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Introducing Fighter #68!

Tonight's Nintendo Direct capped off with a pair of reveals that will no doubt delight Animal Crossing fans. As the presentation wound to a close, what was suspected to be a trailer for an anticipated new installment in the series turned out to be a reveal of the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contender.

Taking a break as the gallivanting mayor's assistant and as a former Assist Trophy, Isabelle joins the brawl! See her in action after the jump.

Be it through the quests of Ninten, Ness, or Lucas, "Pollyanna (I Believe in You)" is a recurring theme throughout the EarthBound series that holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. Some might recall hearing Catherine Warwick's remastered version with vocals and all from the original Mother soundtrack, featured in a popular animated tribute to the SNES sequel a few years ago.

That particular rendition now has a phenomenal jazz/funk cover through the collaborative efforts of four talented musicians, premiering on YouTube today. Call them "Pollyanna," because they must be crazy as a loon to have pulled this one off—check it out for yourself after the jump!

In the midst of growing anticipation from fans itching for just such a thing, Nintendo has announced today that a Nintendo Direct will indeed be dropping tomorrow. This live presentation will focus on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Switch titles at 3:00 PM Pacific / 6:00 PM Eastern.

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Another week means another hot song update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While previous peeks into the game's sound direction already point to an end product filled with tons of musical fan service for gamers of all walks of life, this one might be the most mind-blowing addition thus far. Two celebrated racing franchises have combined, as Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, a SEGA composer most fans will recognize from Daytona USA, has been brought on board the Ultimate soundtrack team to score a medley for F-Zero.

Hit the jump with a rolling start for the criminally short preview!

This week's new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate song preview is in, and what a thrill it is. Uploaded in the darkness and silence of the night (to us Westerners at least), a fearless new track comes by way of Nobuko Toda, known for her compositions so supreme throughout the Metal Gear series.

Still in a dream? Then hit the jump for Smash Bros. Ultimate's hot take on "Snake Eater!"

The players are the heroic duo of Sonic and Tails, a misled Knuckles, a reunited Mighty and Ray, and the evil Dr. Eggman with his loyal minion Metal Sonic. At stake are the seven Chaos Emeralds, the stolen Master Emerald, and the fate of the world. With all the pieces converging on the nefarious doctor's fortress at the heart of Angel Island, the stakes are higher than ever in the final episode of Sonic Mania Adventures!

Tune in to the finale, Episode 5: "Metal Mayhem," after the jump!

Blast from the past Sonic Mania was a nostalgic thrill ride that was well worth the wait for Sonic fans, and many are looking forward to double-dipping into Sonic Mania Plus with its worldwide launch tomorrow. To commemorate, much like they had done with the original Collector's Edition last year, SEGA put together a familiar tongue-in-cheek advert that those who grew up in the 90's "Console Wars" will surely recognize.

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website has updated tonight with a brand new song added to the music portal, this time coming from none other than legendary Sonic the Hedgehog composer and sound director Jun Senoue himself. Taking us back to the year 1991, the Crush 40 guitarist lends his talents to the upcoming Smash Bros. game with a rocking medley dedicated to a different blue gaming mascot this time around.

Hit the jump for the preview!

A recurring gag during the Sonic Official livestreams has been a demand for a Sonic the Hedgehog brand toaster—and little did we know it, but SEGA intended for that wish to come true. Last month, SEGA of America announced that the unlikely piece of kitchenware would enter production if they could secure enough buyers, with a deadline set for July 12th.

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Since the launch of Kirby Star Allies in March, HAL Laboratory had launched a free update to the game that brought back Gooey, Marx, and the animal trio of Rick, Kine, and Coo back into the limelight. These new Dream Friends could be summoned by Kirby in his adventure as companions and were playable in the game's boss rush and time attack modes.

With a summer update on the horizon comes another round of Dream Friends, and last night's reveal saw the highly demanded return of a couple of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards stars. Give Adeleine and Ribbon a warm welcome back after the jump!

Last week saw the first releases of Kirby soundtracks on digital music services worldwide, starting with the complete score of Kirby: Planet Robobot, the commemorative Kirby Memorial Arrangements compilation, and the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert album. The latter featured live, orchestral renditions of fan favorite Kirby themes performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and now you can own not just the album, but official sheet music from the actual performance as well!

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Kirby Air Ride launched on Nintendo GameCube many years ago, and many players likely share a common childhood memory of goofing around in the game's City Trial mode. Now, these same fans are in for a real treat, as its theme music is getting the coveted Smash Bros. remix treatment.

Hit the jump for a preview of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrangement of "City Trial," courtesy of Noriyuki Iwadare of Ace Attorney fame!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 marked a Nintendo first with a worldwide release of its beautiful soundtrack just last month, with the 100+ track anthology seeing unprecedented distribution to fans around the globe. Now, a familiar pink puff is getting in on the fun, with not just one, but three soundtrack releases available for purchase online right now.

The official Kirby Twitter announced earlier today that select music from the games is now available for download globally, starting with Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music at the time of writing. Hit the jump for more details!

Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates his 27th anniversary tomorrow, and to commemorate the occasion, SEGA has released the penultimate episode of the short animated webseries Sonic Mania Adventures. When we last left off, Eggman had stolen the Master Emerald away and Knuckles gave chase. The episode also introduced Ray the Flying Squirrel in his search for his lost armadillo pal.

Today's episode sees the SEGASonic Arcade duo reunite at last, but not without a resurging metal madness standing in their way! Hit the jump for Episode 4: "Mighty and Ray."

E3 2018 is wrapping up today, but not before Nintendo has announced a great big sale for the eShop to properly commemorate this year's expo and the formal reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A ridiculous number of games, both in-house and third party for the 3DS and the Switch, are now available for up to 50% off, and we have the complete North American listing available for you after the jump!

Head inside to see the sales for yourself, categorized between systems, "Games with Super Smash Bros. characters," and "More great games."