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Mar 02 2016 - Two Popular YouTubers Made a Vocal Rock Cover of Xenoblade Chronicles X's Miniboss Battle Theme

Feb 17 2016 - Nintendo Announces Frequent and Extensive Online Maintenance for This Week

Feb 10 2016 - Nintendo Announces Maintenance for Xenoblade Chronicles X, More Downtime for Both 3DS and Wii U

Feb 03 2016 - Smash Bros. and Xenoblade are Down for Maintenance Tonight, More Downtime Coming Tomorrow

Jan 26 2016 - Rumor: Monolith Soft is Making a Direct Sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X on Nintendo's NX

Jan 18 2016 - Rumor: Xenoblade Chronicles X Sold 200,000 Copies in the US in December

Jan 13 2016 - Xenoblade Chronicles X Will be Offline for Maintenance Tonight

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