Ever tried to dabble your way into fan fiction writing, but you struggled to find the words? This guy sure doesn’t seem to share that problem! AuraChannelerChris, an American fan fiction writer, has managed to write over three and a half million words into his Super Smash Bros. story, The Subspace Emissary’s Worlds Conquest. The story follows an original character and Lucario into an alternate reality where Tabuu was never defeated.

Well, the start of my series begins now with this story. I hope you all enjoy this long story about the struggle of a prolonged fight against the Subspace Army… Basically, this is an ‘if’ version of what would’ve happened if the Smashers never defeated Tabuu the second time they fought him. —AuraChannelerChris

Do you admire Chris’ effort, or is his tale getting a bit out of hand? Decide for yourself once you read the story here!

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