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May 07 2016 - Amazon Japan is Listing a Bundle with Shovel Knight and its Amiibo for Nintendo 3DS

Apr 14 2016 - Shovel Knight Has Sold Over 1.2 Million Copies and Over 180,000 Amiibo

Mar 15 2016 - Plague Knight and Shield Knight are Getting Official Plush Dolls

Jan 16 2016 - NWC: Shovel Knight is Tracing Footsteps of Gaming's Greatest Icons and Becoming His Own Legend

Jan 14 2016 - Nintendo Week Talks Pokémon's Huge 2016 Plans and Where Nintendo's Best Series Can Go Next

Jan 12 2016 - Yacht Club Wants to Make a 3D Shovel Knight Game that Recaptures the Magic of Super Mario 64

Jan 11 2016 - Yacht Club Games Says They Would Be "Silly" Not to Make a Shovel Knight Sequel

Jan 10 2016 - Yacht Club Games Was Working on a Mobile Platformer Before They Made Shovel Knight

Jan 07 2016 - Rumor: The Shovel Knight Amiibo Will Be in Short Supply at All Retailers

Jan 07 2016 - Yacht Club Had to Pitch Their Ideas for the Shovel Knight Amiibo to Nintendo

Jan 07 2016 - Shovel Knight Creators Tried Their Hardest to Respond to Leaks Online While Keeping the Amibo Secret

Jan 07 2016 - A Cut Idea for the Shovel Knight Amiibo Had It Unlock a Customizable AI Partner Character

Jan 03 2016 - Yacht Club Games Will “Completely Finish Shovel Knight in 2016”

Jan 01 2016 - Yacht Club Games Says Fans Shouldn't Have a Problem Finding the Shovel Knight Amiibo

Dec 15 2015 - Rumor: The Shovel Knight Amiibo Will Be in Short Supply at Target

Dec 13 2015 - A Mega-Sample of All the Smash Bros. Poll Data Shows K. Rool, Shovel Knight, and Banjo in the Lead

Dec 03 2015 - The Shovel Knight Amiibo Launches December 11th in Europe, January 8th in North America

Dec 03 2015 - The Shovel Knight Amiibo's Release Date Will be Revealed Within a Week

Nov 17 2015 - Amazon Listed the Shovel Knight Amiibo for Release on December 18th

Nov 07 2015 - "Indivisible" Will Feature Guest Characters, Including Shovel Knight and Other Indie Stars

Oct 23 2015 - Tamaki Says Nintendo's Japanese Executives Really Like Shovel Knight, Even Though it's Not Out Yet

Oct 19 2015 - Unseen64's Tamaki Joins Nintendo Week to Tackle the NX Reports, Smash Bros. DLC, and Tons More

Oct 17 2015 - NWC: There's No Way Shovel Knight Content isn't Making it into Smash Bros.

Oct 14 2015 - Nintendo Week Tackles Exciting Smash Bros. Rumors, Nearly-Certain Twilight Princess Remake, & More

Oct 10 2015 - Nintendo's Website Says You Can Customize and Battle the Shovel Knight Amiibo in Super Smash Bros.