Articles tagged with "rumors"

Sep 25 2017 - Rumor: Nintendo Is Working On Bringing Achievements to the Switch

Sep 12 2017 - Rumor: Five New Characters May Have Been Leaked for Fire Emblem Warriors

Jun 05 2017 - Rumor: Pokkén Tournament Might Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

May 30 2017 - Rumor: Leaked Images Reveal Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch with Extra Content

May 11 2017 - Rumor: A Screenshot From the Next Assassin's Creed Game Has Leaked Online

Feb 13 2017 - Unlikely Rumor: Nintendo's Not Going to Make Any More of the NES Classic Edition

Feb 02 2017 - Don't Fall for That Rumor Going Around About Fallout: New Vegas 2

Jan 23 2017 - Rumor: More Characters are in Development for Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch

Jan 12 2017 - Rumor: A New Metroid Game is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Jan 06 2017 - Rumor: You'll Be Able to Play as Octolings in Splatoon's Nintendo Switch Port

Jan 04 2017 - Rumor: Rayman Legends is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Jan 04 2017 - Rumor: GameStop Will Begin Taking Preorders for Nintendo Switch on January 13th

Jan 03 2017 - Rumor: Nintendo Still Hasn't Decided When Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Release Globally

Jan 02 2017 - Rumor: Mother 3 is Indeed Coming to Nintendo Switch

Dec 30 2016 - Rumor: Banjo-Kazooie’s Composer is Writing the Music for the Mario-Meets-Rabbids RPG

Dec 30 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo Switch Only Has the Same Amount of Internal Storage as Wii U

Dec 27 2016 - Rumor: The Nintendo Switch Virtual Console Library Will be "Disappointing" at Launch

Dec 27 2016 - Rumor: The Next Nintendo Switch Presentation Will Reveal 2-3 Third-Party Exclusives

Dec 20 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo is Recalling Wii U Stock From Best Buy

Dec 06 2016 - Rumor: Pokémon GO is Partnering with Starbucks and Adding New Pokémon on Thursday

Nov 25 2016 - Rumor: Pokémon GO is Adding 100 New Pokémon in a Huge Update Next Month

Nov 25 2016 - Rumor: Monolith Soft is Working on a New Game for Nintendo Switch

Nov 23 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo is Targeting a June Release for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nov 21 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo Switch's Full 2017 Lineup Includes Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy and Tons More

Nov 20 2016 - Rumor: Pikmin 4 is a Reboot That Launches Next Autumn on Nintendo Switch