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Nov 17 2015 - Amazon Listed the Shovel Knight Amiibo for Release on December 18th

Nov 07 2015 - "Indivisible" Will Feature Guest Characters, Including Shovel Knight and Other Indie Stars

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Oct 10 2015 - Nintendo's Website Says You Can Customize and Battle the Shovel Knight Amiibo in Super Smash Bros.

Oct 09 2015 - The Xbox One Physical Release for Shovel Knight Has Been Cancelled

Oct 09 2015 - Yacht Club Announces Physical Release Dates for Shovel Knight, Still Determining Amiibo Launch Date

Oct 01 2015 - Here's How Shovel Knight Should Play if He Ever Joins Super Smash Bros.

Sep 30 2015 - Nintendo Week Talks Female Link, NX's Third-Parties, Pokémon Innovations, & Last Smash DLC Thoughts

Sep 28 2015 - 3DS and Wii U Make Up 50% of Shovel Knight Sales

Sep 23 2015 - Nintendo Week Tackles Recent Patents, Star Fox's Delay, New Hyrule Warriors Characters, and More

Sep 22 2015 - Nintendo and Yacht Club Explain How They Collaborated on Shovel Knight's Amiibo and Exclusive Modes

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Sep 16 2015 - Some Retailers Are Delaying the Physical Version of Shovel Knight to November 3rd

Sep 16 2015 - Here's How to Download Shovel Knight's Free Plague of Shadows Expansion on Each Platform

Sep 16 2015 - Nintendo UK is Now Taking Preorders for the Shovel Knight Amiibo

Sep 11 2015 - Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows Launches This Thursday

Sep 10 2015 - NWC: Shovel Knight's Amiibo is a Testament to His Popularity, and the Smash Rumor is Quite Possible

Sep 09 2015 - Nintendo Week Talks Pikmin 4, Shovel Knight's Smash Bros. Rumor, and the Future of Nintendo Direct

Sep 01 2015 - The Shovel Knight Amiibo Will Be Produced in the Same Factory as the Disney Infinity Figures

Sep 01 2015 - Miyamoto Personally Rejected an Early Pitch For the Shovel Knight Amiibo's In-Game Functions

Aug 29 2015 - This Cool Concept Art of the Shovel Knight Amiibo Shows Off Different Ideas for its Pose

Aug 29 2015 - Here's Footage of Shovel Knight's Free Upcoming Expansion, Plague of Shadows