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Sep 14 2016 - Pokémon GO Has Boosted Sales of Pokémon Games on 3DS in Japan

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Sep 14 2016 - Japan Has its Worst Hardware Sales Week Ever as PS4 Sales Plummet

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Sep 13 2016 - Nintendo GameCube Released 15 Years Ago Today in Japan

Sep 13 2016 - Someone Managed to Complete the PokéDex Without Collecting a Single Badge

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Sep 13 2016 - A New Nintendo 3DS XL Featuring Pokémon Sun and Moon's Legendaries Launches on October 28th

Sep 13 2016 - New Paper Mario: Color Splash Footage Shows Off Bowser's Evil Plan

Sep 12 2016 - Japan's Prime Minister Originally Planned to Wear a Mario Mustache in the Olympics Closing Ceremony