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Jan 13 2016 - Mewtwo, Garchomp, and Braixen Will All be Playable Pokémon Fighters in Pokkén Tournament

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Oct 02 2015 - The Mewtwo Amiibo is Available for Preorder on the Nintendo UK Store

Aug 10 2015 - Here’s a High-Quality Look at Mewtwo’s Amiibo and its Packaging

Aug 06 2015 - The Mewtwo Amiibo Releases on October 23 in the UK

Jul 23 2015 - A South African Retailer Listed the Mewtwo Amiibo's Release Date as October 23rd

Jul 09 2015 - Mewtwo Amiibo is on Display at San Diego Comic-Con

Jun 09 2015 - Placeholders for the Mewtwo and Lucas Amiibo Have Appeared on GAME's Website

Apr 28 2015 - Mewtwo is Now Available for All Smash Players

Apr 24 2015 - New Super Smash Bros. Patch Fixes Several Mewtwo Glitches