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Aug 25 2016 - Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is Just $20 at Best Buy and GameStop

Aug 24 2016 - Select GameStop Stores Will Demo Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Dragon Quest VII this Saturday

Aug 13 2016 - Leaked Instructions for GameStop Employees Indicate Final Fantasy XV's Release Date is November 29th

Jul 30 2016 - GameStop is Offering $200 Off of Xbox One S if You Trade in a PS4

Jul 18 2016 - GameStop Stores with Nearby PokéStops Doubled Their Sales Last Weekend

Jul 08 2016 - Check Out the Launch Trailer for Insomniac's Song of the Deep

Jun 29 2016 - Microsoft Says Xbox One S Preorders are "Off to an Amazing Start"

Jun 16 2016 - Sony is Holding PlayStation VR Demos at Over 30 Best Buy and GameStop Stores This Weekend

Jun 11 2016 - You Can Now Preorder All the New Splatoon Amiibo at GameStop

Jun 11 2016 - Rumor: Microsoft is Working on an Xbox One With a 2 TB Hard Drive

Jun 09 2016 - GameStop Expands its Lineup of Retro Games to Include GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and More

Jun 08 2016 - The Special Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X is $30 Off at GameStop

Jun 03 2016 - Ready at Dawn's Next Game is a Multiplayer Brawler Called "Deformers"

May 31 2016 - A Young Boy Punched an Armed Robber in the Stomach During a Burglary at GameStop

May 29 2016 - GameStop Expects NX to Sell Roughly Between as Many Units as Wii and Wii U

May 28 2016 - GameStop Expects to Hear "Major News" on Virtual Reality and Potential New Consoles at E3

May 27 2016 - GameStop is "Particularly Excited" About PlayStation VR and Will Demo it at Hundreds of Stores

May 27 2016 - Ready at Dawn's New GameStop-Published Title Will be Revealed Next Week

May 25 2016 - Report: No Man's Sky Has Been Delayed

May 21 2016 - GameStop's Preorder Bonus for Monster Hunter Generations is a 3DS Theme

May 12 2016 - You Can Now Preorder the Monster Hunter Generations Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS at GameStop

May 07 2016 - The Remastered Batman: Arkham Collection is Listed by GameStop Italy

May 07 2016 - You Can Now Preorder a Physical Copy of Minecraft: Wii U Edition

May 06 2016 - The Pikachu-Themed Pokkén Tournament Controller Releases in Limited Quantities on July 31st

May 06 2016 - The CEO of GameStop Says the Wii U was Disappointing "to Everyone," but He is Excited for NX