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Dec 01 2016 - The UK Advertising Authority Has Cleared No Man's Sky of All False Advertising Charges

Nov 25 2016 - Fans Can Now Vote for Nominees for the First-Ever Steam Awards

Nov 16 2016 - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Launches in the Next Sixty Days

Nov 06 2016 - Steam Will Require Developers to Show Actual Screenshots of Their Games With its Next Update

Oct 13 2016 - RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Just Got New DLC and a Price Cut on Steam

Oct 13 2016 - Steam Will Soon Officially Support the DualShock 4 Controller

Oct 07 2016 - Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is Out Now on Steam

Oct 04 2016 - Digital Homicide Has Been "Destroyed" by its Lawsuit Against its Own Steam Users

Sep 18 2016 - Valve Banned the Developer Digital Homicide from Steam for Suing its Customers Over Bad Reviews

Sep 18 2016 - NWC: These are the Features We Wish Nintendo's NX Will Have at Launch

Aug 29 2016 - Steam Offers No Special Refund Policy for Players Upset With No Man's Sky

Aug 28 2016 - Various Online Retailers Are Refunding No Man's Sky Even After Hours of Playing

Aug 24 2016 - Microsoft Will Only Put Their Games on Steam "Where They Make Sense"

Aug 24 2016 - Nintendo Week Talks Most-Wanted Features for NX and Debates the World's Greatest Zelda Game