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Jun 22 2016 - Rumor: Star Wars Battlefront Might be Getting an Offline Mode Called "Instant Action"

Jun 12 2016 - Rumor: Dead Rising 4 is Coming, and it's a Remake with Co-op, New Playable Characters, and More

Jun 12 2016 - Rumor: God of War 4 will be Announced at E3 2016 but The Last of Us 2 Will Not

Jun 11 2016 - Rumor: Microsoft is Working on an Xbox One With a 2 TB Hard Drive

Jun 08 2016 - Rumor: Bethesda Will Announce a Skyrim Remaster, Wolfenstein 2, and More at E3

Jun 07 2016 - Rumor: LEGO Dimensions Will Add Sonic, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, and More

Jun 05 2016 - Rumor: The Division's First Expansion Launches on June 28th

Jun 02 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo NX Was Delayed to Allow for Virtual Reality and Mobile Compatibility

May 31 2016 - Rumor: The Next Skylanders Game is Called "Skylanders: Imaginators" and Launches in October

May 26 2016 - Rumor: Future Main Series Halo Games Will Launch on Both Xbox One and PC

May 24 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo is Working on a Handheld Code Named "MH"

May 20 2016 - Rumor: A New Overwatch Hero Will Be Revealed in Blizzard's Next Animated Short

May 17 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo's NX Will Use An Nvidia Tegra Processor

May 16 2016 - Rumor: Disney Infinity Was Planning 12-Inch Figures, Content from Star Wars: Rogue One, and More

May 13 2016 - Rumor: Nintendo NX Uses Custom Chips That Are Comparable to Xbox One in Power

May 01 2016 - Rumor: Microsoft Will Unveil New Hardware at E3

Apr 28 2016 - Rumor: Retro Studios' Next Project is a 2017 NX Game, and it's Not Metroid or Donkey Kong

Apr 26 2016 - Rumor: The Next Call of Duty Game Will be Revealed Next Tuesday, May 3rd

Apr 25 2016 - NWC: We Believe the Rumor that Nintendo's Porting Zelda U to NX with Voice Acting & Gender Options

Apr 22 2016 - Rumor: Sony is Developing a New Spider-Man Game for PlayStation 4

Apr 22 2016 - Rumor: Horizon Zero Dawn Will be Delayed to 2017 and It's 4K Compatible

Apr 20 2016 - Emily Rogers Claims NX Will Have More First-Party Games in Year One than Wii U Did in Three or Four

Apr 18 2016 - Emily Rogers Says the Recent Nintendo NX Rumors are False

Apr 17 2016 - The Level List May Have Been Leaked for Uncharted 4

Apr 16 2016 - Rumor: The Nintendo NX Controller Will be Able to Stream Games from the Console While on the Go