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Oct 21 2018 - Monolith Soft Says It Would Be "Really Difficult" to Bring Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch

May 24 2018 - Monolith Soft Wants to Make Xenoblade Chronicles 3, X2, and a New RPG

Jan 26 2018 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is Receiving a New Game+ Mode Next Month

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Jan 06 2017 - The Wife of Monolith Soft's Founder Retweeted the News of the Upcoming Nintendo Switch Event

Dec 17 2015 - The Head of Monolith Soft Prefers Western Games Over Current Japanese Ones

Dec 17 2015 - Takahashi Wants to Create Future Xenoblade Games with "Different Approaches"

Dec 10 2015 - The Head of Monolith Soft Hopes to Keep Making Games that "Can't be Made Within Nintendo"

Dec 08 2015 - Monolith was Inspired by Multiplayer Features in Other Games to Create the Ones in Xenoblade X

Dec 06 2015 - Xenoblade's Director Would Want the Next Game to be a More Traditional JRPG

Nov 28 2015 - The Next Game From Monolith Soft's Takahashi Isn't a Xenoblade Title

Nov 28 2015 - Dev Calls the 30 Hours it Takes to Get Your First Mech in Xenoblade Chronicles X "World Building"

Nov 28 2015 - Monolith Soft's Takahashi Says He Keeps Up With Western Games, Praises GTA V

Nov 28 2015 - Monolith Soft's Takahashi Says His Top Priority is That His Employees Aren't Overworked

Jun 26 2015 - Monolith Soft's Tetsuya Takahashi is Worried By the Rise of Mobile Gaming

Jun 26 2015 - Monolith Soft Discusses the Differences Between RPGs and JRPGs

Jun 24 2015 - Monolith Soft "Would Love to" Assist in Zelda U's Development

Jun 24 2015 - Monolith Soft is Not Planning to Make an MMO in the Near Future

Jun 24 2015 - Takahashi Says Xenoblade Chronicles X is Not Necessarily Inspired by Western Games

Jun 24 2015 - Xenoblade Chronicles X Developer Monolith Soft is Working on a New Game

Jun 20 2015 - It Takes About 30 Hours to Get a Mech in Xenoblade Chronicles X

May 18 2015 - Takahashi Discusses the Designs and Super Weapons of Xenoblade Chronicles X's Mechs

May 14 2015 - Nintendo Helped Monolith Soft Add Online Features to Xenoblade Chronicles X

Mar 29 2015 - New Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Presentation Contains Tons of Gameplay and Live Music

Feb 19 2015 - Monolith Soft Would Love to See a Xenoblade Chronicles Amiibo Line