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At today's Sony E3 conference, we got to see an extended and new trailer for the upcoming FPS-MMORPG that is Destiny 2. The trailer showcases the newest arch-enemy, Ghaul, and his quest to steal the Traveler's light for himself. The trailer also showcased a lot of the Destiny 2 exclusive content, including a Strike, PVP map, player ship, exotic gear, and a few more collectibles. Those who preorder get access to the Beta, as well as a few choice items.

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Before today's Sony E3 conference even began, it was announced that the famous retro-style RPG Undertale will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will also be available in a standard physical edition (for PC as well) that comes with a paperback storybook, courtesy of Undertale artist Temmie Chang.

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At today's Xbox E3 presentation, we got to see footage from tons of awesome games, including Rare's newest title, Sea of Thieves. In the gameplay, we see the co-op multiplayer aspect highlighted a lot, as players work together to search the seas, find loot, and take other player teams down. The game is set to be an open-world MMO, where players can explore, trade, fight, plunder, and generally play together as a pirate crew.

Sea of Thieves will release sometime in 2018, as an Xbox One and PC exclusive.

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Today Electronic Arts hosted their annual EA Play Conference, and they revealed a metric ton of Star Wars Battlefront II information, some new and some not. According to EA, they have taken in the "constructive criticism" from fans and are implementing a complete solo campaign into the game. Battlefront II supposedly has three times the content than the first, including more heroes, vehicles, planets, and progression across different game modes and Star Wars eras. And while a lot of it will be DLC, all of that extra content will be free.

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About a week ago, the popular online retailer/charity funder Humble Bundle released its newest arrangement of games, but this time all the games featured are for PlayStation 4. This bundle features games developed or published by THQ Nordic. This includes games like Darksiders I & II, Destroy All Humans, and Deponia, and will be available until April 18th, 2017.

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A few days ago, Bungie  officially announced Destiny 2, followed by a teaser trailer and later, finally, an official reveal trailer. Now, I'm a self-professed Destiny mega-fan, so take my frenetic ravings with a grain of salt. But by just looking at the new trailer, it is clear that Destiny 2 will far surpass the original, specifically in the area of the story.

Destiny 2 has also been confirmed for PC and will have a beta in the summer. The game releases September 8th, and you can preorder the game now. Make the jump, watch the trailers, and keep reading.

While PlayStation Now may be being pulled from devices like the PS Vita and PlayStation 3, Sony is doubling down on the PlayStation 4 and PC support. In addition to the current collection of 480 PS3 games, players will soon be able to access PS4 titles on PS Now. While no games are confirmed, it's unlikely any extremely recent PS4 titles will make their way to the service. Regardless, because of how PS Now streams the game to your PS4 or PC, this will become the first way to legally play a PS4 game on PC without owning a PS4.

There is no word on whether the current $20 a month price will change and no solid release date for PS4 titles to come to the service. But overall this seems like a positive direction for PlayStation, bringing more of their games to a wider audience.

Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham recently held an interview where he explained why no Rocket League sequel is in the works. Apparently, the company doesn't want to break up the community it has already built and which is still growing, reaching 10.5 million copies sold and 27 million registered users. Dunham explains that the company won't consider releasing a sequel just to add a few new features, favoring updating the current game instead, assuring gamers that "we're in it for the long haul, if they're in it for the long haul."

As if to provide an example of their commitment, the developers over at Psyonix are tackling another popular sport to add to their game Rocket League. Make the jump for more info and for the new mode's reveal trailer!

A fair number of Nintendo Switch owners have been reporting issues with the left Joy-Con, and Nintendo recently offered a few solutions. In order to shed more light on the issue, though, YouTube user Spawn Wave did a complete tear down of the Joy-Cons in order to find out what could be causing the left one to disconnect. During his tear down, which you can watch after the jump, Spawn Wave discovered that the left and right Joy-Cons have two different types of antenna. The right controller has a separate antenna, while the left has an antenna built into the circuit board.

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Sonic Mania is the former fan-game that is coming out this Spring as an official Sonic game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. In the latest gameplay trailer for the game, you can check out the new Green Hill Zone Act 2, which is one of the original stages unique to this game. Featuring new gameplay mechanics, obstacles, and other tidbits, the design builds on the tropical theme we've grown so fond of in the first Green Hill Zone. Sonic Mania is releasing digitally on its respective platforms, but you can still preorder the collector's edition here.

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So, you've sold your gaming rig to purchase a coveted Nintendo Switch from a scalper, but you're left with your incredibly expensive gaming keyboard. Well, lucky for you, the Nintendo Switch apparently supports USB keyboards while the console is docked. GameXplain was able to test this in the screenshot editor on their Nintendo Switch, and it appears to work just fine. It will be interesting to see if this feature is used in any games, but for now it seems like a mostly novel ability.

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We've gotten several looks at the Nintendo Switch user interface, from videos of consoles shipped too early to official reveals on the Nintendo of Japan site. This new video gives us a comparatively more in-depth look at the News and eShop portions of the interface. From the news tab, which partially shows up whenever you turn on the console, you can look at and read articles and guides related to the Nintendo Switch and its games. As for the eShop, it's the standard fare, but users can combine their account balances from their other Nintendo devices, making it easy to manage funds.

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With Switch-mageddon less than a week away, you may want to keep a close eye on your preorders, as users on Reddit and Twitter have reported that Amazon is cancelling almost 1200 preorders for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Edition. These users have received emails stating that the "supplier" cannot meet demand, and Amazon is giving out a $10 gift card to those affected. The regular version of the game is still available here if you have not preordered it yet, but watch your inbox if you preordered the exclusive version that comes with a Nintendo Switch case, artbook, and Master Sword statue.

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Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon players can stop by certain GameStop or EB Games stores to retrieve a code for an in-game item. The code rewards players with a silver bottle cap, which can be used in the game to boost one of your Pokémon's stats during Hyper Training. If you aren't familiar with Hyper Training, make sure your Pokémon is above level 100 and trade the bottle cap with Mr. Hyper in the shopping mall to grow one aspect of your Pokémon's power.

The promotion will run from now until March 5th, so make sure to grab a code if you haven't already!

Nintendo is ramping up its advertising efforts for the Nintendo Switch now that the release date is less than a month away. Following up their well-received Super Bowl ad, Nintendo has released two new commercials for the Switch and the launch game 1-2-Switch. The commercials focus on local multiplayer gameplay, showing people undocking their Switch and playing a variety of 1-2 Switch games with family and friends. This likely won't be the last Switch advertising we'll see before launch, so stay tuned!

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