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Oct 04 2016 - Kosmic Just Broke the Super Mario Bros. Speedrunning Record Less Than a Week After Tying It

Oct 03 2016 - Someone Just Tied the World Record for Speedrunning the Original Super Mario Bros.

Aug 25 2016 - TIME Made a List of the 50 Greatest Games Ever, Topped by Mario, Zelda, Tetris, Doom, and More

Aug 23 2016 - This Hamster Completed an Adorably Tiny Recreation of the First Level from Super Mario Bros.

Aug 18 2016 - This Mario-Inspired Designer Watch is on Sale for Just $27,000

Aug 15 2016 - Someone Edited Mario Sound Effects Over One of Michael Phelps' Races, and it Fits Surprisingly Well

Jul 15 2016 - Nintendo is Most Successful When They Make People's Dreams Come True

Jul 14 2016 - Nintendo is Releasing a New Mini NES That Comes With Over 30 Classic Games for $59.99

Jun 29 2016 - An Incredible Artist Reimagined Tons of Games Like Zelda, Metroid, and BioShock in Unique Styles

Jun 02 2016 - A New Study Says Playing Super Mario Bros. Can be as Hard as Solving Complex Math Problems

May 18 2016 - Super Mario Bros. is Getting a Gorgeous Collector's Edition of Monopoly

Apr 23 2016 - Lakitu is Apparently Glitched in the Original Super Mario Bros.

Apr 14 2016 - Someone Broke the World Record for Beating the Original Super Mario Bros. in the Fastest Time

Apr 12 2016 - Someone Discovered the Rarest Animation in Super Mario Bros. 3, the Hammer Suit Sliding Downhill

Feb 23 2016 - An Archie Comics Artist Shares Concept Art for the Rejected Super Mario Bros. Comic