Back in May Blizzard released Overwatch, a competitive multiplayer shooter designed around an enormous cast of kooky characters with special abilities. There's a viking mechanic, a Buddhist robot, an edgelord Grim Reaper, and of course the famous cover-art character, Tracer. It's like Team Fortress meets The Incredibles, and that special formula went on to win Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2016.

Quite frankly, it's hard to argue anything else this year quite compares to the originality, personality, and sheer unending gameplay value Overwatch offers. We at Gamnesia can't get enough of it, and a lot of you readers evidently agree: it quickly became one of the most popular subjects we write about. We don't currently plan to name an official Gamnesia "Game of the Year" this year, but if we did, Overwatch would almost surely take the cake.

But the end of the year is nevertheless upon us, and now's the time to take a look back at some of the greatest moments of Overwatch gameplay in the first year of its existence. So we're going through some top-notch Overwatch plays to remember a year done right.

Working Hard

The stout smithy Torbjörn is often responsible for the silliest Play of the Game clips, thanks to his tendency to build turrets, which continue to shoot enemies no matter where he is on the map—even if he's dead.

That's exactly what happens in this clip, as Torbjörn gets killed the very moment Overwatch determines he's responsible for the most important play in the whole match. His dead body sits there as he continues to rack up kills, and slowly but surely he falls off an enormous cliff, killing his enemies even as his ragged body hurtles off the edge of the Earth.

Genji's Son?

Getting consistent headshots as Overwatch's signature sniper is hard enough when you're a console pleb like me. It's not clear if this Widowmaker player uses PC or consoles, but their Play of the Game is impressive nonetheless:

Not only does she kill four different enemy players with one shot each, but one of them she lands in midair. Not to mention the amazing screen name "Genji is My Mom."

(Basically) Two Team Kills

I was beside myself when I found out I forgot to save a replay of what's undoubtedly the best Play of the Game I've ever personally been both a witness and a victim to. So unless someone happens to have seen it online and can share with us, I'm afraid there's no footage to share—only words to describe its glory.

It happened on the map Volskaya Industries, where five (out of six) members of my team were encroaching on the defense point. The enemy team had a character called Junkrat, who can set land mines on the battlefield to denote them remotely and launch arching grenades into faraway places. This Junkrat managed to kill all five of us at once, a feat which immediately charged his Ultimate Ability, a rip-tire he can drive into the battlefield and blow up for heavy, wide-ranging damage.

The last remaining player on our team was Mercy, an angelic healer whose Ultimate Ability (which was now charged and ready to use) brings fallen heroes on her team back to life. She flew into the scene of the crime to bring all five of her teammates back to life at once—which is in itself a rare, special occurrence. Little did she expect, at that very moment, Junkrat was unleashing his rip-tire and piloting it right towards us.

Within seconds, this Junkrat killed five of his enemy players and then got to kill his entire enemy team all over again. Eleven kills in the most unbelievable moment I've ever seen in Overwatch.

Play of the Year: Superman

The crown winner might not be a Play of the Game—it's hard to tell—but it surely deserves our honor of "Play of the Year." This play features one of the most beautifully-aligned scenarios I've seen.

When D.Va (a character who fights in a giant mech suit) unleashes her Ultimate Ability on the battlefield, she sends her mech rocketing forward to self-destruct and take down every nearby enemy with its explosion. Luckily the enemy team had a thoughtful player using Roadhog, who can grapple enemies from afar and pull them in with a long hook. Even more fortunately, this battle is fought on Ilios, a map with a bottomless well where players fall to their deaths smack-dab in the middle.

This noble Roadhog sees D.Va flying into the fray to self-destruct while the match is in overtime, and what does he do? He hooks the mech suit in its final moments and jumps down the well, guaranteeing his own death so he can pull the unmanned mech suit with him and save his team.

This play was originally shared on Reddit back in August, and while the oddly-appropriate Iron Giant clip was proooobably not present during the actual match, to this day that player's sacrifice remains among the most noble, inspirational, and memorable plays ever made.

Of course Overwatch is filled to the brim with incredible plays and memorable moments. These are some of the most outstanding things we've seen happen in Overwatch, but we'd love to see plenty more! Feel free to share your greatest plays or favorite videos in the comments below—or if you don't want to share your own, feel free to head down there and see what other fantastic Overwatch moments the rest of our community loves.