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Feb 22 2018 - The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Will Debut on November 15th, 2019

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Oct 16 2017 - The Detective Pikachu Movie Will Start Filming in January 2018

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Aug 01 2017 - The 20th Pokémon Movie is Coming to Theaters Worldwide in November

May 24 2017 - The Uncharted Movie Will be a Prequel, and It'll Star the New Spider-Man Actor

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Feb 25 2017 - It Looks Like the Metal Gear Solid Movie is Still Happening

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Feb 19 2017 - Looks Like the Next Pokémon Movie is a Back-to-Roots Nostalgia Trip

Jan 09 2017 - The Uncharted Movie Finally Has a Completed Script

Jan 07 2017 - Alice Returns to the Hive in the Latest Trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Dec 31 2016 - Resident Evil: Vendetta's New Trailer Confuses the Hell Out of Me

Dec 28 2016 - The Live-Action Super Mario Bros. Movie is Getting a Special Edition Blu-Ray

Dec 20 2016 - The Assassin's Creed Movie Has a Rating of Just 19% on Rotten Tomatoes

Dec 15 2016 - Hitman's Holiday Update Adds the Burglars from Home Alone as Your New Targets

Dec 15 2016 - Here's the First Teaser Trailer for Next Year's Pokémon Movie

Dec 11 2016 - Nintendo Week Ends 2016 Discussing Nintendo Switch's Public Debut, Gen II in Pokémon GO, and More

Dec 05 2016 - Japan's Getting a Fourth Yo-kai Watch Movie Next Winter

Nov 30 2016 - Goosebumps Director Rob Letterman Will Direct the Detective Pikachu Movie