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Have you ever wanted to see a huge portrait of Waluigi recreated in domino form? If so, have you ever wanted to see a huge portrait of Waluigi in domino form get knocked over? Either way, YouTuber TheDominoKing has you covered.

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Street Fighter fans who are picking up Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection have some new incentive to get it on the Nintendo Switch. Tournament Battle, a mode that can't be found on any other console, is making its way exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. In the spirit of maintaining that arcade feeling, the new title allows players to play a tournament as though they were on actual arcade machines.

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A while back, a hacker discovered a hidden NES game, Golf, inside the firmware of the Nintendo Switch, but someone has finally made a way to play it. Judging by the date and methods required to launch the game, it seems as though the inclusion was intended to be a hidden tribute to the former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who passed away two years ago.

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Marshadow, a never-before-released mythical Pokémon, is now available to Pokémon Sun and Moon players. Gamers who stop by GameStop by October 23rd can get a code card to unlock this small Fighting and Ghost-type Pokémon in their parties.

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According to an indie developer, Nintendo is working on an achievement system for the Switch. During an AMA on Reddit, the developer Lichthund was asked about rankings for their new game. When answering the question, they accidentally let it slip out that Nintendo was working on achievements.

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Update: The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer for this distribution. Check it out inside!

Original: To commemorate the upcoming Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, you can get a special Pikachu in Pokémon Sun and Moon starting today, September 19th. This promotion is different from Pokémon distribution promotions in the past, however, in that there are six different Pikachu available—but you're only allowed to have one.

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Fans are noticing a subtle, yet huge change to the career of Nintendo's iconic mascot, Mario. Since his debut, Mario has officially been a plumber, but Nintendo has changed his character profile to reflect that he officially used to be a plumber.

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The recently-announced mobile version of Final Fantasy XV, titled Pocket Edition, has a chance of coming to the Nintendo Switch according to game director Hajime Tabata. During the Gamescom conference in Germany, Tabata spoke about the possibility of seeing Pocket Edition on Nintendo's new hybrid console.

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A fan has sent their Nintendo Switch back in time and customized it to look like a Super Famicom. This extensive mod covers every nook and cranny of the console, including both sides of the dock and both sides of the console itself; even the Joy-Cons and Grip get their own skins.

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It looks as though a screenshot for the next Assassin's Creed title has leaked online. Rumored to be called "Assassin's Creed: Origins," the screenshot depicts the player character on a boat, presumably heading towards one of the two mission markers shown.

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Super Smash Bros. is a series of games that were made with the local couch competitor or party game scene in mind, but over time, it has largely been played by more competitive players. The newest title, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, has had a competitive community since its release in late 2014. There are many resources out there for competitive players and spectators alike, but getting to your desired resources can require the user to manually sort through players, characters, and stages. This can be a tedious process.

SSBWorld, a website created by a team of two, aims to make it easier to connect all of these elements into an easy-to-use interface for finding videos of competitive Super Smash Bros. matches. Today, I got the opportunity to speak with Anthony Nelson, the face of SSBWorld, about how the website works and what sets it apart from the rest.

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Ever since its release last November, the NES Classic Edition has proven a hard-to-find piece of technology, usually selling out almost immediately after being restocked in stores. If you were hoping to wait out the rush and get one later on down the line, though, we've got bad news for you. Nintendo of America announced today that it is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition. The final shipments of the retro console are being sent to retailers throughout the month of April.

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For a limited time, you can get a few more Mega Stones in Pokémon Sun and Moon to Mega Evolve your team. Mega Evolutions, introduced in Pokémon X and Y, enable your Pokémon to undergo a temporary power-boosting evolution that makes it more powerful and can even change its typings. Thanks to a global event, you can enter a code in the Mystery Gift menu to receive a total of four Mega Stones to power up your team.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now fully playable on the PC in 4K thanks to Cemu, the Wii U emulator that's been in development for a little over a year. Before the latest update, the emulator struggled to run the game at a playable frame rate, and many glitches appeared that weren't present on official hardware. Now, at version 1.7.4, Cemu is able to run the game nearly flawlessly at resolutions not possible on the Nintendo Switch or Wii U. This requires a beefy PC, though, with the video's details showing that the user was using overclocked components.

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Today on the Official PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that the Jak and Daxter series is coming to the PlayStation 4 as PS2 Classics later this year. The beloved series has been remastered in the past for the PlayStation 3 as part of the Jak and Daxter Collection, but this time they will be releasing as standalone purchases on the PlayStation Store.

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