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Sep 15 2016 - Pokémon GO is "Likely" Coming to Android Watches

Sep 07 2016 - Niantic is Already Working on a New Project to Follow Pokémon GO

Aug 21 2016 - Niantic Says They Will "Definitely Take Advantage" of Future AR Devices

Aug 21 2016 - Niantic Says its Philosophy is to Make Players Go Outside to Play Video Games

Aug 19 2016 - Niantic Believes Pokémon GO Has "Only Just Scratched the Surface" of AR Gameplay Mechanics

Aug 08 2016 - Niantic Plans to Add New Pokémon and Special Events to Pokémon GO in the Future

Aug 05 2016 - Pokémon GO's Official Blog Explained Why They Shut Down Pokémon Tracking Websites

Aug 03 2016 - The Creator of PokéVision Published a Heartfelt Letter to Niantic About Pokémon GO's Tracking

Jul 31 2016 - Niantic's CEO Sees Sponsored Locations as "a Better Business Model" than Microtransactions

Jul 30 2016 - Niantic's CEO John Hanke Doesn't Approve of Pokémon GO Tracking Sites like PokéRadar

Jul 30 2016 - ​Pokémon GO Had More Downloads in Two Weeks than Niantic Expected in a Year

Jul 17 2016 - Pokémon GO Hasn't Launched in Japan Because the Servers Can't Handle it Yet

Jul 15 2016 - Niantic's CEO Wants Pokémon GO to Reach Over 200 Regions "Relatively Soon"

Jul 13 2016 - Pokémon GO Will Get New Updates Every Two Weeks

Jul 13 2016 - Pokémon GO Has Exceeded Niantic's Expectations "In Every Way"

Jul 13 2016 - Pokémon Producer Junichi Masuda is "Very Involved" in the Development of ​Pokémon GO

Jul 12 2016 - Pokémon GO Will Let Businesses Pay to Become "Sponsored Locations" in the Future

Jul 11 2016 - Niantic Says Pokémon GO Only Spawns Pokémon in Secure, Nearby Places to Keep Players Safe

Jul 11 2016 - Real-World Locations Like Ponds and Zoos Affect Which Pokémon Will Appear in Pokémon GO