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Aug 23 2016 - Dark Souls III's First DLC Pack Adds New Weapons, Spells, and a PvP Map

Aug 02 2016 - Someone Beat All of Dark Souls III, Including Every Optional Boss, Without Taking a Single Hit

Jul 28 2016 - Someone Recreated the Opening Section of Dark Souls in LittleBigPlanet 3

Jul 25 2016 - Someone Made a Mod that Replaces Every Texture in Dark Souls III With Pictures of Crabs

Jul 19 2016 - A Twitch Streamer Beat Dark Souls III Using Only a Dance Pad Controller

Jul 10 2016 - Dark Souls' Creator Wants to Make a Game That "Surpasses the Souls Series"

Jul 09 2016 - The Director of Dark Souls Says That They Could Return to the Series "Maybe Down the Line"

Jul 03 2016 - Someone Beat Dark Souls III Without Taking a Single Hit, Using No Shield and No Ranged Combat

Jun 19 2016 - A Dark Souls Player Saved Himself from Getting Killed by Hiding in Plain Sight Dressed as an NPC

Jun 17 2016 - From Software is Currently Working on Three New Games

May 25 2016 - Somebody Beat the First Boss of Dark Souls III Using Only a Dance Pad Controller

May 18 2016 - Kadokawa Games, From Software's Parent Company, is Hosting an E3 Conference This Year

May 18 2016 - The Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Finished With $5.4 Million in Pledges

May 12 2016 - The Hunter's Dream from Bloodborne Has Been Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

May 11 2016 - Dark Souls III Has Shipped 3 Million Copies Worldwide