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Jul 12 2016 - The Monster Hunter Generations DLC Inspired by Star Fox is Coming West

Jul 08 2016 - The Callie and Marie Costumes and Event Course are Now Live in Super Mario Maker

Jul 01 2016 - Nintendo Has Officially Revealed the Squid Sisters Costumes in Super Mario Maker

Jun 02 2016 - Super Mario Maker is Getting an Event Course and Costume for Shaun the Sheep

May 25 2016 - Super Mario Maker is Getting a Hello Kitty Costume

May 22 2016 - Felynes Can Wear Armor Based on Ghost 'n Goblins in Monster Hunter Generations

May 21 2016 - A Data Miner Has Discovered Costumes for Splatoon's Squid Sisters in Super Mario Maker

May 10 2016 - The Ice Climbers are Coming to Super Mario Maker as Costumes

Apr 27 2016 - Super Mario Maker is Getting a Costume of Japan's Popular New Music Group, BABYMETAL

Apr 23 2016 - Monster Hunter Generations Will Let You Dress Your Felyne Up Like Okami's Amaterasu

Apr 13 2016 - The Division's Latest Patch Includes Outfits From Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell

Mar 30 2016 - Super Mario Maker is Getting a Starfy Costume in Japan

Mar 28 2016 - GameStop is Giving out Costume DLC With Bravely Second: End Layer Preorders

Mar 18 2016 - Super Mario Maker's Next Costume is Yuu Ayasaki from Daigasso! Band Brothers

Mar 11 2016 - Preorder Bravely Second and Get a Free 3DS Theme and In-Game Costume

Mar 09 2016 - Super Mario Maker’s New Update Adds Costumes for Tetra, Balloon Fighter, Baby Mario, and Tons More

Mar 08 2016 - Super Mario Maker's Next Mystery Mushroom Costume is Mary O. from the Game's Manual

Mar 03 2016 - Super Mario Maker is Getting a Tanooki Suit Statue Costume

Mar 02 2016 - Nintendo Has Released a Trailer for Super Mario Maker's Wolf Link Costume

Feb 24 2016 - Super Mario Maker is Getting a Barbara the Bat Costume and a New Event Course