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Oct 23 2017 - Amazon is Listing a Super NES Edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL

Aug 09 2017 - A Metroid-Themed New Nintendo 3DS XL Will Launch Alongside Metroid: Samus Returns

Jan 25 2017 - You Can Start Rocking This Adorable Pikachu-Themed Nintendo 3DS Soon

Dec 08 2016 - SNES Classic Demon's Crest is Now Available on the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America

Nov 12 2016 - New Nintendo 3DS XL is Now Available in Three More Colors in Europe

Nov 12 2016 - New Images Show Off the Limited Edition Mushroom Kingdom New Nintendo 3DS

Nov 10 2016 - You Can Now Preorder the Pikachu-Themed New 3DS XL

Nov 07 2016 - Nintendo's Releasing Two Limited Edition New Nintendo 3DS Systems for $99 Each on Black Friday

Oct 21 2016 - Amazon is Now Selling a Lime Green New Nintendo 3DS XL with Super Mario World Pre-Installed

Oct 06 2016 - Mega Man X2 Releases on North America's New Nintendo 3DS eShop Today

Sep 15 2016 - You Can Now Preorder the Solgaleo Lunala Black Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL

Sep 13 2016 - A New Nintendo 3DS XL Featuring Pokémon Sun and Moon's Legendaries Launches on October 28th

Sep 07 2016 - Super Castlevania IV is Coming to the New Nintendo 3DS' Virtual Console Tomorrow

Aug 29 2016 - Nintendo is Launching a "Galaxy Style" New Nintendo 3DS XL This Week

Aug 24 2016 - Three Street Fighter Games are Coming to the New 3DS Virtual Console Tomorrow in North America

Aug 09 2016 - Nintendo is Releasing a New Nintendo 3DS Bundled with Super Mario 3D Land for Just $150

Jun 25 2016 - HORI is Releasing a Cool Pikachu New 3DS XL Protector and Pokémon Case in September

Jun 22 2016 - Pokémon Sun and Moon are Getting a Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS and SteelBook in Europe

Jun 15 2016 - Two New Pokémon-Themed New 3DS XLs are Coming to Japan in November

May 30 2016 - Multiple Retailers are Taking Preorders for the Special Monster Hunter Generations New Nintendo 3DS

May 23 2016 - Dragon Ball: Fusions is Getting a New Nintendo 3DS Bundle in Japan

May 19 2016 - Contra III: The Alien Wars is Available Now on the Virtual Console for New Nintendo 3DS

May 12 2016 - You Can Now Preorder the Monster Hunter Generations Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS at GameStop

May 12 2016 - Monster Hunter Generations Launches in the West on July 15 With a Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS

May 11 2016 - Japan is Getting Two Bright New Colors of New Nintendo 3DS XL