

Every time a new console comes around, it's always a little hard to say goodbye to the previous platform and all that progress you've made on it -- especially when backwards compatibility isn't an option. With the Xbox One on the way in just a few months, many Xbox users are wondering whether or not it's worth starting a career on a new shooter; if they start on the 360, will all the progress they've made in Battlefield 4 be able to transfer to their new One?

No. Each platform is treated like a separate career, similar to how it works in Battlefield 3.

Oh. Well, I guess that settles it, Twitter account of Battlefield. Sure, a lot of people are going to be disappointed, especially after cross-gen saves got confirmed with FIFA 14, so the technology is definitely feasible--

We’ve heard reports that players would like their stats and progression to transfer from current to next-gen in #BF4. We're investigating.

Oh. Well, thanks, Twitter account of Battlefield! I mean...there's not a lot to investigate, but let us know when you've discovered that basically every one of your fans wants cross-gen saves. Make it happen.

On July 26th, Disney registered many domain names that all have something to do with Star Wars: Attack Squadron, leading many to believe that this is a new Star Wars project. However, just what it is remains a mystery; it could be a movie, TV show, video game, comic book, theme park ride, or many many more things.

Personally, I think it'll be a new video game; the name "Attack Squadron" just sounds more like a video game than any of these other things. Could it be a new game developed by EA? After all, they do own the domains and Maybe this is what they're calling the new Battlefront game? Or, perhaps it's a reboot of Rogue Squadron, or a game that is very similar?

Or, it could just be a new line of toys. Hopefully, it'll turn out to be a decent video game; I know that's what I'm hoping for. What do you think Star Wars: Attack Squadron is?

I like most of the discussion oriented shows at Game Trailers, but in this particular case it's even more special than usual. It talks about us, essentially: the gaming press/media. Everyone seems to be hating on the gaming press for a copious amount of reasons, regardless if those reasons are founded in fact not. So what is the real core issue? What is the gaming press getting so wrong?

Video and thoughts inside.

Candle, in development by Teku Studios, is an interesting Kickstarter project looking to blend together two of gaming's oldest and most beloved genres, 2D platforming and the Point-and-Click Adventure, and they're asking for your help to make this project a reality.

Candle is looking to be a beautiful game, using a unique style of combining traditional art techniques with modern video game development tools. And, from what I've seen in their Kickstarter trailer, that work is paying off. The interactive assets fit very well with the rest of the game's world, making the puzzles seem natural.

Candle is currently scheduled for a PC release, but has stretch goals for both Wii U and other next-generation platforms.

Head past the jump for some personal thoughts and the Kickstarter trailer!

Hot on the heels of news that Microsoft has backtracked on its mandate against self-publishing indie developers, Microsoft's Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb hopped on Reddit to say that Xbox One games could be modded, should developers allow for it. This would be easily possible, since Xbox One consoles can be activated as development kits if a user registers with Microsoft.

Clarifying whether users would only be able to create their own content or modify that of others, Major Nelson wrote, “It’s up to developers to support that. These are two very different things.”

Microsoft plans to provide a full announcement of their indie developer self-publishing initiative at Gamescom in August. With this news, will they also openly discuss the possibility of mods? One thing is certain, Microsoft is determined to make up for their previous transgressions, to the point of making their new console downright desirable for many previously outraged consumers.

A few days ago, Inside Gaming Daily reported that Microsoft has a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One in the works for a Summer 2014 release. According to their "anonymous source familiar with the matter," Microsoft has two different bundles in production that do not feature the Kinect: the first includes a normal Xbox One without a Kinect, while the second features a console with a smaller hard drive. Both of these bundles would undercut the PlayStation 4's $399 price tag.

Yesterday, however, Microsoft stated that they had "no plans" to release the Xbox One without a Kinect. They believe in the Kinect's capabilities and the console's $499 price; however, they also believed in the console's DRM features that were later removed, so it is possible that we could get a Xbox One console without a Kinect later on.

Would you like to see Microsoft offer a Xbox One bundle without the Kinect? Let us know in the comments, and check after the jump for Microsoft's full statement.

A new Assassin's Creed IV video released by Ubisoft shows off 13 minutes of open Caribbean gameplay, including ship battles, gorgeous waves, and jungle exploration.

Game Director Ashraf Ismail takes us deeper into the world of Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag with this new commented gameplay video. Embark on a journey with Edward and discover his daily life as a pirate and Assassin in this open-world demo, in a quest for glory, fame and hidden treasures.

MCV points out that the demo's prompts suggest it may have been captured on the PlayStation 4 version of the game, though this is not explicitly said in the video.

Check out the video after the jump!

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that indie developers would be able to self-publish their titles, rather than having to funnel them through Microsoft or another publisher. Now, Microsoft has not only confirmed this, they have added to it.

According to Marc Whitten, chief product officer for Xbox, developers will be able to create games from any Xbox One console. That's right, all Xbox Ones are going to be development kits, essentially allowing any gamer to attempt to create a game if they want to. Although it won't be available at launch, this feature will blow the doors off the development process when it is implemented.

Hop after the jump for a look at Mr. Whitten's statement.

In their ever-lasting quest for forgiveness known as Foot-From-Mouth: The Removal, Microsoft has taken down yet another of its bemoaned policies: the lack of self-publishing on Xbox One for indie developers. According to GameInformer, indie studios will now be able to digitally distribute their games on Xbox One without the need of a publishing partner.

Of course, this still doesn't totally solve Microsoft's problem of the generally poor reputation they've accrued with indie developers over the past couple of years or the contrasting fantastic reputation which Sony has accrued, but this is at least a huge step in the right direction if Microsoft wants to compete in the independent market.

Now tell us your thoughts on Microsoft's most recent back-tracking in the comments!

Recently at Comic-Con, Microsoft mentioned that the Xbox One can store up to 5 minutes of gameplay footage; this video can be edited and mixed on the device before being uploaded to Twitch or other services. This is really nice, as the console has native support for one of the top platforms for gaming videos on the net.

However, the PlayStation 4 has Microsoft's console beaten in terms of gameplay video storage. Sony's newest console can store up to 15 minutes of gameplay storage, triple that of the Xbox One, which can be uploaded or streamed to Ustream.

So, buyers will have to weigh native Twitch compatibility against superior gameplay storage. Personally, I'll be getting a PS4 simply because I'm a PlayStation person, but the decision will be more difficult for other buyers.

Which console are you planning on purchasing?

After keeping a display unit Xbox One under lock and key at PAX Australia, Microsoft will be bringing around 100 playable units to the EB Games Expo in October. What's more, Ausgamer reports, these units will be available to the general public, not just VIPs.

“We are thrilled that EB Games and Microsoft are combining forces to give gamers a chance to get hands-on with the Xbox One at this year’s EB Expo. We hope that this glimpse of the future is as exciting to the gaming public as it is to us. We can’t give away too much just yet, but watch this space for more huge announcements in the coming weeks.” — Debra McGrath, Manager of Brand Engagement and Events.

This is big news for Aussies, who only recently saw the first reveal of the console on Australian soil at PAX Australia. For many fence-sitting attendees, this exposure to the controversial console may make or break their decision to buy the console at launch later this year.

A few days ago, Capcom announced that Double Helix, the company behind upcoming title Killer Instinct, will be developing a new entry into the company's Strider franchise, with a release coming sometime next year. The title was confirmed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, leaving only the Wii U unconfirmed.

Recently, NeoGAF member Chindogg had the chance to talk with some of the folks over at Double Helix, specifically about the possibility of a Wii U release. The company stated that Strider could be ported to the console "if there's a demand for it." Seems like it might be time for another "Operation"!

So, if you want to see the game on the Wii U, better start letting Double Helix know! Do any of you guys want to play this on Wii U?

For many people, Platinum Games seems to be buddying up to Nintendo; currently, they have two games being developed for the Wii U (Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101). This, combined with the company's desire to make first party titles, such as Star Fox, has led many to believe that Platinum wants to or should become a Nintendo-exclusive developer. 

However, Hideki Kamiya doesn't seem to want any part of that. Recently, a fan tweeted him asking which company he would prefer to be an exclusive first-party developer for: Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Kamiya bluntly replied "No interest." Apparently, Kamiya has no desire for his company to be acquired by these companies, and probably any companies.

Sure, becoming a first-party developer would have its perks, such as the freedom to develop the next Star Fox game if allowed. However, it could come at the cost of giving up certain creative liberties which Kamiya is not willing to relinquish. 

What do you think? Should Platinum Games join Nintendo, or are they better on their own?

The Darksiders games have developed a cult following and have scored reasonably well with critics. To many fans' dismay, a Darksiders III seems to be way off in the distant horizon now, if it ever happens at all. This is due to the fact that Vigil Games, the developer of the Darksiders series, failed to find a buyer after its parent company, THQ, went bankrupt. The developers who worked at Vigil, though, found a home at Crytek, with many of Vigil's former staff making up Crytek USA.

Thus, the people who made Darksiders are still around, and recently Siliconera was told what they've been working on. The team of about 30 has been helping develop Ryse: Son of Rome, according to the game's producer, Mike Read. Ryse is a Crytek action game which is being developed exclusively for the Xbox One and was revealed at E3 just over a month ago,

Read also stated that the team is working on its own "things," but did not go into any further detail, leaving it up to imagination. Unfortunately, Crytek does not own the rights to Darksiders, so whatever they are up to, it isn't Darksiders III.

What do you think? Are you excited to play Ryse: Son of Rome? Are you upset that Darksiders III won't be developed by the same people, if it gets developed at all?