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Nov 28 2016 - Nintendo Week Talks About Switch's Launch Lineup and Third-Parties, Pokémon Sun and Moon, and More

Nov 17 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo Switch Will Get Pokémon, Pikmin 4, a New IP, and a Retro Studios Game in Year One

Nov 16 2016 - Rumor: Mario Kart Switch Features New Tracks, New Characters, and an Improved Battle Mode

Nov 14 2016 - Rumor: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Won't Be a Nintendo Switch Launch Title

Nov 06 2016 - Emily Rogers Believes the New 3D Mario Game Could Launch Alongside Nintendo Switch

Nov 01 2016 - Report: Nintendo is Ending Wii U Production This Friday

Oct 30 2016 - Report: Nintendo Switch Has 4 GB of RAM

Oct 19 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo is Working on a New IP to be the "Next Splatoon" on NX

Aug 30 2016 - Rumor: NX Has a Button that Shares Images and Videos Directly to Social Media

May 20 2016 - NWC: We Hope the Rumor's True That Retro Studios is Working on a Different Series for NX

May 13 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo NX Uses Custom Chips That Are Comparable to Xbox One in Power

Apr 28 2016 - Rumor: Retro Studios' Next Project is a 2017 NX Game, and it's Not Metroid or Donkey Kong

Apr 25 2016 - NWC: We Believe the Rumor that Nintendo's Porting Zelda U to NX with Voice Acting & Gender Options

Apr 20 2016 - Emily Rogers Claims NX Will Have More First-Party Games in Year One than Wii U Did in Three or Four

Apr 18 2016 - Emily Rogers Says the Recent Nintendo NX Rumors are False

Apr 13 2016 - Emily Rogers Says Mother 3 is Still Coming to the West This Year

Apr 13 2016 - Rumor: Zelda U, Smash Bros., Mario Maker, and Splatoon are All Being Ported to NX

Apr 08 2016 - Rumor: Zelda Wii U Features Male and Female Protagonists, Most Characters Have Voice Acting

Jan 22 2016 - Rumor: A New Paper Mario Game is Coming to Wii U This Year

Jan 22 2016 - Investigations About an Unannounced Nintendo Game for Wii U Will be Published on Monday

Dec 09 2013 - Update: Miiverse, Nintendo Network ID, and More Coming to 3DS Today

Aug 08 2013 - Rumor: 3DS and Wii U Will Share eShop Balances Soon

Jul 18 2013 - Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Getting a Nintendo Network/Miiverse Update This Fall

Apr 23 2013 - Emily Rogers Tells Us to Expect Wii U Update at the End of the Week

Apr 22 2013 - Rumor: 3DS and Wii U Cross-Play, Big Things Brewing for Wii U