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Playing video games is a wonderful pastime, but it's also an expensive one. Most AAA titles come with a $60 price tag, and that doesn't even include the inevitable DLC and possible microtransactions. Fortunately, publishers occasionally make the effort to get some of their best titles into the hands of gamers on a budget. Nintendo has been doing this for years with their Nintendo Selects program, and now Sony is following suit.

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As one of the world's largest gaming conventions, E3 is home to mega-hits from well-known franchises like Super Smash Bros., Resident Evil, and Kingdom Hearts. While these games have certainly earned their place in the spotlight, one of the greatest joys of E3 is discovering hidden gems that aren't already household names.

If you know where to look, E3 is also home to passion projects from small, independent teams hoping to share their digital babies with the world. One of the best at this year's show was 3 Minutes to Midnight, a point-and click-adventure from the up and coming Scarecrow Studios. Located on a laptop at a small booth at the edge of South Hall, 3 Minutes to Midnight had a minor presence on the floor, but it left a major impact. Head inside for my impressions!

E3 has just wrapped up in Los Angeles, and several Gamnesia staff members got the opportunity to peruse the show floor over the past week, trying out upcoming games from numerous developers big and small. We're all pretty exhausted and glad to be back in the comfort of our own homes, but we also had a great time and played a lot of exciting games.

Before ending our trip, we all met up in the hotel one last time to record our impressions from three days on the show floor, including our thoughts from our extensive hands-on time with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at Nintendo's press appointment area. In addition to the excitement of Smash, we share our thoughts on Marvel's Spider-Man, Mega Man 11, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee, and lots more! Head inside to check it out!

Nintendo Switch is getting a brand new Super Smash Bros. game packed with every character in the franchise's history! In addition to providing a full roster, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has also received a visual overhaul, with every stage and character being tweaked and upgraded. The good folks at GameXplain have already put together a comparison video to show how the new stacks up against the old.

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It's been nearly two years since Pokémon GO made its debut, and developer Niantic has slowly been rolling out new features ever since. The ability to trade Pokémon with fellow trainers has been a staple since the beginning of the franchise, but it hasn't yet made its way to GO. Thankfully that's all changing soon!

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My Hero Academia's anime adaptation reached new heights of excitement with yesterday's episode, and there's still so much more yet to come. If you're hooked on the show and want to experience more of that world, you'll want to check out My Hero: One's Justice, Bandai Namco's take on the popular manga and anime series. During E3 we received a new trailer and a release window for the upcoming 3D fighter, and we also got to go hands-on.

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Nintendo Switch launched without any of the usual suspects in the realm of streaming apps. No Netflix. No Hulu. Just games. The idea was to present Switch at launch as a games-focused console that you can pick up and play without distraction. Over a year later, the console is still fairly lacking in the app department (although it does now have Hulu), but that could be changing in the future.

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Nintendo's E3 show floor has been packed with thousands of attendees over the past week, and unsurprisingly Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! are some of the most popular games around. With hundreds of eager fans lining up to play, wait times were as long as three hours. Are these remakes worth the wait?

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E3 2018 has been jam packed with press conferences from many of the biggest names in gaming, including Nintendo. The latest Nintendo E3 Direct included extensive looks at the hotly-anticipated new Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon titles, DLC packs for Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a new Mario Party, a handful of third-party titles, and even some surprises. Join us as we break down the exciting announcements!

Ever since its debut, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been a huge focus of the modding and emulation communities. With CEMU, it's possible to play the game in 4K, and modders have spent countless hours adding in new characters and features. The latest addition to Hyrule is a baddie from another Nintendo franchise, and he makes for some pretty awesome boss encounters!

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Yesterday we reported on a story from Kotaku's sources suggesting that the long-awaited release of Crackdown 3 is about to get even longer. Kotaku reported that the game (which was officially slated to launch this Spring last time Microsoft spoke up) would be pushed back to 2019. Just one day later, Microsoft has stepped up to confirm the report and offer some more clarity.

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Hollywood big shot J. J. Abrams has been interested in video games for quite some time. He has previously announced plans to make movies based on Portal and Half-Life, and he's also giving Epic Games a hand with their upcoming title, Spyjinx. Now he's taking that interest to the next level by creating his own game development studio as part of his Bad Robot brand.

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Last year, Netflix teamed up with Fred Seibert (the founder of Frederator, who has had a hand in many popular cartoons of yesteryear) to create an ultra violent, anime-style adaptation of the Castlevania series. The inaugural season was just four episodes long, but Netflix quickly ordered a second season at double that length, and it looks like this could just be the beginning.

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Things aren't looking good for Crackdown 3. Microsoft first unveiled the game back in 2014, and it was later given a November 2017 release date, but that's not how things played out. Microsoft announced late in 2017 that Crackdown 3's release had been pushed back to Spring 2018, but as the months dragged on, it became clear that it would miss this window as well.

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Just three years ago, Nintendo's position as a company was that TV advertisements don't help sales and usually aren't worth the investment. Times have sure changed! Under President Tatsumi Kimishima, the company has been more willing to shell out for advertising time, including a 2017 Super Bowl commercial. Just ahead of the launch of Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo has decided to make a big marketing splash once again. This time, they've recruited tennis legend Rafael Nadal.

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