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Jul 18 2017 - The Team Behind Project M Has Revealed Their Own Original Fighting Game

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Jul 22 2016 - "Super Smash Bros. Legacy XP" is a New Brawl Mod With Ten New Characters and Over 700 Stages

Jun 11 2016 - Tons of Files From the Canceled Project M Show Planned Characters Such as Ridley, K. Rool, and More

Apr 21 2016 - A New Smash Bros. Mod Brings Sans from Undertale to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Project M

Dec 15 2015 - Nintendo Should Embrace Mods Like Project M and Use Them to Achieve Even Greater Things

Dec 11 2015 - The Mod that Adds Waluigi to the Cast of Smash Bros. Brawl and Project M Will Launch This Month

Dec 09 2015 - Nintendo Week Tackles Minecraft U, Talk of Mario Galaxy 3, Project M's Tragic End, and More

Dec 03 2015 - The Real Reason Project M's Developers Cancelled the Smash Bros. Mod was Fear of Legal Action

Dec 02 2015 - Project M's Last Build Has Been Leaked, Includes Knuckles, Lyn, and Isaac

Dec 02 2015 - Project M is Ceasing Development, Effective Immediately

Oct 09 2015 - You Can Play as Goku in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with This Incredible Mod

Sep 17 2015 - This Awesome Smash Bros. Mod Gives Ganondorf Two New Movesets, Featuring His Sword, Magic, and More

Aug 20 2015 - Project M's Latest Update Brings New Stages, a New Announcer, and More

Aug 20 2015 - Recent Discoveries Suggest Geno Will be Playable in Project M, Alongside Lyn, Isaac, & Knuckles

Aug 13 2015 - This Fan Video Compiles the Most Insane Final Smash Mods for Project M

Jun 24 2015 - Project M's Newest Update is Here, Bringing New Stages, Costumes, and More

Mar 31 2015 - A Ton of New Features Are Coming to Project M

Feb 10 2015 - Project M Videos Will be Taken Down from VGBootCamp

Nov 17 2014 - Rumor: Nintendo is Banning Project M from Upcoming Tournament

Nov 13 2014 - Fan-Favorite Smash Bros. Mod, Project M, Announces Exciting New Features

Aug 17 2014 - Community Night: Smash Bros. and More Minecraft!

Aug 04 2014 - The Most Perfectly-Timed Falcon Punch You Will Ever See

Jun 30 2014 - Project M Introduces “All-Star Versus Mode” to Smash Bros.