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Jul 11 2018 - Mario Kart Arcade VR is Coming to the UK

Nov 28 2016 - ​Pokémon Sun & Moon Had The Biggest UK Launch in Nintendo History

Nov 23 2016 - UK Retailer GameSeek is Selling Nintendo Switch at a Guaranteed Price of £198.50

Oct 24 2016 - Nintendo UK is Giving Away a Free Nintendo Switch

Sep 28 2016 - No Man's Sky is Being Investigated by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority

Aug 10 2016 - Tons of People are Playing Pokémon GO at Work in the UK

Jul 15 2016 - Pokémon GO is Already the Top-Grossing iOS App in the UK

Jul 14 2016 - Pokémon GO is Now Available in the UK

May 31 2016 - Overwatch Outsold Uncharted 4 to Top the UK Charts Last Week

May 22 2016 - Nintendo UK is Holding a Competition to Find Star Fox Zero's Top Ace Pilot

May 17 2016 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Had the Best Opening Week in Franchise History in the UK

Apr 22 2016 - Cartoon Network UK Begins Airing the Yo-kai Watch Anime Tomorrow

Apr 02 2016 - You Can Get Discounts on Fire Emblem eShop Games Including Awakening in the UK

Mar 31 2016 - The Special Edition of Fire Emblem Fates is Exclusive to GAME in the UK, But It's Already Sold Out

Mar 30 2016 - You Can Now Preorder Star Fox Zero: First Print Edition from GAME in the UK

Mar 15 2016 - The Division Had the Biggest First Quarter Launch in UK History

Mar 07 2016 - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is Topping the Sales Charts in the UK

Mar 03 2016 - Nintendo UK's Former PR Boss Has Joined the Team for PlayStation

Jan 18 2016 - Nintendo is Selling the Pink 3DS XL for £70 in the UK

Sep 07 2015 - Metal Gear Solid V is Dominating the UK Charts

Aug 10 2015 - Rare Replay is the First Xbox One Exclusive to Top the UK Sales Charts

May 19 2015 - The New Nintendo 3DS and the New XL are Discounted in the UK

Apr 15 2015 - You Can Pre-Order the Special Yoshi Amiibo Plushies Right Now in the UK

Mar 30 2015 - The UK Will Begin Reporting Children to Police if They Play 18+ Games

Dec 02 2014 - Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Break the UK Record for Best Pokémon Launch