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Who doesn't love a good boss fight? I know I do. I'm drawn to the grandeur of the battles. The epic soundtracks, the intricate character designs, the combination of strategy and execution—there's nothing quite like these challenges. Perhaps that's why boss rush-style games like Cuphead or Furi have become so popular in recent years. As a fan of the genre, I recently sat down with a Steam Early Access game entitled Ragtag Adventurers to see if it holds up.

Are these adventurers going on a fruitful quest, or will their journey be for naught? Read our review to find out!

When it comes to tight, difficult platformers, Super Meat Boy may be the most prominent example, but there are others just as worthy of the descriptor. One such game is Celeste, a full-fledged adventure from Matt Thorson (of Towerfall fame) and Noel Berry. You may be familiar with an earlier PICO-8 game of the same name, also by Thorson and Berry, and it is this version that serves as the foundation on which Celeste is built.

Come journey with me up a mountain as I discuss why Celeste is one of the best platformers I've played in years.

One of my most anticipated games of the year, the new God of War, is set to bring a fresh take on the franchise as it transitions from Greek to Norse mythology. While some may be skeptical of this decision, I'm excited to see what new life it brings to the franchise. Luckily, God of War fans like myself won't have too much longer to wait. God of War launches on PlayStation 4 on April 20th!

Head inside to see the new trailer and to find out about the special editions!

Last summer (geez, it's already been that long?), the long-awaited animated Castlevania series launched on Netflix. Despite the initial hesitation by many, the series garnered a lot of praise, including from myself. It's no surprise then, that shortly after the series launched, Netflix announced that the series was already booked for a second, longer season. Fans won't have to wait too long for it, however, as writer Warren Ellis has now confirmed that the eight-episode season will be premiering this summer!

Given how well the first series turned out, I'm thrilled that the new season is coming out so soon!

One of the world's premier speedrunning events, Awesome Games Done Quick, just wrapped up another week of fundraising for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. There were some really great runs over the week, and I highly recommend checking out some of the videos as they go up on YouTube. But as brilliant as all the runners were, the real stars of the show were all the donators and channel subscribers, who collectively raised a whopping $2.26 million, breaking last year's already astounding record by $30,000!

If you're sad about AGDQ ending, you can rest assured knowing that its counterpart, Summer Games Done Quick, is just over five months away. SGDQ 2018 will take place in Bloomington, Minnesota from June 24th to July 1st.

Trainers everywhere, prepare for the next big Pokémon GO challenge. While Groudon is getting ready to leave the wild, the much bluer (and better overall) Kyogre is coming in to take its place. Kyogre is available through at gyms around the world through the Raid Battle mechanic, but it's bound to be quite a challenge. You'll only have until February 14th at 4:00 PM Eastern (1:00 PM Pacific) to capture this majestic water beast, so grab your gear and head out while you have the chance!

When one thinks of tough video games, there are a few that likely come to mind. Many gamers would jump immediately to Dark Souls, or in more recent times, Cuphead, for instance. While that's certainly accurate, my mind often jumps to a different genre entirely: platformers, specifically Team Meat's Super Meat Boy. To me, Super Meat Boy is one the best indie games on the market. It is a bit dated, having first come out in 2010, but it's also seen quite a few re-releases on many different platforms. Now, by popular demand, Team Meat has brought the magic of Super Meat Boy to Switch.

How does Super Meat Boy hold up on Nintendo's portable console? Read our review to find out!

Detective Pikachu isn't the only Pokémon surprise coming to the West this year. Nintendo recently announced that the New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition is making its way stateside in a few weeks. Previously only available in Japan, the system will launch in North America and Europe on January 26th and will set you back $159.99. If you'd like to preorder it, you can do so from GameStop right here.

Make the jump for some more images of this handheld!

Quite possibly one of the strangest Pokémon games in recent times, Great Detective Pikachu has seen some success in Japan, at least enough to warrant a full-fledged movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Though the film is just starting to shoot, Western fans can get in on the hype starting March 23rd when Detective Pikachu hits stores in North America and Europe. The game will launch alongside a Detective Pikachu Amiibo that's almost twice as tall as a regular Amiibo. When scanned into the game, this figure will provide short videos which can give you some helpful hints.

Are you excited to finally get to play Detective Pikachu? If you are, head inside to see the trailer, box art, and the Amiibo!

Much as they did with Splatoon, Nintendo has been providing a lot of free content for Splatoon 2 since its release, and this trend is continuing into 2018 with a bang. First announced back in November, a new map entitled Shellendorf Institute is getting ready to drop tonight. The map officially launches at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST), so get your squad together and start preparing for a crazy night at the museum!

Santa Monica Studios' God of War franchise is best known for its brutal take on Greek mythology. Though the Greek era has come to an end, Kratos is once again returning to the fight, this time taking on Norse deities. While this is a dramatic shift in the series, God of War director Cory Barlog has recently indicated that it may become all the more common for Kratos, possibly taking on Egyptian or even Mayan mythologies in the future.

Head inside to find out what he had to say!

Though we've had a few game-specific Nintendo Directs over the past few months, it was last September when we saw our most recent general presentation. If a new rumor is to be believed, however, it won't be much longer before we get our next one. According to ResetERA member John Harker, a new Direct will be airing this Thursday, January 11th. Harker has been a source of correct information in the past, accurately providing news about Call of Duty and the Nintendo Switch prior to its official launch.

Head inside for more information about this exciting rumor!

Get your paintbrushes and rollers ready, Inklings! The first Splatoon 2 Splatfest of 2018 is coming next weekend. Players will duke it out in a fierce battle between action and comedy, and this time, the fight is global. That's right! Whereas most Splatfests in the new game have been limited to a single region, this one will take place with Inklings from around the world.

The action gets underway on Friday, January 12th, at 11:00 PM Eastern (8:00 PM Pacific), so make sure to help your team take dominance!

One of the cool aesthetic features of the Switch's Joy-Cons is the ability to mix and match colors, provided you have the necessary devices. To give Switch owners more customization options, Nintendo of America recently announced that the Neon Pink and Neon Green Joy-Cons are being made available as a standalone purchase. These controllers were previously only available in the Splatoon 2 bundle. One interesting thing to note, however, is that the colors have switched sides with respect to the bundle, with the pink Joy-Con now being the left controller and the green one now forming the right side.

The pair will set you back $80 and is launching later this month. Will you be picking up these bright, festive colors?

The general goal of speedrunning is to complete a game as fast as possible, under a specified set of rules. While these runs are often more serious in nature, many games also contain sillier categories just for the fun of it. I've seen a lot of speedruns in my time, but I have to say that Super Mario Odyssey may have one of the funniest, most enjoyable runs yet. Dubbed the "Nipple%" category, the goal is to buy the boxer shorts and get Mario shirtless as fast as you can.

Head inside to find out more about this crazy category!