Articles tagged with "anniversary"

Feb 01 2018 - Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates its First Anniversary With a Ton of Special Events

Feb 27 2017 - The Pokémon Company Revealed a Ton of Plans for Celebrating Pokémon's 21st Anniversary

Feb 01 2017 - This Gorgeous New Look at Kingdom Hearts III Celebrates Final Fantasy VII's 20th Anniversary

Jan 31 2017 - Today's Final Fantasy VII's 20th Anniversary, So Here's a Gorgeous New Portrait from the Remake

Dec 19 2016 - Square Enix is Kicking Off Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary with an Opening Ceremony on January 31st

Dec 19 2016 - There's a Dragon Quest Attraction Coming to Universal Studios Japan

Dec 18 2016 - Nintendo is Releasing a Hyrule Encyclopedia Next Year to Celebrate Zelda's 30th Anniversary

Dec 15 2016 - Square Enix is Teasing Mysterious Projects for Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary Next Year

Nov 26 2016 - World of Warcraft is Celebrating Its 12th Anniversary by Giving Players In-Game Corgi Puppies

Nov 25 2016 - Sonic's 25th Anniversary Sale is Live on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U eShops

Nov 19 2016 - Nintendo Wii Turns Ten Years Old Today in North America

Nov 18 2016 - Nintendo Wii U Turns Four Years Old Today in North America

Nov 12 2016 - Ubisoft is Giving Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Away for Free on PC This Month

Oct 21 2016 - The Very First Nintendo Direct Released Five Years Ago Today

Oct 09 2016 - Ubisoft is Giving PC Gamers Beyond Good & Evil for Free This Month

Oct 08 2016 - The PS4 Launch Trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider Celebrates the Franchise's 20th Anniversary

Sep 22 2016 - Nintendo Turns 127 Years Old Today

Sep 18 2016 - Capcom Released a Nostalgic Video to Celebrate Phoenix Wright's 15th Anniversary

Sep 13 2016 - Nintendo GameCube Released 15 Years Ago Today in Japan

Sep 10 2016 - Skylanders Imaginators Celebrated Crash Bandicoot's 20th Anniversary in a New Trailer

Sep 09 2016 - Ubisoft is Giving PC Gamers The Crew for Free This Month

Aug 23 2016 - Super Nintendo Launched 25 Years Ago Today in North America

Aug 05 2016 - The Metroid Series Turns 30 Years Old Today

Jul 23 2016 - Here's the First Look at the Sonic Universe in LEGO Dimensions

Jul 23 2016 - The Sonic Generations Team is Making a New Sonic Game for All Consoles, Including Nintendo’s NX