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Mar 21 2018 - Analyst Estimates Nintendo Switch Will Sell 200 Million Units

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Mar 01 2018 - Report: Nintendo Has No Plans for a New Model of Nintendo Switch

Jan 31 2018 - The Nintendo Switch Sells 14.86 Million Units, Officially Surpassing the Wii U's Lifetime Sales

Jan 05 2018 - The Nintendo Switch is the Fastest Selling Console in US History

Dec 14 2017 - The Nintendo Switch Sold Over 10 Million Units in Just Nine Months

Oct 23 2017 - Nintendo Switch Might Support Longer Video Capture in the Future

Oct 23 2017 - The Nintendo Switch's Latest Update Also Added USB Headset Support and a Joy-Con Update

Oct 18 2017 - The Nintendo Switch's Newest Update Lets You Share Gameplay Videos to Social Media

Sep 20 2017 - The Nintendo Switch's Copy of NES Golf May in Fact be a Powerful Tribute to Satoru Iwata

Sep 19 2017 - Rumor: Netflix Might Be Ready to Work on Nintendo Switch

Sep 19 2017 - Console Wall Mounts Aim to Make Your Living Room Both Sleek and Practical

Aug 29 2017 - Nintendo Promises to Ramp Up Switch Production for the Holidays

Aug 01 2017 - You Can Preorder a SNES Classic Later This Month

Jul 24 2017 - New Trademarks Suggest That Nintendo is Getting Ready For an N64 Classic

Jul 18 2017 - Atari Shows Off Their New AtariBox Console

Jul 06 2017 - Switch Owners Have Made Custom Joy-Con Themed after the NES, SNES, GameCube, and More

Jul 01 2017 - Reggie Says Supporting 4K Might Limit Nintendo's Audience

Jun 23 2017 - Nintendo Apologizes for the Shortage of Switch Consoles

Jun 21 2017 - A New Firmware Update for the Switch Introduces an Awesome New Way to Find Missing Joy-Cons